Sunday, December 21, 2008

KL Trip

Was away to KL from last thursday till saturday staying at my cousin's place. Well, not exactly my cousin, she's actually my so called 'God sis'... nah, our relation ties are just too complicated to explain. Many were asking why would i go to KL like so often lately.. Well, this time i was to accompany my grams and my siblings (& to become 'Maria' perhaps, & eventually i did!! ish...i know you are reading this).. Lol.. since i've this frrrreeeaking long break might as well tag along...

We actually boarded a train because KTM is running a promotion. Only 10ringgit for a trip!!! KTM service is all satisfactory except i wish to rant about the air-con in the train!! No, not that's not working, it's overworking!!!! Oh boy, I was freezing all my way to KL for a good 3hours!!! My sweater was taken by my lil bro coz he didnt bring his...

So there it is...

It's a very nice & bewwtefulll place to stay. Especially when you are into mother nature. Peaceful, breath-taking view of the green pastures surrounding the neighbourhood. There's a lake nearby too... Ahh... it's just giving me a feeling of being in Kampar, well u know the lake, the bicycles (the residents use to cycle around), the peaceful life... The housing area is extremely (eeriely?) quiet especially at night because most of them are elderly and retirees. So, not to be surprised by that. No eye candy for me during the stay.. :(

Let the pictures do the saying>>>>

& there's a conviniently small shopping mall at just 3minutes away.

mua homemade breakfast... forgot to snap a pic of the lunch specially made by Miss Chan (mua dear God-sis, cousie? whatever lar), Fried Spagetthi (not sure about the name of her recipe).. lol. But all i can say it's.....jeng (great taste)!!! But i still prefer the Mexican Chicken!!! lol

OMG...i swear i start craving for this BBQ chicken wings from erm...where's the place dy ar? Somewhere in Damansara near Desa Parkcity, a steamboat place...I must come for it again!!

Then we brought grams tour around the city...admiring the nightlife & the skyscrappers.

View from my room, taken right after waking up.*yawns*

GUESS WHO?????Muahahaha

P/S : Now i know how fun it is to tag people....^^

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