Sunday, November 29, 2009

Photoshoot Day


Though, it was fun.....


Got 2 reports to do.....

Having the feeling of delaying it again.. LOL
OK, no i wont, will finish it up by tonight...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Working on public holiday!!!

This is so Double-U-Tee-Eff!!!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a public holiday for all Malaysians, It is Hari Raya Haji...

Well, the Singapore branch of my company is having a day off tomorrow!!! But we in KL have to work!!!!And the reason they gave:

"Oh, because Saturdays are already off-days for you guys, so, there'll be lesser holidays". (Ello, there're so many companies do not work on saturdays!!! Are you nuts?!! Where got like that wan!!!)

"Oh, Malaysia has too many holidays". (Oh, so that gives you the shit to not letting your Malaysian employees off just because our country has more day-offs than yours?? And we're not paid double for working on public holiday?!!)

But what are we going to do since we have no customers to deal with since everyone is having holiday???
"Oh, stay in the office and do paper work".
(Where got so much paper work to do wor.)


Kiamsap dou sei... Calculative dou sei!!!!

Two of my colleagues are taking leave tomorrow....

Dont care already... Going to go online play facebook whole day tomorrow at work (ok, it doesnt make any difference since i always do so in the office. Teehee).

Luckily im just an intern, so it doesn't affect me much as i got much more freedom at work. Am saying on behalf of my Malaysian colleagues as i don't think they deserve such treatment.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

103rd entry

This is my 103rd entry...

Some might wonder why i did not do anything in my 100th entry.
Yeah, there was nothing special in my 100th entry.
It was just a usual whining and complaining entry like the rest.

Come to think of it, everyone has their 100th entry posted in an unorthodox way, to "celebrate" it. I chose not to follow.

Instead, i thought of changing my blogskin and get a new header.

I know, I know, my previous blogskin, the all-green skin (if you remember), has been here eversince my first post. Many did lodge complain about it, asking me to change.

, you know lar, im not a hardworking person, in other words, lazy lor.
But today im NOT lazy for once!!
Since i would be staying at home the whole day today, it's so cold today don't know why, so i thought of it's time to give a new uplift to my dearie page... hehe


the newly renovated site of "~eRiC's~ Words" you're seeing now....
No longer green my favourite colour, it's now everything blue... because im blue minded

I dont mind getting any feedback from you guys about it.....
Im well prepared...
Just shoot only lar.....
Please feel free to do so... cum cum... come come.....

Friday, November 20, 2009

Surfing Net in the Office

What i wanna say here are as those below.....

1. Just find out that i left my mp4 charger at home in Ipoh, uuurrrggghhhh.....
2. Feeling sick lately but getting better (flu)
3. A number of friends to meet but don't feel like moving my ass lately.
4. Can't go online at where im staying now, hence the title of this post!!!! Havent been going online for the past 2 days. Life can be dreadful without internet. It's feeling like im shut out from the world outside... Desperately need to check what's wrong with my lappy tonight!!!

Perhaps, i need to get use to not having internet.. :(
So that i can fill up my time in doing exercise, running on treadmill in my room, composing songs at AV room or read newspaper (since i cant read it online), finishing all the movies and series from my lappy, being able to hand in my weekly report on time!!! LOL
& ultimately, i can go to bed earlier to get rid of my dark eye rings!!!! Sheeshhh.......

P/S: Just Beck, so now u know why it's berhabuk-ing lor.... haha

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Random post.....~again~

It's only over the weekend i got to spend time catching up with my friends, or else i would be working during the weekdays.. Sienz~

Had an outing with
Kenny last saturday... fetched him from his aunt's place back to his for a quick change before heading to MidValley for DOUBLE LUNCH (Spagetthi Farm & Tepanyaki) then lastly OUG for Secret Recipe. Wanted to have Mango Lolo there but he didnt know it's no longer there anymore.. :(
What else? Gossip-ed saja lar the whole day... XD

Da Biatch~XD

The following day, Sunday, had lunch with my cousins, Amy, one of my closest cousin; at Sungei Wang. After that, we headed to Times Square where i bought my MP4 earphone...
It's been long since our last outing together.

Cousin of mine for 21years

Lunch at Madam Wong

Yesterday was with
Daren the vainpot foxy. Had lunch and tea/dinner at MidValley and The Gardens. As usual, what else, chit chat through the whole day, non stop cakap caka(talking) while eating, walking, while waiting turn to use cubicle in toilet, and in the queue buying something. Tarak henti XD

Our lunch at Shirling (Taiwanese Cuisine)

Then we went for
Jennifer's Body as well before chiaoz. I would give the flick merely 4 stars due to the fact that Megan Fox was in it. She's really smokin' hot weiii. Ok ok lar that show, there was something very funny about Daren while watching the show. Not gonna say it here, or else i would be slaughtered by him like how Jennifer ripped her victims.


Megan Fox is actually his sister, that's why he's called as Daren Foxy Keefer.. (as self-claimed by himself).
And i found this>>>>

Bro-sis look alike LOL

We were so clicked because he said
Capricon (him) and Taurus (me) are of very good relationship. We even wear the same perfume. XD
Then i was wondering, how come i can get clicked with my other close friends heh?

The ultimate ji jah poh FooPeipei (Vagina Virgo)

Sengaik (Aries)

And a few more of them.....
They are of different zodiac
wor, still we can get clicked so well. Are all Taurus really that friendly? Or Eric Tiew just being really that easy-to-click with? XD Hmm~

Okay, so for the rest of the weeks to come, i gotta meet up with many more of
mua buddies.

One of my best buddies since high school, CheeLupp

Kumara, my macha (Look at the black statue... look at kumara... look back to the statue...) Wakakaka... =X

Kee Cheong, Chee Hoe, Liyi (but dont know how to meet her up yet since i dont know the way to PJ) and the list goes on............

Twilight New Moon, the next movie im waiting for...
Twilight New Cast, Erique Cullen, the son of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan

Mwahahhahahaha, ok, im such a failure for the casting....