Thursday, May 28, 2009

Who deserves it?!

I decided not to blog about Idol last week but it seems i cant help it with all the harpings and ramblings now going on "Who deserves to win the Idol?". It's already decided by you Americans, it's done done done. So stop and give a break to poor Mr Kris Allen who has been the victim of media by getting hit by all those non-stop accusations and harsh criticisms; eversince his winning last week, on him being crowned as the new American Idol. Let him take a breath and spread his wings in his own way in the industry which is just the begining for him, for Adam and everyone in the competition.

Despite the hype and hoohaas on Lambert since the begining of the show and also the clearly-seen bias judges in this season, i am not really a fan of this guy with eyeliner and black-color polished nails. No doubt he nailed every song he belted out throughout the competition and his superb voice is undeniably one of the reasons to get him to the finale. But his style and genre of music he's doing is somewhat that i would say not as appealing as much as Kris's. Not many people would like his music genre; some heavy-metal hard rock type, wouldn't they??

The Gothic style Adam Lambert
Tell me honestly would you rather buy an album like Lambert's or Kris's? I defintely wouldnt want my ears to bleed by hearing an album with screamings and screeching voices of Adam's. Kris's genre is more appealing to the majority of listeners, and im sure definitely his songs in his upcoming album would be radio-friendly type, at least no shoutings-on top of your lungs-voices.

The boy-next-door Kris AllenPush aside the reasons that most Adam's fans are talking about now, the "Christians Votes", anti-Semitism and homophobia factor; I dont think there could be that many homophobics out there enough to have swayed the Idol outcome to favour Kris, and now blaming the rigged voting system by AT&T provided phones for free text-messaging services at two Support-Allen parties on the night of the finals. It was reported that AT&T reps showed the party-goers how to cast 10 votes at the touch of a button which actually violates show rules. And no such texting services were provided to the Adam's fans.

Im not saying Adam's not good but in a way, i think the outcome of this season is about which singer the majority of the people would love to hear from. Though Kris's performances were of mediocre compare to Adam's nailed-on plus sometimes theatrical and over the top ones, but still, i think majority would enjoy Kris's songs than of Adam's; i repeat again, which are proned to give you an ear bleed except for "Mad World", the only song that would give you a soothing mind from him.

I actually think the whole season was biased in favour to Adam, making every week like it's The Adam Lambert's Show. The judges were quite obvious bias in favour to Lambert, and even the producer is in favour to him!!! In the Finale, song like "We Are The Champions" by Queen was picked as duet song for Kris and Adam is the proof!!! My goodness, some people used this performance to pull Kris down by saying his voice was drowned off by Adam's, and for that Adam is no doubt better than of Kris? Helloooooo..... how could you judge this way, that song was so Adam's "territory" and not Kris's wasn't it?!!! It's bias obviously!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lambert's and Allen's performance with Queen
The winner.....

...of the American Idol...


.....Kris Allen!!
I have been rooting for Kris since day one in the season as mentioned in my earlier post "Ukelele". I knew he would make it far and he did. But poor him, he has been criticised by the media and mostly Adam's fans constantly since his winning moment till today that he did not deserve the title. That actually made him feel bad, hurt and guilty with his winning.

Hello..... it's not his fault anyway!! So stay off this young chap's way from rising to the stardom. I bet he will have a bright future in the industry and im so going to grab his album once it's out!!

Kris definitely deserves it. Tell you why, because he:
1. Is multi-talented; plays 5 music instruments
2. Down to earth young man
3. Doesnt sing song that gives you heart attack (easy-to-hear songs)
4. Has the boy next door look that probably wins many female & gay fans, and even the grandmas at home.
5. Never try to go over the top or be theatrical.

So be strong, you'll make it through the pain, weather the hurricane to get to that one thing... There're NO BOUNDARIES.....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bitches in Cinema

Have you ever encountered any bastard/bitch-acting homosapiens in the cinema?
Damnnnnnn....... I've just been the "lucky" one. It was a "twin pack combo", man...

Let me tell you what, the other day when i was in XXX cinema to catch Star Trek with JB, there was this fatso uncle sat right next to me. The minute he shoved his butt into the seat next to
me.. i was like ~holy crap~, this aint good, this aint good. The smell was similiar to something like a belacan flavoured cheese in your grandfather's one-month-old unwashed socks cooked with salted fish!!! Obviously i had to endure the "wonderful" smell for a good 2 hours larrrr!!! Gracious God, even JB could smell it ok!! See how powerful it is, even powerful than Barack Obama!!

Anyway, the uncle came with his wife sitting next to him, i wonder how his wife could have tahan(endured) with her hubby's "fantastic" odour for all these years.
*sniff* *sniff* ~ahhhhhh~~

I said it was a twin combo right, so here comes the second one. There're this herd of buffalos, a family of 8, 4 kids, 3 middle age ladies/aunties - believed to be the mothers of the kids-, and a young lady. Gosh, i can tell you they were seemed to be just came out of the Amazon jungle. Seriously they behaved like it!! No kidding at all, it was my first time seeing such beings acting like that.

Right, even before the shows starts the aunties were happily babbling and munching on snacks. The kids were talking out loud, running around their places like it's their home sweet home. Well, surprisingly the aunties did NOTHING to the kids. Luckily i was sitting about 10 seats away from them, but still i got annoyed. When the show started and all the way till the end, the aunties just couldnt keep their big fat mouth shut for a second?!! When i turned around, Wahhhlaaao..... They were sitting face to face to each other like sitting in a living room at home and yak yak yak like nobody's business!!! Yes, they were talking quite loud that my place could hear them. I wonder if they were here for the movie or gossiping!! Geezzzz, i feel like slapping them one by one!!! Especially the adults. The kids were running up and down, left and right really as if the cinema is owned by their great grandpapa!! JB & I just couldnt stop rolling eyes at them.

What made me beh tahan (cant stand it) was out of sudden one of the kid run across loudly all the way from one end of the cinema to the other, *THUMP* *THUMP* i was like, ok.ish... Then there came another one, *THUMP* *THUMP* *THUMP*, yet another one, *THUMP* *THUMP* & another one *THUMP* *THUMP* *THUMP* .... Arrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!! Dont the adults feel embarassed?!! Even a little?? Which kampung(village) do they come from???? At least ask the kids to Shut da Fish Up!!!!

I wonder too how the people sitting behind them could stand them, if i were them i wouldnt hesitate to give them fish slaps right away!!
As i was complaining to JB throughout the show, i really wanted to come up to them and

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sem Break Updates

I just found out something that inspire me to post this entry, it is this World Vision, a programme that allows anyone who wishes to sponsor a child or as many as you can (no limit i guess?); from some of the poorer countries, eg: thailand, nigeria, china, india, anywhere as you wish.

I've always wanted to do this when i first got to know of this from David's blog coz firstly, no doubt i love kids, (not like my BFF ikan bakar fsy kat singapura tu. campak budak dalam tong sampah. LOL) secondly doesnt it feel good to be able to help someone and get to see them being happy? It's the best feeling on earth for me, though your contribution is just like a drop of water in the ocean, but as far as i thought isnt it great to be able to make a little change than nothing at all and when everyone makes some little change to this world, wouldnt that make the world a better place? Anyway, it's just the reality that not everyone is perfect, not everyone shares the same thought.

So, during the stay in KL (still in KL now, hah), i was so surprised that my cousin (we have complicated relationship, so just "cousin" will do, XD) has actually sponsored two children each from Thailand and China. her boyfriend (soon-to-become-hubby) also sponsored two from Thailand and China each too. And guess what? The kids wrote letter to them!! That was like so beautiful to hear. I was more than anxious to read their letters and curious to look at their background and pictures.

Nevermind, now i dont even have enough money to survive, so i decided perhaps once i got my first job after grad, i would sponsor a child. It's only RM50 per month. With that amount you can uplift someone's life to be better. Anyone out there who reads this, and is interested to do something for the world, log on to (for Malaysians), otherwise, log on to : So in the meantime anyone wanna sponsor me??? :( Well, i've got degree tution fees RM30K for 3 years to cover, RMRM600 for food monthly (coz i eat like a monster but still cant get any fatter more flesh), mobile phone top up RM60 per month, hostel rent RM275, RM300 for entertainment & clothes, etc. So i need sponsor, LOL.. ok lar, i should realised that im so much fortunate than millions of other kids out there, so stop whining anymore!!! & you too!! Stop complaining!! take notice of these kids who are in need your contributions. So let's start giving to make the world a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.

Wu Bang Hu, China

Sammmok Mayura, Thailand

The other two kids from China and Thailand

Letter from Wu Bang Hu (there is a letter translation attached)

Letter from Sammok Mayura

Well oh well, come to think the fact that i've already done my first year in degree, it sometimes take me aback that time flies.
So now i'm enjoying myself to the fullest during this 3weeks. Came to KL on Tuesday ( will be back tomorrow, sobz ), supposedly im here to help out my cousie's wedding thingy. In the meantime of course i got to have some fun around with my relatives and friends.

Before getting to help out my cousie upon arrival, Daren and I actually hanged around for whole day that i got nagged for a little while from my cousie when i came back. LOL. Cant believe that we spent almost 3hours eating BBQ steamboat at Fireman in The Curve, XD, coz we took our own sweet time bitching gossiping and crapped a lot while enjoying our food. Ate till bloated!! Before that we went for karaoke session (i was longing for karaoke session for so long already!! Finally got to do it), So that was an almost 4hours session. It's not easy to have someone with the same voice range as yours to sing with. So the songs that we can sing are all the same.. Haha, how funny. There we found out that actually we have the same goal/dream/ (mission i would say it). haha, so watch out man!! I'm gonna beat you down!

~Neh~da Foxy doin' the foxy pose with the foxy look at Fireman~

P/S: LOL, i wonder if i would be murdered for this... XD Believe me, it doesnt look like what you think leh...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Second Thank You List

Finally it's the end of my first year degree in Uni, time really flies, remember the whining and complains i made weeks ago about the exams and piles and piles of assignments and reports to do? Well, im now always sit at home, watching tv, sleep, eat, sleep eat, hang out with friends. This is my daily routine. I feel all the burden are shoved off my shoulder all at once, i feel so light now... like a feather...Ahh... Anyway, now i have to revive whatever i've lost during the exam time, i've lost weight, looked dull and pale, etc.. sobz...

Anyway, here i am to make the second thank you list since many came to me telling me that i've forgotten about them wishing me just bcoz that i did not publish their names in the first list (previous post), Nah, that entry was made too early i guess, after that entry, there were more wishing txtes, and calls coming in. So didnt have the time to list them out... Sorry... ^^


I've got it finally!! Thanks to Alice ^^

Thanks a lot to those who wished me through:

Phone Call: Ei Leen (my 2year-contract gf), haha, nah, put u as first in the list larr.. XD, Chee Lupp (though he was quite late, LOLm nevermindm he was busy with his exams) & Ngoh Kongwit aka slut Willy ^^

SMS: HuiChing (da porky) ^^ , Daren (Foxy, you owe me a shopping spree XD), Premitha, Umaindren (nah, your name here, hehe, i wont forget you guys ge lar), Chee Hoe, Audrey da basset hound(hehe), Wai Teng.

MSN/Skype: Fiona (nah, reaffirmed your name here again lar, dont be mad at me ler, i remember u ler), Yin Teng (my first friend made in my life, haha)

Facebook: Hilyan, Angeline, Chika, Li Ching aka Lily, Audrey(again), Siew Wei, Carey, Ei Leen (again), Derrick, Moganasivan, Keng Yean, Timmy Moong, Sai Mun, Jun Fei, Jennifer.

& also to those who dropped comments on my page here & those in friendster, too many ler, you know who you are, hopefully i dont miss out anyone's name here now... Sorry if i do.. Hehe...

Shitty hell, my hp got infected by virus while uploading the picture above!!! Coz there's virus in my damn PC!!! Gosh, gotta send it for fixing on monday, gosh, cant afford my hp unfixed before goin down to KL this Tuesday!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

2nd May 2nd May

What's on 2nd May?
My Pengajian Malaysia (Malaysia Studies) Exam???
Yea, but huh??
David Beckham was born???
Yea, but what's the big deal??
The big deal is that........
It was the day a beautiful & adorable baby was born to the planet Earth named.....
Eric TBK.. (not Bak Kut Teh ok) LOL

Ok, i dont have a scanner with me now, so this pic will do instead of a baby pic. XD

Well, these are the things that happened two days earlier. Let the pictures do the talking...

A poser... ^^ just before knocking on my door when i was sleeping like a PIG in there... XD
After knocking on my door for like 5730294572 of times , the then once upon a time cute baby was awake, ok is still as adorable ok... i guess?.. LOL... (what wor??!! stop reading if you frowned upon my words.)

Ignore the "Bulldog"...Geee, you guys... ^^

& Just as I was making my wish, i smell the rat,

Spray spray spray..... Was waiting for revenge, Just hold on..... Let me blow the candles first.....

Just have a few snaps of pics first.....
Kumara was taking this
The Game Is On People..

(i'd be screwed by her if she sees this, oh she will be reading this) LOL>>>>>
A random one

Oh, we didnt destroy the cake for the "war of cream", it was from another cake that they bought just on purpose to play... Sheesh.....

& lastly, my b'day gifts................
Sony mp4 XD!!!!!MOG sunglasses XD.....
& lastly my room was lit up with................

(Thanks to my bright star) XP

Thank you guys!!!!!!!! XO XO!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to those who SMSed me this morning,
eg: PeiPei (eventhough she was just right below my room, LOL), Sis (MSN), YeeLeng, SengAik, Evon, Rern Jern, Esther, Crystal, Cassandra, Premitha, Ceddy, Teik Tzuan, Siew Yee, Sim, Tony Leong, Alice, Ze Lene, Ler Woon,Diditoh, Kenny, YewHoong, Shiuji/Sukebe (sang in Bubble msg) LOL..

and to those who wrote on my facebook wall,
eg: Eliza, Bradley, Guo Jian, Dennis, Velkanthan, SengAik (again), Jia Vern, Dicky, Thilages, Shu Xuan, Wei Ken, Syaf, I-Link, Brendan, Bernard, Gary, Kiam Piow, Smile HK, Pui Yee, Mee Sim, Kee Cheong, JoEe, Adrian, Kathrine.

and also to those who even called me on phone
eg: Baby, Kumara, LiYi, Kenny, Victor, Joanne, Dad, Jia Vern (again), Alex
P/S: FIONA (CALLED ON SKYPE) *Hahah, you're the one and only special one that i've missed out, hehe..sorry)