Thursday, February 26, 2009

1st Japanese

Had my chemistry quiz yesterday, as usual, I made some careless mistakes that caused me the whole thing wrong. But my workings are all correct, just the final answers are incorrect. Sheesh. I’m very sure of my workings are right because the paper was darn piece of cake. Hopefully marks are given for my workings.

Yesterday was my first Japanese class. Hehe. Never thought i would be attending one ever since i have been telling everyone i have no interest in any Japanese/Korean drama series, anime, or whatsoever. Even though those Japanese series and anime are hitting at our shore like tsunami but i still cant be bothered at all. Even my friends have tried a few good attempts to draw me into Japanese anime, still all failed. LOL. I don’t know why. Just not interested at all. Hehe. But last time i liked watching Cybercops, The Flashman, The Maskman,Ultraman,etc..LOL. Japanese shows i watched during childhood.


The Flashman
The Maskman

Wahahaha...miss watching them ler

Oh i learned this word yesterday....

Makudona ruto...Hehe. If I’m not wrong coz the lecture said it a bit too fast.

From now on i have to practice speaking more Japanese. After class we were so hungry and we went outside for dinner. Onaka se i ta (im hungry), *clap clap* itadakimasu (let’s start to eat). I realised it’s actually quite interesting to learn Japanese, to learn their culture. I’m so excited about it. During the two hour class, time seemed moving soooo much faster than of my chemistry class. LOL. I would probably dozed off already in the first 15minutes of my chemistry class. LOL

Before ending here, there’s a culture contrast between Malaysians and the Japanese. I’m quite surprised that in Japan, when a guest in your house wrap away with a handkerchief of any extra food served it means one appreciates your food and like it. But then we thought how rude it would be if it’s in Malaysia. It's deemed as politeness in Japan.

By the way, in Malaysia you don’t see people take away food with handkerchief lor. Especially in open houses/buffets, you can see people ‘tah pao’(take away in Malaysian Cantonese) with many big big Tupperwares wan. LOL. Am I right Malaysians???

P/S: can't wait to figure out what's my Japanese name...^^
Babisai Jeffrey & Illias named me "tiu tiu"..Ish!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wishing wishing wishing

Today was in a good mood, we went all the way to Ipoh at 6 something in the morning from Kampar just for Ipoh famous Dim Sum breakfast at Ming Kok before coming back to Kampar again for Chemistry Lecture. Call us nuts. XD
Thanks to Martin, Fiona my Tze Tzu boatmate's boy boy, for the ride. XD
After the breakfast, we have no where to go but Pei suggested this place. This is one nice place which i have never known of although i've been in living in Ipoh for 2 decades. It's such a really cool place. Let me tell you what, if you want to make any wishes, just any will do, especially in love, this is a very cool place to do so. There are so many ways of making wishes and cool cool things there. I thought it was really fascinating. Besides the wishing well where you throw coins into it before making a wish, there is a wishing tree. It's like the Hong Kong's famous Wishing Tree like you see on most Hong Kong shows. Lol.

Oh, forgot to mention it's Guan Yin Tong (God of Mercy Caves)

You were given a roll of paper tied with a string that is attached to an orange at the edge. So you have to wirte your wishes on the paper before trying to swing it up as high as possible to the Wishing Tree. Try to get it landed on the tree branches, as people say the higher it goes the better or the higher chances of your wish will come true. Haha. So we all wrote our wishes on the paper and swing it high high up to the tree. Martin's reached the highest, I think Fiona's and mine got slightly lower than of Martin's, haha, but still consider high enough. We only did once and it got landed on branches. But Pei was so funny, she tried thrice only could get it hung on to a branch. Pei, it doesnt matter how many times you throw, it depends on how high it goes. So you got it quite high above. So stop ranting and whining all the way back to Kampar about God doesnt want to grant your wish that made you throw it again and again till the third time only could get it hung on to the branch yadda yadda yadda. It's high enough okay. Lol

The Wishing Tree

Besides that,there's a place for couples to "lock their love". Fiona and Martin bought a lock there and to write their names on it only to lock it on an extremely long chain along the rocky site. It symblolises blessing to the couple. To lock their heart forever for each other. Sooowiiiiiiiit!!!

There is another cool thing we found. It's this big rock that people were saying that when you touch it with your eyes closed and whole heartedly, you could feel the rock is "alive", wow....something alive inside the rock or the rock itself is alive or the rock gets alive or whatever yadda yadda, I just couldn't feel it anyway...LOL

Martin, trying to connect with the rocky while Fiona is watching..Haha

After that, we walked around, exploring the beauty of nature surrounding this limestone. And we snapped pictures around.

What are they doin'? Haha.

Two siao poh leng lui....XD

While on the way back.....

Chiaoz peeps...... ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Short Diary.....

Feeling restless as days go by. Have been into a marathon of assignments and lab reports lately. Gee man, guess what, i still have 2 reports and an assignment to go but i just spent an hour plus playing cards. What am i doin!!! Lol.
Here goes my short diary of the past few days ago. .....(running out of idea what to blog)XD

12th February
  • Attended UTAR Ball. Didnt really want to go at first but now i can say i dont feel regret goin at least. It was fun actually although going as group date. Not one on one date sadly. Haha, but it was equally as fun though. Got to learn jazz dance from Joanne. What?! A girl teaches a guy? Oh, so what?! Love the time when everyone jumping up and down like crazy on the dancing floor. Yes, it looked rather like clubbing than a ball. All the songs been played were all fast beat songs like those you can get it in clubs. All cramped together and sweat it out on the dancing floor to the song "Just Dance". XD But towards the end finally the songs being played sounded more like in a ball. Slow and romantic. Of course i didnt miss this chance. XD Sorry Vern , shall dance with you next time lar. Hehe
  • Before knocking off, talked to Daren through the midnight. Aha. Nevermind for that coz i already planned to skip the next morning class. XD Got to learn a few things from him though. "Foxy" tips? Lol. Anyway, thanks for the order you gonna make for me. Hopefully it works.
13th February

  • It's friday, was very excited for the next day to come because my coursemates & i will be goin to Sungkai Hotspring!!!Weehooo...
  • Just as time going to strike 12midnight to the next day,Valentine's Day, something very ugly happened. Dont wish to mention it here again. What an ugly way to start off a day which supposedly with love filling in the air.

14th February

  • First time enjoying the hot spring. At first got to know this place through an email forwarded to me about this Sungkai Hotspring which has beautiful pictures of this place depicting it like of an international standard. It's not bad anyway. Worth goin for it. But one thing is that the weather nowadays is terrible, feel like global warming is hitting us so hard. I dont remember Malaysia was this hell hot. Luckily the day wasnt that hot, just right for us to enjoy and relax there.^^
  • Just as i reached Kampar, i got to go for help for a friend of mine who...LOL..till the next morning 4am. Ok, i dont want to say it here either.. Aiyor, why cant i have any freedom to do anything i like on my blog ar? Nevermind. i have to take care of someone's feeling here for not blogging it out. Unless you become my nemesis then i shall spread all your secrets out. Mwahahha. Yes, it's a threat if you read this. K lar, im not that bad, you know me well enough. ^^

Routines for the rest of the days till today are almost the same, eat, sleep, goin to campus, rushing for completion of assignmentss and reports. Oh yeah, damn it, the latest and final update of my course timetable this sem sucks big time. All of my classes are starting as early as either 8am or 9am everyday except monday and the latest class will be either 6pm, 7pm or 8pm everyday. Yes, everyday....$#&*!%^#@.................. Ok, a long day is awaiting for me tomorrow, tucking in now.. Goodnight.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Beloved Ones

My beloved buddies, we shall take a break for this meantime. At least for now. Is this goin to be an end for us? I don't know if things will work out near future. I don't know if this friendship will ever last. There're just too many things..too many things... Too complicated... I know you are tired of this, i know you are feeling it too, you, and you.... and so do i... But i will never feel tired of mending the relationship back if there's a wound in it. I don't mind to be middleperson if my efforts help. I really hope that you guys can patch things up soon, but it's hard to say now for what had happened. I really hope you guys can put things aside and move on together. Anyway, i love you guys, no matter what....Goodnight.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Of Morons and Idiots (Ugly Side of Malaysians)

What provoke me to write this entry is when i got to meet some morons whose brains i think are born in their shitholes. Well, should i say these people are blind or being ignorant idiots!! How could one being so dumb without knowing how to park their car properly? Ok, the place has no proper parking spaces because it’s outside the campus area; there’re no parking lines anyway. The cars were parked around at the open space but quite accordingly at least there're spaces for each other to get out. As we are having our consciousness being considerate to others; a crucial need in a first class mentality society, we only park at a place where we always make sure there are enough space for the car before ours to move out.

So hell knows where did these two idiotic cars come from? One parked right at the front beside our car and the other just right behind it. Our car was stucked!!! Our car was parked side way. So imagine your car is parked in between two cars and there are another two cars lined up right at the side of your car. How the hell are we supposed to get out idiots!!!! We were pissed off at that moment. Oh and you know the weather in Malaysia is not very helping when you get angry especially in the afternoon. We were standing under the scorching hot sun trying to get the car out. Yea, we got our own way to get out & we did something cant be told here. Hehe..... How we wished we could smashed the cars like this.

& once again it just gave me a thought of Asian people. It’s a very typical attitude of Asians for being selfish and being inconsiderate. I am not saying all Asians, but generally, especially in Malaysia. We always seem to glorify of having first class infrastructures, having the world’s tallest building, and claimed to reach status as a developed country in a decade time. But with some of these people in our society, it really doesn’t help much in reaching the goal. Sadly to say we are still having the third world mentality despite having first world infrastructures. No doubt things have been better throughout the years compare to a decade before, but still I think the existence of these people are remarkable in our society.

I’m going to share one of my experiences in encountering the ugly sides of Malaysians. It was last month when my grandpa and I were in a supermarket where this lady who was standing next to my grandpa suddenly said “Mmm, these groundnuts are so nice...Mmmm...Munch munch”. Gosh, she was munching on the groundnuts which she hasn’t even paid for it. In front of us were these packets of groundnuts in a tray. She opened one of them and happily munching on it as if the supermarket is owned by her grandfather?!! And her daughter next to her was joining in the fun munching along. My goodness. She even offered my grandpa to try some of the groundnuts. “Nah uncle, munch, munch, try some, it’s very nice, munch, munch”. As my gramps being nice; he just took one. Then she asked, “Nice right uncle? Munch, munch it’s so cheap, munch, munch munch. I wasn’t sure if it was nice or not, munch, munch, that’s why I opened a packet and try. munch, munch, If not I wouldn’t know if it’s nice or not. Not bad not bad. Mmm... munch, munch*. Oh boy, look at the price. It cost hardly RM1.50 per packet only. For God sake, just buy one back home and try lar. Yorrr... What a pathetic. So if it’s not nice then are you going to dumped the packet of groundnuts you have opened back to the tray, aunty?!!! And then are you going to hunt for more other brands and opened them one by one and try as if the place is her home sweet home?!!! There again she offered my grandpa more groundnuts. My grandpa politely said “No, thank you” with a smile and we walked off. Sigh. And you know what’s next? We bumped into her again!! She smiled at us. Guess what now?!! She was wandering around searching for dustbin to throw away the groundnuts skins now!!! A handful of them in her both palms. Aiyorrrrr!! Might as well just throw them on the ground since she’s treating this as her place?! @.@

Another thing was i met these stupid drivers while driving during the CNY. There was hardly anyone let you change lane on a busy road. And i mean just to the next lane only. Yes, hardly until i got a more generous one to let me do so. What is the loss you would incurre for letting just one car pass you ahead? Gee...

Then i wonder the relevance of this topic we usually see in our Bahasa Melayu(Malay language) essay questions, “Budaya Timur lebih baik daripada budaya Barat” (Eastern culture is better than western culture), "Kita mesti mengamalkan budaya Timur.....Jangan mengamalkan budaya barat yang tidak sihat” (We must follow the Eastern value..... not the western). Hmm, does this mean we must spit and litter everywhere, cut queue, be inconsiderate (idiots who simply park their cars/big bullies like busses and lorries who will never let you pass them/drivers who never put signal for corner turning/change lanes) on roads, tah pao(take away) food from buffets, not flushing after used in public toilet, have no sense of queuing up and simply open food cans/packets and ‘try’ in supermarket as you wish before you even decide to pay for it?!!!!

Q-ing up: blue represents westerns & red for eastern

P/S: This does not apply to all but to a small portion in this society which the number is enough to tarnish our name, Malaysians. One bad apple spoils the bunch.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ancestor traced!!!

*yawns*...ahh, im back to blogging finally after a long break from CNY. Nothing much to share of my CNY, it's just like every year's eating and eating and visiting each other houses & of course collecting ang pows, the best part of it.. hehe... & my ang pows are not as much as previous years, only reached RM300+ so far (economic recession leh). Or else I would get RM400+ and above usually. Ok, ok...stop the whining, i should be grateful for having that much of amount & keep my mouth shut.

Last night while talking to my aunties, cousies & grandma, i've found out something of my ancestor. I would say i was stunned by the fact that i am somehow connect to one of the richest chinese clan in Malaya, the Khoo Kongsi (aiyo, but im not that rich lar now). I was made to known that my great grandma whom is my grandma's mother was one of the Khoos & what further amazed me was the fact that my grandma grew up in the clan complex which is situated in Penang. It is still well preserved and maintained as a historical site especially now Penang has been declared as one of the World's Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

The Khoo is well known worldwide for its extensive lineage that can be traced back 650 years, as well as its closely-knit and defensive congregation of buildings and a magnificent clanhouse

Khoo is the family name while Kongsi means clan (family) house. They are one of the earliest Chinese came to Penang. The Khoo family that built this Kongsi came originally from Sin Kang village in the Hokkien province of China and began migrating overseas in the 16th century. They arrived in Penang sometime in the late 18th century. By 1835 their numbers were large enough that they formed a clan group and purchased the land and building for the first Kongsi.

The Khoo Kongsi

The Khoo complex was believed due to its resemblance to the Emperor's palace, it was burnt down strucked by lightning in 1894. Later on a much scaled-down one was built in 1902. the complex boasts a magnificent hall embellished with intricate carvings and richly ornamented beams of the finest wood bearing the mark of master craftsmen from China.

The main entrance with intricate carvings
This magnificient complex is hidden amidst the crowded rows of terrace houses and shop houses in Georgetown. Before you can see it standing majestically on the granite square you need to walk through an alley between two rows of 19th century terrace houses and bypass the opera stage. It was well hidden because the Khoos are well protected during the 20th century gang war as not many able to find this hidden complex. There are actually 3 entrance to this complex.

Let me take you around and see.....

An Opera Stage

Main entrance at Cannon Street

Side entrance at Armenian Street

Rear entrance at Beach Street

Very detailed and intricate of craftmanship

The excitement didnt just end here as i was further told that my great grandpa was once knighted by the Queen of Britain in during the 19th century (Queen Victoria i supposed). I was like wow, knighted by the Queen of England wei. He was given a golden sword or a golden stick (not so sure), which whenever he took it out, everyone would bow to him, even the Chief Judge had to bow to him... Wah lao eh(OMG/WTH) cool heh..

Haha, one day i will trace back my family tree when i got the time. Who knows i could be sharing the same bloodline with.....

Sammi Cheng? (ahhh, my all time fav singer)

Harwick Lau? (TVB actor)

Hu Jintao? (President of China)



stop dreaming... quite well known for my sometimes perasan-ness(self praising) among my friends...

So what? It's my blog...If you go "eeee...., aiyyerrrrr..., omg, so perasan....", i would adivse you to quietly leave this page. But by the time you're reading this, it's too late... hahaha