Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bye bye Tanahair"ku"

Some 300,000 Malaysians left their country last year???!!

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 23 — Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah today criticised Malaysians who have emigrated, saying it was
“wrong” and insinuating that they were betraying the sacrifices of their forefathers.

Husni, who is second finance minister, explained that “our forefathers” settled here because they believed that their children would have a future in Malaysia.

“You and me, our children, we build our lives here and we have our homes here. This is our homeland. I get very sad when I hear we have people migrating to foreign shores. To me, this is wrong.

“Our forefathers have come here, many years ago, bearing much hardship and deprivation. Why did they endure this? Because they believed that their future generations will reap the fruits of having to live on this blessed land,” he said in his speech when launching the Annual Real Estate Agent Convention 2010 at PWTC here.

He then went on to dismiss public complaints as mere “discomfort”.

“There is much here to strive for, there are many reasons to stay. Our fathers have given up so much and they went through so much. Surely, our complaints are merely discomfort compared to their sacrifices.

“Let us build our future in this homeland of ours and work hard together to make things better,” he said.

Husni stressed that the government has always ensured that Malaysians are able to own their own homes.

“It has always been the government’s policy to ensure that every Malaysian is able to own his or her own home. Home-ownership is one of the most fundamental and basic tenets of a market economy.

“We do not want to see the establishment of a landlord class nor do we wish to see the prices of homes being out of reach for the average Malaysian.

“We do not want houses to be the subject of reckless speculation and the rise of an inflationary asset bubble. Every Malaysian must have every opportunity to own a home as a basis of his domestic comfort and financial security,” he said.

Husni pointed that government policies have made Malaysia into the country with the largest number of middle-class homeowners in the region.

“All these years, we have seen home-ownership grow tremendously amongst all races.

“Malaysia, in fact, has the largest number of middle-class homeowners in Southeast Asia. This, you will not get if you are a citizen of any other Asean country,” he said.

Husni also emphasised that he is confident the country will be able to reach the targeted five per cent economic growth for 2010.

He added that the Najib administration has always been a “listening government.”....................

Let me tell you what
This fella must be real Jurassic
Stop dragging our forefathers sacrifices into the scene
I supposed,
they are shaking their heads now
in their graves
looking at how the country is moving backwards towards
Mr Husni,
Look at what your kawan kawan sekalian have been doing for and in this country

Sad to say,
We were once perceived as one of the Asia little Tigers,
comparable to Singapore and Hong Kong
But now,
They are leaving us behind
Even we are now falling behind the second tiered Indonesia and Thailand

You did not even bother to ask why the
300, 000 odds Malaysians chose to dumped their
tanah air

So, STFU and
stop pointing finger
to those left as betrayers

Start evaluating yourself
together with your "kawan kawan sekalian"
who have been ruling this land for half a century
I'm sure you don't need us to say much right?!
for why the massive number of departures of Malaysians, especially the non-Bumis aka "pendatang".

Really sad to see tanahairku like that
Dah lah with those "world class drama" took place one by one

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Miss You

of nowhere
I miss you

Recalling of the days
i spent with you
The moments we had

It has been my second home
for years, wait 1,2, ..... 15 years
yes, since kindergarten
i was already a Michaelian
Like the saying:
"Once a Michaelian, Forever a Michaelian"

The place where i grow up
The place where i learn
The place where i make friends
The place where i play games
that i cant "possibly" be playing now dy
(aci buaya, aci duduk, galah panjang, rubber attack, bottle caps, paper-made football etc)

You've seen me grown
I have seen you too
I am still seeing that
The changes that you had,
for the worse or for the better
I still cherish you
How i wish to return to the old times i had there
Filled with memories
Of course,
More of the good ones

St Michael's Food Court (Not Canteen Okay *hidung tinggi*)

Badminton Court aka assembly ground after recess

Forgot the name of this statue at the entrance dy, Deo Gratias i supposed? XP

St John Baptist De LaSalle

St Michael's Chapel (as what i got to know, it will be turned into St Michael's Gallery where it stores Michaelian history)

Bird's eye view from 2nd floor overlooking the field (across it is Padang Ipoh)

Flag of the Perak State standing tall across

Of late,
Paid a visit at my alma mater,
suddenly feel like going back to school larrrr
I miss the white uniforms!!!
During prefect-ing time and practising for school play
were the best times of all
The Hunchback of the Norte Dame 2006!!!

Quite a number of changes has taken place
since i left, 2 years ago
Especially the food court
(they have these menu hung up on each stalls with price listing and no more grill doors around, bricks are erected around it *i find it uglier dy though* XP)

St Michael's Institution, a neo-Gothic design building resembles cathedral in some European countries, standing in pride at the heart of Ipoh

For more pictures

All through our College a voice is resounding
Promptly respond to your duty's sweet call!
Harken you all for the trumpet is sounding
Your Mater's proclaiming her watchword to all

Forward my children dear!
Ever with heart sincere
Render with joy to your Mater her due
All that is vile reject; Heaven will e'er protect,
Sons of St. Michael's valiant and true.

Cehhh~ semangat~~.... =.=
Yeah, that's the school rally ^^

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Down Came the Rain and Wash the Spider Out

I swear
i was as excited as Mary Jane
got her first kiss with the Spidey chap hanging upside down
(I mean the excitement okay and nothing else)
when i first heard the news
of the plans for the 4th installment
to the Incy Wincy Spider flick collection

The initial rumours were said that there would be villains like
Lizard, Black Cat and Mysterio perhaps.


Black Cat


That was just before,

before recent confirmation of Anne Hathaway (from The Devil Wears Prada, Brokeback Mountain and The Princess Diaries) and and John Malkovich (from Beowulf and Changeling) are taking roles as the villains, The Vulture and Vulturess

Anne Hathaway as The Vulturess

Isn't she sexy heh?!
I remember start liking her ever since her debut in The Princess Diaries that gained her momentum in the industry.
She's even hotter than Kristen Dunst (as Mary Jane)

As claimed, they are rewriting the roles a little, Anne Hathaway as Felicia Hardy will be the powerful Vulturess instead of The Black Cat as in the comic.

John Malkovich as The Vulture

If I'm not wrong, The Vulture "steals youth" from people to gain power as depicted in the comics.

Doesn't this thrill you??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For me, I can't wait to see for the first time
A female villain is going head to head with the Spidey ferlla wor!!!!!
It's gonna be something different mer.....
Not meh???!!!

Not too soon, yet.....

The movie slotted to make its way to the silver screen during summer, May 2011, has been halted for now.....


There were a lot of problems going on in discussion, some script issues, yadda yadda...

Sam Raimi, the director of the previous 3 successful installments of Spiderman, Tobey Maguire and Kristen Dunst are all out of Spiderman 4
What a surprise to many in Hollywood.

Well, Marvel Studio is said to be taking the movie to another direction which it will be based on a pre-existing script instead where it brings back to Peter Parker's teenage life, hence the bowing out of Tobey Maguire and Kristen Dunst from the 4th Spiderman installment.
Sam Raimi seems not quite happy with the decision though.

Marvel, you better be sure not letting Raimi laughing at home in the end, with your decision.

Friday, January 8, 2010

This country This country

It's getting crazier
getting shittier
really dramatic
out there
everything gets worsen
it seems

You would know if you follow with the updates of late.....

From the death of the Mongolian
the death of the opposition party politician

From switching BACKWARDS to teaching of science and maths in Malay language
raising the price of sugar (follow suit by many other prices automatically for sure, albeit our stagnant income salary)

From being the laughing stock to the world for canning a model caught drinking beer
the most hilarious incident ever happened to a country where its very own fighter jet engine (damn big ok, damn heavy ok) got stolen out of the country!!!

Can-do spirit ya?!
Ala~ Malaysia memang boleh lar!!
Smangat berkoba-koba tu
Korang ni memang tak paham paham

And now,
Over the Who-should-use-"Allah"-in-refering-to-their-God controversy
as if lar, not "dramatic" enough like that

Check them out....

*Not to forget the not-long-ago-cow head protest*

So WTF ok!!!
What kind of barbaric act is this?!!
Do they (the culprits) learn what their religion preach?!!
Im not a Christian though,
but i feel terrible with such despicable act to occur in this beloved land of mine...

Oopsie.. Did i say "mine"??...
I'm just
keturunan "pendatang" (decendant of "immigrants") only heh?!!
Almost forgotten.. =.="

Don't pakai cakap condemn condemn saja sana
(Don't just keep condemning the act
by speech!!)
Im just curious now
of what action would be taken
as much as how you want to condem the act.....


Bei yan wah bak chi er~
Lei hai mm hai Hou~ Nao~ Sin~
Zhan hai hou guai sei nao ga~

Ngo hai hou
Lei ji mm ji meh hai giu ANGRY ar?
*dot dot dot dot dot dot dot*

Bak chi!!!

Dont get what im saying?

Watch this... XD

Really bak chi (retarded)~

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bubye 2009!!! Hello to 2010!!!

Talking about New Year Resolution...
It won't be in my dictionary..

Looking back of my
last year made resolutions.
Let's not talk about it..
i would say i just got to achieve 10% of them?
Especially with the "tidying up of my room"

Yes, i did get it cleaned up in the end
But what i see now
my room,
just like some natural disaster aftermath!!
it's even worse!!!
Thanks to my bro
who got his comics and storybooks scattered around
Nah, there you go
pushing the blame here

Not going to make any new year resolution
Last year was my first and last trial of making one
A failure!


Well, just hope to be in good health and stay happy always
And of course to wish that people around me that i love
to be in good health and may joyous and happiness be with them
As that will always be what makes me happy!!

Was too tired and lazy to go out for the countdown last night
sorry for those i FFK
really tired ma~ ok
Was in shower when clock strucked 12!!
Sheesh, dang my hp time.. 5minutes slower!!
Rushed out with water still dripping all over
*Of course got cover cover lar ok~ XP*
To watch the live telecast fireworks on TV
Before running back to shower again.....

Sounds pathetic horh to some of you?
For me, it's just another day like the rest of the 364 days
Everyday can be a new year's day if you want to ^^

Dear friends bloggers, and my readers

Do you have any new year resolution this year?