Thursday, November 26, 2009

Working on public holiday!!!

This is so Double-U-Tee-Eff!!!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a public holiday for all Malaysians, It is Hari Raya Haji...

Well, the Singapore branch of my company is having a day off tomorrow!!! But we in KL have to work!!!!And the reason they gave:

"Oh, because Saturdays are already off-days for you guys, so, there'll be lesser holidays". (Ello, there're so many companies do not work on saturdays!!! Are you nuts?!! Where got like that wan!!!)

"Oh, Malaysia has too many holidays". (Oh, so that gives you the shit to not letting your Malaysian employees off just because our country has more day-offs than yours?? And we're not paid double for working on public holiday?!!)

But what are we going to do since we have no customers to deal with since everyone is having holiday???
"Oh, stay in the office and do paper work".
(Where got so much paper work to do wor.)


Kiamsap dou sei... Calculative dou sei!!!!

Two of my colleagues are taking leave tomorrow....

Dont care already... Going to go online play facebook whole day tomorrow at work (ok, it doesnt make any difference since i always do so in the office. Teehee).

Luckily im just an intern, so it doesn't affect me much as i got much more freedom at work. Am saying on behalf of my Malaysian colleagues as i don't think they deserve such treatment.


Jo said...

hei!!! At least you can argue for that! I can't even have an argument with stingiest boss.

fuzpeiz said...

not only u sister's hubby oso working le now..ahahhaa

幸福王子 said...

so pity ><
nvm lo ~
try to find some funs in office lo ><

成亿 said...

aiyar, u got celebrate haji one meh??? XD

ur boss reali stupid n i think it's wrong for not letting workers off on public holidays...

~eRiC~ said...

Jo: i couldnt either... :( btw, are you jo my coursemate?

Fupei: :( :(

Ryan: play facebook lor... XD

sengaik: Exactly~

Just B3cks said...

:) try to find something to make yourself busy. e.g Read magazine..

eliza natsuko said...

eric eirc... lemme tell u something and don't be jealous.

i only work on monday, tuesday and wednesday this week! and what's better? all half day XD XD

jealous? lol!!

Anonymous said...

so dat was wut u did during ur intern..wasting time =.= sweats


~eRiC~ said...

JustBeck: i played game the whole day yesterday... hehe

Eliza: Urrrgghhhh!!!! how come so good wan!!! whts the reason eh?!

HC: no lar, just yesterday was like that only, coz nobody else working. The road was empty,offices around were all closed. What can we do leh. So mai stay in office lor. sun bin play game lor, facebook-ing lor.. XD

Takashi said...

u r not alone :0

i worked volunteerily on fri and sat.. to compensate for days lost for moving office...