Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hail Hail Alma Mater Hail!!!

No, it's not any castle like you see in any movies like Harry Porter or Count Dracula nor it's any cathedral from European countries. It's my beloved alma mater!!! I think it's one of the most beautiful historical building in Malaysia.

The Impressive building of
~St Michael's Institution~

I've spent a quarter of my life in this school. Well, i started off with my kindergarten at St Michael's (now no more), then to primary and finally up to secondary. That was a good 13years!! 13 years of being a Michaelian!! Ok, not many can hold that record considering not many of my kindergarten buddies stayed up till Form6. To name a few, Wai Hin & Yook Yarth. They're all i could remember now.. Lol
For those who has no idea about its background, it's one of the many La Sallian schools in Malaysia or perhaps worldwide, a brotherhood established by St John Baptist De La Salle.
founded by Reverend Father J.B.Coppin, Parish Priest of the Church of St. Michael, Ipoh in 1912.

St John Baptist De La Salle

One of the many things im proud of it is its beautiful architecture.

Its architecture and facade are reminiscence of a true Christian masterpiece. A very carefully decorated gables and the lovely wide arched verandahs that run the entire length of the school is impressing.

The insights of this magnificient historical building

One of the many statuettes in the school

I decided to dedicate an entry for my beloved school is because im missing it so much. My school life has gone and will never come back again. It's just remained as history of mine. Though, life of course has to move on and things will keep changing.

Missing all the fun we had during school time, like joining the choir team (got 1st & 2nd place in Kinta district ^^), prefect-ing (so fun, getting all the privilege like goin into classes late, wandering around the shool compound without fear of being caught, bringing prohibited items without fear of being confisicated, lol, what?! that's what i've been doin ok, no one suspected me with my ever innocent face ;P), skipping classes in the name of goin for march pass practices till a teacher found out our intention, etc.

Well, St Michael's is famous for its annual drama/school play. Shows that had been put up by the Michaelians before this were like West Side Story, Oliver, The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Wizard of OZ, The King & I, etc. I believe there's no other schools out there can beat this record for being able to carry out this tradition for half a century.
During my time in 2006, we did the production of Hunchback of the Norte Dame.

It was so much fun throughout the working period for the school play lasting for a few months. The staying back for practices after school, ticket selling time where we get to skip school the whole day to sell tickets in the town & that's when we eventually had our our own sweet time hanging around in shopping malls and went for yum cha during school hours. Haha.

Oh, forget to mention, i was not the main actor nor any acting role. I was the vocalist.. Lol

Singing at the side of the stage throughout the show. It was fun as i got to do all kind of voices and backup voice for a drunkard too!!

As i know we were supposed to do Beauty & the Beast instead but Hunchback is still as fun.^^

Miss them lotz...

The $$ we got from the play was partially chanelled into the roof replacement of this grand old building.

The new roof - a legacy left by us

Signum Fidei - Sign Of Faith


Nicholas Rashidee said...

wow, at night it does seriously looks like a castle! hogwards st michaels, maybe? LOL~

*ShOotiNgStaR* said...

damn.i miss it so much...

成亿 said...

the joy of studying there...how sad it is to c ur school goin downhill since Mr. louis retired...

erictbk said...

Nicholas : yea, it looks like some spooky castle too...^^

Syaf : i miss it too!!& miss you as well!!

Sengaik : luckily we were under mr louis. and PAWN that mr phoon chong chee for being whatever it is!!!

Johnt said...

merry christmas and happy new year to u too..^^
i like jolin tsai song very much..

Anonymous said...

St. Michael's Institution. =)

SpiderZMeN said...

miss u as my classmate..hahaha

erictbk said...

yea, kenwooi,im waiting for ur entry about it...

Azam @ Spiderzmen, lol, i miss you as my buddy too!!!!!!!!!