Thursday, September 23, 2010

These... are your NEW American Idol Judges

This year's American Idol has added two new faces in its panel of judges, switching back to the number of 3 in the panel after the departures of Simon Cowell, Ellen Degeneres and Kara Diguardi.

The show begins its first audition this month with Randy Jackson, still remaining as one of the panel judges; the only original judge still kept in the seat since its first season debut after Paula Abdul's and Simon's departure.

Jennifer Lopez, after so much long of speculation of her getting the deal with Fox, it's now confirmed she's part of the Idol's family begining this season.
Aiya, why i sounded so formal like that..
Let me be more informal... XD
This woman ar... diva lor.. Hmm, dont really like her songs ler anyway..
She seemed to have no talent in singing to me lor, if you realised most of her songs with repeating phrases, potentially annoying. No wonder she got dropped by her former recording label Sony Music Group.
But perhaps a good performer though heh, since she never fails to show off her booties boobies be it on stage or in her MVs. So who cares if she can sing... XP
Sexay moves babey~~
Dont be fooled by the rocks that i got~
I'm still, i'm still Jenny from the block~

And lastly,
here you are...
Steven Tyler, the Aerosmith front singer...
Remember the very good song most of us never fail to pick for shouting and yelling our lungs out in Karaoke sessions??? Yes, that's it, "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing", that damn song...
Ooo, see that pair of Angie Jolie's lips??
Wonder if that give him the ability of being sharp-toungue like Simon.
Or could it be less "dangerous"?? Hmmm...

Despite me getting really bored with Idol since last season (the worst ever), but im now curious and giving it a chance for this season. Hopefully this year's not going to put me down. Am excited to see how these newbies in the panel work it out. Some drama in it would be much better.. hehe...