Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Internship So Far.....

It has been quite interesting all along my training days so far. Yesterday i've got a chance to learn on how machineries and equipments in labarartories work.

Today i got to go around outside again as i said earlier, i was at Singapore air cargo! We were there to see how animals shipping are done. How to collect imported animals!

So it was my first time to see such mice.. They are NUDE MICE!! yes!! naked ones!! because they have no hairs!! hairless mice if you wanna call them.
Nah... nude mouse here!! in the cage!! LOL....
She's my coursemate Alice, whom is undergoing training with me here.. XD

This is nude mouse!!
See?? Tarak pakai baju seluar like that..
Cant cpature properly coz they were running here and there!
Aren't they cute???? No???
They are lacking of thymus, which means they cannot generate mature T lymphocytes. Therefore they are incapable to mount several immune response.

Nah, judge yourself~

After that we were supposed to step into the Biopolis... Too bad, our senior staff in charged has got something on. So she told us to bring us next time within this two weeks.. Hopefully ler...

Biopolis is said to be the pride of Singaporeans. It is a one-stop research and development hub for researchers from the public and private sectors, international and local where they are co-existing to work. I did get the chance to pass by the area though, but i cant wait to get inside!!!

It is said that this state-of-the-art Biopolis is housed to more than 2000 scientists. Some are very prominent scientists from all around the world. They will have conferences, meetings, high-ended experiments to be carried out sometimes in there and also exhibitions.
Pray that i get to get in there to look around before getting transfered back to KL..

Picture credited to flickr.... coz i have yet to snap one myself. Will do once i got there.. Hmmm


Kenji said...

OMGZ! DISGUSTING! Hate mice! Cannot tahan! But yeah! Seems like you're enjoying your life there! Update us more on your random outings la! xD

eliza natsuko said...

*is envious* so learnt so much in less than a week! ><
you suddenly feel lucky that you took this job, yes? ^^

成亿 said...

wow...all those lymphocytes and stuffs, i totally returned those info back to teachers after stpm...

what happens to washing test tubes and all? thought you're assigned to do those stuffs geh? haha

count anone said...

good...looks like you're enjoying your job^^


one word for the nude mice = disgusting

ichimaru akira said...

Don't forget to got to Tanjong Pagar during ur free time.That place rocks

Leon Koh said...

like your blog, but no more updates?

fuzpeiz said...

wat r u supposed to do with those mice gah??
kill it???
or continue observe until they die on their own due to lack of immune system?

CH said...

that last picture is amazing...really really jealous right now

erictbk said...

Kenji: haha, i wonder how would you react if a mouse stands right in front of you.. XD
No random outings yet ler. Bz with my attachment.

Eliza: yea, at the moment i do. But today got ntg to do ler~sienz.. u see, im typing this now at office.. Shhh~~ XD

Sengaik: No lar. where got such hanky panky job for me.. ceh wah~XD

Countanone: yea, at the moment.. ^^

Leu: they are not as gross as in real i guess.. Hah

Ichimaru: really?u always go there?

Leon: oh, tahnks ^^ not much time to update lately.. :)

Fupei: i dont know wor, they are all meant for research purpose to study cancer cells and other diseases.

CheeHoe: tht pic is not taken by me wor.. hah..

Dreammerinc said...

so fun....i still goyang kaki at home...wakakaka

N said...

sounds cool and the mice is cute. lol.


Ericsoft said...

haha sorry long time didnt read yr blog...busy with my comic..wah omg those mice damn small lol...sai lou when u touch how u feels? woo...macam diffreent from our form 6 haha all big and fat work how smooth and nice?

erictbk said...

Illias: wahhh... you wan to goyang till when? till next sem? LOL

N: haha, cute? i actually think it's sorta gross.. Haha

dailou: haha, i didnt touch them. they are for other researchers.. ahah.. work's nice so far.. XD
hw're u?

Shiuji said...

poor mice... but i scared them la... poor me...

William said...

No thymus?! Kesiannya....