Sunday, October 25, 2009

Say No to Knowles??!!!

In regards to the postponement of Beyonce Knowles concert in Malaysia, I really hope there will be one day that all international stars boycott coming to Malaysia for any live performances!!!!!!!!!
Seriously teach them a lesson!!! Impose this rule, impose that rule... So many restrictions!!! All don't come!!! See
lar, who will be at the lose end, bodoh!!!!

They(the international stars) won't be losing much for skipping a stop anyway, we in the other hand will face a bigger loss instead!! Imagine how much loss will be inflicted on us, besides money flowing out from our shore for our people crossing over to neighbouring countries to watch the performances instead, we will also lose $ from tourism sector!!!!! We would rather lose millions, if not, billions of $ in the name of protecting our people from "immoral activities".
So they are trying to be our
Morale Police!!!
Get lost!!!
We dont need you dammit!
Thank you very much!!!
We have brains with wisdom and intelligence enough, unlike
YOU brainless from the age of Jurassic, of deciding what's good and what's not for ourselves!!!

YOU, refering to those who voice out against every each time a concert to be held here by international stars, mainly people from the ever conservative Islamic Party, PAS.They have never failed robing in their voice to oppose every each time a local agent is trying to bring in big names to hold a performance here. It's really saddening, frustrating and annoying to hear them repeating the same reason in every protest, which is none other than DRESS CODE!!! If you don't want to watch, don't bloody watch lorrrrrr..... you have no rights to stop the rest to watch okay~!!! Baik go back kampung hang tanam jagung makan ngan isteri!!!And also the current government, please open up your mind a little can or not, those regulations can be loosen up a bit can't they?

"In light of the recent to-do, Malaysia's Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry
said that officers will be on hand to enforce the country's code of cultural
ethics—a female artist must be covered from the top of her chest to her knees;
no jumping, shouting, hugging or kissing onstage; no clothing depicting
offensive messages or images (drugs, sex, etc.); and no throwing things at the

I mean we, the majority of us are going to concerts to feel the hype in a concert environment, and to listen to good music.
Hello~ Wake up wake up... 21st century here~
Who cares about the skimpy outfit, what type of dress is right for you and me.. Bullshit!!!
Do you think our moral religious beliefs and faith are so fragile that can be eroded by just 2 or 3hours of a concert?!! You should better get your butt off to deal with the robbers, mat rempits (illegal motor racers cum committing many other crimes as well who are also nuisance to the public) and rapists!!! Those are indeed against any religious beliefs.

I'm speaking out here because i felt embarrassing to have watched headlines news made about my own country across the globe with
"Beyonce postponed her Malaysian stop due to pressure in regards to dress code regulations"
"Gwen Stefani to cover up at Malaysian stop".

Wahai, mangkuk-mangkuk sekalian, do you call this MALAYSIA BOLEH??!!! Proud or not?!Proud or not?! Our name is mentioned throughout the whole world okay!!

"Woohoo!!!" *rolled eyes* This is going to send a wrong message to people out there that might eventually put Malaysia off the track in presenting A-list international pop concerts in the region. If only you watch
Daily 10 or E! Online or even FoxNews, you will know. Malufying betul i tell you!!!!

Gwen Stefani,was accused of being saucy attire and bombshell image and being "too obscene"

Black Eyed Peas.Recently their performance almost got banned. Ther reason behind?? The organizer is a liquor company which is not appropriate for Muslims to attend an event organized by them. So? Others no need to watch
ge lar?? It was such an honour to have Malaysia been picked as one of the ONLY five venues in the world to host the event as part of the worldwide celebrations marking the 250th anniversary of Guiness' flagship brewery in Dublin. And you can just give up this golden opportunity because of that reason?!! Ada otak ke tak?!!

Pussycat Dolls were fined of RM10, 000 for their "Unbecoming Behaviour" during a concert held in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. This news breakout actually made many international artistes to actually have second thought before deciding to make a stop here.

MLTR(Michael Learns To Rock) was asked to called off their Malaysian leg for being "disrespectful" to hold concerts during the month of Ramadhan (the fasting month of Muslims).

They also made a big fuss for letting this "Bad Girl" Rihanna to perform.

Korean singer Rain was asked to cover up and his trademark exposing his chest and shirtless dance choreograph were not allowed during his concert here.

As usual, there was so much hyped about how the boys of Linkin Park should sing, no jumping, no vulgar, no screaming and other many DON'TS

Avril Lavigne was pressured to cancel her concert here for it may "taint" the contry's independence day celebrations after the the Islamic opposition party slammed her "too sexy" image.

Mariah Carey was forced to clad in a long sleeves Tee and a pair of jeans during her concert here. She did not have any wardrobe change other than those throughout the whole concert. Wasn't that boring??

Christina Aguilera once skipped Malaysian stop over the trouble of the rules and regulations regarding dress code. Should i say KUDOS to her?!! Yes!!!

I believe I'm speaking on behalf of the majority modern Malaysians. To the minority still living in the stone age, thanks for your "concern", we can take care of our ownselves and stay off from our fundamental rights.

I suggest everyone who wants to perform here to dress just like this:
Say Hello to Mumia (The Mummy)!!!!! How decent aint it??!!! Perfectly covered up!! 100% abide to the regulations set! Yes you may perform Mr/Ms Mummy now!!!

PPY HALOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Internship So Far 2

Wanted to update this when i was back in Singapore. Anyways, since my blog statistic is dropping for this past few days. Was too busy to update.....

Though this is already one week past, but just a brief recall of the times had on the island.


Finally i got to go to that place. That place was awesome. No wonder the Singaporeans are proud of this place. All types of people of different races are in there and they all have one common thing, they are all researchers and scientists. That's what Dr Bui told us, Dr Bui is our boss aka scientist himself, a very nice, patient and down-to-earth yet successful man. Very lucky to have met him.

Their plugs are really cool!!! Just plug anywhere along the grey thingy and twist, there the current runs. (maybe i 38 lar ^^)

Alice, my intern mate. We were in NUS animal facility (DONT COMPARE THEIRS WITH MALAYSIANS PLEASE'!!!! OURS STINKS WORSE THAN SHIT!!! Especially UiTM and UPM but they are said to be the cleanest around. I wonder how worse the others can be. Heard that UM's not any better as well!!!!! Gracious Lord!!!Seriously will stinks till your nose bleed.. LOL)

Well, i still miss everything there ler~
Had all these with ~B~........

~Mine~ (err.....forgot the name of the place dy


~Mine~ at New York New York

~B~'s at New York New York (big portion yet cheap!!)

Collyer Quay (converted to a Chinese retaurant, a very unique one, many different types of seats)

Merlion Park

View from ~B~'s apartment. The LRT station i always took every morning to my work place....~Rindunya~ (~So missing it~)

Cant wait for X'mas to go there again... hehe

Well, now i've done my first week training in KL. There are many things different from Singapore by miles!!!!!

Glad to have made a few more new friends here too. My new colleagues, they are all very nice. Especially Jenn, very bubbly, superb nice and extremely friendly. She has been bringing us all around KL for famous food!!!!!!!!!!!! She is even more than willing to give us a hand in direction to a place we want to go since we are not familiar with the roads in KL. There was once she drove me all the way to the place just to show me how to get to that place. I swear, she is one of the nicest people i have ever met!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe she's rich, but then she has never reveal that side of her and being very humble to us...
And to my surprise, she is actually my senior!!! She was graduated last year October from Biotechnology in the same University as mine!!!

One of the Curry Mee famous in KL at Fatty Mok, South Salak
Nightz~ Gotta meet up with some friends tomorrow~ Hopefully won't get lost again!!

P/S: Got lost twice this week while driving in KL. Once got lost for 2 hours!!! Imagine that... i know... im dumbo.... but i think the road signs are the cause of it, how misleading!!! Didnt know Malaysians' roads system is such a mess!!! Agree??? Ok lar, im dumbo lorrrrr then am i not??~
But still i don't think i am wor...It's the road signs to be blamed!! haha

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thoughts before KL

Okay... since i was asked by ~B~ to blog about my feelings for the last day in Singapore before leaving for KL tomorrow, so there you go.

Well oh well, though it's only 3weeks i've been here. I've made a lot of new friends, have seen a lot of things and experienced many things i would never have done back home.
I would say the experience or this short trip in Singapore is a very wonderful one. For instance, I've been to so many places in just 3weeks. Some places are places that no ordinary tourist would have visited. Thanks to my ~B~, friends, and internship

Places I have been to:
a)Shopping malls : Ion mall, Takashimaya (Ngeeann City), The Cathay, Ceneleisure, Jurong Point, Wisma Atrium, Raffles City, Suntec City, City Link Mall, Heeren, Bugis Junction, Iluma Mall, Tampines Mall, Century Square, Plaza Singapura, Marina Square, Vivo City, Ang Mo Kio Hub, Compass Point, Centrepoint, Chinatown Point

b) Jurong Bird Park

c) Merlion Park

d) Collyer Quay

e) The Esplanade

f) The Army Market

g) KK Hospital

h) Biopolis

i) NUS (into their labs, halls and canteens/foodcourts)

j) NTU (same as NUS, labs, halls and foodcourts, oh not to mention they have McD, Canadian Pizza and etc... look at UTAR... :( )

k) National Environmental Agency (NEA)

l) Science Park

m) Changi Airport (Terminal 1,2,3 including the air cargo)

Ok, it's kinda give me a shock to with this list. Although it's just barely a month, but im feeling like my second home here~
I admit i prefer working here than in Malaysia.. First and foremost it's the safetiness!!! Gosh, i was not worried at all wherever i go, be it alone or in the dark. Try do that in KL, you might just putting yourself on the verge of suicidal. Secondly, things here are so damn cheap!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheap as in if you compare dollar to dollar with Malaysia!!! For instance, fresh grads here earn around $2K+ as start off pay which is similar to Malaysians, RM2K+, some even lower mind you. But their normal Nike Tee here, for example, costs around $30-$100. Meanwhile back in my HOME SWEET HOME, it costs RM60-RM150/RM200. Not that sure, but definitely cost more than Singapore when it comes to dollar to dollar comparison in almost everything! Their snickers are like $1.60 only!!!! To get below RM2 for one bar of snickers here? DREAM ON!! No wonder there're many Malaysians working there.

Elo~ Malaysian Government, stop spreading lies to your fellow Malaysians that we are having one of the lowest cost of living in the world!!! Even compare to the states, say NYC, they have cheaper products when it compares with dollar to dollar!!!

Stuffs those craps back to your arsehole!!! No wonder we are having brain drain and many other problems that can hardly be resolved. Rasuah lagi lah!!!(Go corruption lah!!!) Even Coco Lee is keen to become Singaporeans and might follow footsteps of Jet Li and Gong Li to apply to become citizens here. And who is keen to become Malaysians? We only have Michelle Yeoh and Jimmy Choo~ =.=" and they are born Malaysians, so... tak kira lar~

Ok, im getting out of the topic right now. By the way, Im still proud to be a Malaysian okay. Im whining because I still love my counrty. Ok, back to the point. So, right now, i feel i would be missing a lot of things here. Especially ~B~ and of course my friends whom i managed to hang out with here, Siew Yee, Siew Lee and Roy and lastly my newly made friends as well especially Collin and Wendy.

I'll miss ~B~'s parents calling me "Wen Jie" because no one else has ever called my mandarin name before in my whole 21years of life. XD They find it hard to remember my name Eric, so i suggested to call my mandarin name.. Hehe.
It was so cute of the mom for asking ~B~ to iron my clothes, to prepare breakfast (milo) for me before go to work. ~B~'s jealous beacause the parents are treating me better. Haha.. Im kidding, ~B~'s not jealous lar. The parents were really nice to me throughout the stay making me feel like home. Oh yea, and not to forget about the dad, very friendly and nice to talk to and the brother, very nice of him too. I'll definitely miss the wake up call every morning.. Hehe...

~B~'s collection... my gawd... bet ya have not seen mine.. LOL... SHHhhhhh....

Ok chiaoz... KL here i come. Nite nite world...........

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Internship So Far.....

It has been quite interesting all along my training days so far. Yesterday i've got a chance to learn on how machineries and equipments in labarartories work.

Today i got to go around outside again as i said earlier, i was at Singapore air cargo! We were there to see how animals shipping are done. How to collect imported animals!

So it was my first time to see such mice.. They are NUDE MICE!! yes!! naked ones!! because they have no hairs!! hairless mice if you wanna call them.
Nah... nude mouse here!! in the cage!! LOL....
She's my coursemate Alice, whom is undergoing training with me here.. XD

This is nude mouse!!
See?? Tarak pakai baju seluar like that..
Cant cpature properly coz they were running here and there!
Aren't they cute???? No???
They are lacking of thymus, which means they cannot generate mature T lymphocytes. Therefore they are incapable to mount several immune response.

Nah, judge yourself~

After that we were supposed to step into the Biopolis... Too bad, our senior staff in charged has got something on. So she told us to bring us next time within this two weeks.. Hopefully ler...

Biopolis is said to be the pride of Singaporeans. It is a one-stop research and development hub for researchers from the public and private sectors, international and local where they are co-existing to work. I did get the chance to pass by the area though, but i cant wait to get inside!!!

It is said that this state-of-the-art Biopolis is housed to more than 2000 scientists. Some are very prominent scientists from all around the world. They will have conferences, meetings, high-ended experiments to be carried out sometimes in there and also exhibitions.
Pray that i get to get in there to look around before getting transfered back to KL..

Picture credited to flickr.... coz i have yet to snap one myself. Will do once i got there.. Hmmm

Monday, October 5, 2009

1st Day of Internship Training

Didnt expect the outcome. Never thought that on the first day of my internship i would be given so much to read up, to catch up, to digest, to whatsoever... my goodness sake..

Now im like back to study as i've got catalogs and books to read up now, and also i need to do some research on the internet. @.@
Anyway, i would say this training could be really interesting anyhow!!

On the first day, i was told that i need to read up this and that.Luminex is one that i should be focused on. It is said to be the very latest technology that you cant even get in Malaysia at all. Well, expected.. it's Malaysia...

So, next week, some professor or scientist is coming here to carry out this experiment and we were invited to observe how the whole process is to be carried out. There will be experiments to be done in KL too when we are to be transfered back there after this. Thus, my stay here in Singapore is to be extended for another week!!!

Learned a little bit here and there give us a bigger and clearer picture of how this whole industry is being run. So, i would say, this is not a waste. Hopefully it will be a fruitful one. No regrets.

So, today we were brought to NUS to check out how the labs there are being installed. Especially the animals facilities. The machineries, the system and how to manage a labs with different BSL(Biosafety Level) in different types of labs be it a SPF lab or not blablabla yadda yadda.

This coming saturday, we are to be brought to the air cargo to learn how to clear animal shippings. Wonder how it would be like... Hmmm.....

Oh my, i find all these are so interesting.. Cant wait for the next few days to come.. ^^

Night... Chiaoz... gotta read up my stuffs before oi oi (Goin to bed).

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Days before Internship

Honestly, i cant really wait for tomorrow. It's my first day of internship training! wonder what would be installed for me to do.. Hmmm... washing test tubes and funnels?

Anyway, just got to know today that my internship in Singapore might be extended for another week.. it's that a good news or what?! haha...

Well, just hang out with Roy yesterday. At night, had a movie at Cineleisure with ~B~ and Colin before sitting for a drink at Plaza Singapura. Phobia 2 was what we watched.

Gosh, some people shivered down their spine through out the whole damn show... XD

Today, we were sorta too tired to go out actually and decided to rather stay at home. Thanks to the aunty and uncle of ~B~'s were coming with their kids, so we got out of the house in the end. It's because ~B~ finds their kids too naughty to stand.

And there we go.............

Changi Airport....

~B~: It's the best airport in the world.World Class airport. We have the best airport, cleanest, best this and that.. nah nah.. look here.... nah nah... see there... etc


This is what i got from the "tour guide". What a world class "tour guide" heh?! XD

There were so many things i wanted to eat. Thanks to ~B~, "Oh, this is nice. that is good. this is nice too.." all the way... like Waraku de pasta, Lerk Thai or JERK Thai u call it.. LOL

Then we ended up having our lunch at Popeyes' chicken & biscuits. It was good.. love the mashed potato but not the so-called biscuit. The "biscuit" did not look like or taste like a biscuit at all. Neither like bread though. Not even close to that. Really tak tau apa benda tu langsung pun. That's the only complain. The rest were nice, the chicken and corn.

Eating while watching POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN~ Missing the cartoon.. hehe

Oh, before signing off... guess what i chanced upon in the airport....


Someone came back to life.

People thought he's dead a few months ago...








Oh my....

Doesnt this look real?
Ohh... how i wish he's still alive
Watch these videos and judge yourself....Sorry for the quality...

Seriously, till today i still feel heavy hearted for MJ and Yasmin Ahmad's departure. God bless them. They are the only two famous people that make me feel such a way for their leaving.

okok... i actually "kap liu-ing" now... how to say "kap liu" in english ar?
yorrr...duno lar... check dicionary lar... cant think of it now... ok, wanna go pee pee now.... understand???
till then... tmr gonna wake up early... nightz world....