Sunday, October 25, 2009

Say No to Knowles??!!!

In regards to the postponement of Beyonce Knowles concert in Malaysia, I really hope there will be one day that all international stars boycott coming to Malaysia for any live performances!!!!!!!!!
Seriously teach them a lesson!!! Impose this rule, impose that rule... So many restrictions!!! All don't come!!! See
lar, who will be at the lose end, bodoh!!!!

They(the international stars) won't be losing much for skipping a stop anyway, we in the other hand will face a bigger loss instead!! Imagine how much loss will be inflicted on us, besides money flowing out from our shore for our people crossing over to neighbouring countries to watch the performances instead, we will also lose $ from tourism sector!!!!! We would rather lose millions, if not, billions of $ in the name of protecting our people from "immoral activities".
So they are trying to be our
Morale Police!!!
Get lost!!!
We dont need you dammit!
Thank you very much!!!
We have brains with wisdom and intelligence enough, unlike
YOU brainless from the age of Jurassic, of deciding what's good and what's not for ourselves!!!

YOU, refering to those who voice out against every each time a concert to be held here by international stars, mainly people from the ever conservative Islamic Party, PAS.They have never failed robing in their voice to oppose every each time a local agent is trying to bring in big names to hold a performance here. It's really saddening, frustrating and annoying to hear them repeating the same reason in every protest, which is none other than DRESS CODE!!! If you don't want to watch, don't bloody watch lorrrrrr..... you have no rights to stop the rest to watch okay~!!! Baik go back kampung hang tanam jagung makan ngan isteri!!!And also the current government, please open up your mind a little can or not, those regulations can be loosen up a bit can't they?

"In light of the recent to-do, Malaysia's Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry
said that officers will be on hand to enforce the country's code of cultural
ethics—a female artist must be covered from the top of her chest to her knees;
no jumping, shouting, hugging or kissing onstage; no clothing depicting
offensive messages or images (drugs, sex, etc.); and no throwing things at the

I mean we, the majority of us are going to concerts to feel the hype in a concert environment, and to listen to good music.
Hello~ Wake up wake up... 21st century here~
Who cares about the skimpy outfit, what type of dress is right for you and me.. Bullshit!!!
Do you think our moral religious beliefs and faith are so fragile that can be eroded by just 2 or 3hours of a concert?!! You should better get your butt off to deal with the robbers, mat rempits (illegal motor racers cum committing many other crimes as well who are also nuisance to the public) and rapists!!! Those are indeed against any religious beliefs.

I'm speaking out here because i felt embarrassing to have watched headlines news made about my own country across the globe with
"Beyonce postponed her Malaysian stop due to pressure in regards to dress code regulations"
"Gwen Stefani to cover up at Malaysian stop".

Wahai, mangkuk-mangkuk sekalian, do you call this MALAYSIA BOLEH??!!! Proud or not?!Proud or not?! Our name is mentioned throughout the whole world okay!!

"Woohoo!!!" *rolled eyes* This is going to send a wrong message to people out there that might eventually put Malaysia off the track in presenting A-list international pop concerts in the region. If only you watch
Daily 10 or E! Online or even FoxNews, you will know. Malufying betul i tell you!!!!

Gwen Stefani,was accused of being saucy attire and bombshell image and being "too obscene"

Black Eyed Peas.Recently their performance almost got banned. Ther reason behind?? The organizer is a liquor company which is not appropriate for Muslims to attend an event organized by them. So? Others no need to watch
ge lar?? It was such an honour to have Malaysia been picked as one of the ONLY five venues in the world to host the event as part of the worldwide celebrations marking the 250th anniversary of Guiness' flagship brewery in Dublin. And you can just give up this golden opportunity because of that reason?!! Ada otak ke tak?!!

Pussycat Dolls were fined of RM10, 000 for their "Unbecoming Behaviour" during a concert held in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. This news breakout actually made many international artistes to actually have second thought before deciding to make a stop here.

MLTR(Michael Learns To Rock) was asked to called off their Malaysian leg for being "disrespectful" to hold concerts during the month of Ramadhan (the fasting month of Muslims).

They also made a big fuss for letting this "Bad Girl" Rihanna to perform.

Korean singer Rain was asked to cover up and his trademark exposing his chest and shirtless dance choreograph were not allowed during his concert here.

As usual, there was so much hyped about how the boys of Linkin Park should sing, no jumping, no vulgar, no screaming and other many DON'TS

Avril Lavigne was pressured to cancel her concert here for it may "taint" the contry's independence day celebrations after the the Islamic opposition party slammed her "too sexy" image.

Mariah Carey was forced to clad in a long sleeves Tee and a pair of jeans during her concert here. She did not have any wardrobe change other than those throughout the whole concert. Wasn't that boring??

Christina Aguilera once skipped Malaysian stop over the trouble of the rules and regulations regarding dress code. Should i say KUDOS to her?!! Yes!!!

I believe I'm speaking on behalf of the majority modern Malaysians. To the minority still living in the stone age, thanks for your "concern", we can take care of our ownselves and stay off from our fundamental rights.

I suggest everyone who wants to perform here to dress just like this:
Say Hello to Mumia (The Mummy)!!!!! How decent aint it??!!! Perfectly covered up!! 100% abide to the regulations set! Yes you may perform Mr/Ms Mummy now!!!

PPY HALOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


成亿 said...

you know what, i totally agree with you...i mean, COME ON, don't you people ever get sick of the phrase, DRESS CODE, or the word, DON'T??? honestly, how much do you think you can 'protect' our moralities, i mean, with the Al-Mighty INTERNET being the source of everything, and i do mean EVERYTHING...if you do have a lot of free time, and i believe you really do, go do what WE, the public, believe you should be doing such as capturing those rapists and kidnappers roaming ever so freely around the country, put a stop to Mat Rempits which ARE NOT the source of pride for the country, terminate all the Ah Longs of the country, and the ever so high social problems instead of protesting artistes from coming here...REMEMBER, people, artistes ARE the GOOD GUYS here, they're generating revenues for us...

Devil said...

lol.. i dun think even mumia can perform with the recent puteri umno announce on want to ban mystical elements movies.. so performance wise still will make "their people"think that there is mumia in this world which is HARAM!


sammi cheng also once kena warn when she was having her 1st concert in malaysia... she has to re-do all her beautiful and sexy clothing

发白日梦^^ said...

im totally agree with you!!
don't make it "protect our culture &morale" as a excuse anymore!!v oso nid fun and enjoy moments!!if thy don't in "dirty",nothin will happen!!juz enjoy music & the great performance!!

mariah & beyonce,Rock!!

ichimaru akira said...

So fucking true

fuzpeiz said...

will msia ban me one dAY?
when i happily walking down the street..den i got thrown out of msia..
gaspp..muhahhaa :P
msia shud ban jackie instead.he naked boy

jackychan said...

damn stupid man...LoL
thats what we called 'Malaysia Boleh'
movies,concerts & everything banned...
LoL xD
bodoh punya orang...
memalukan negara sendiri...
macam orang kampung tak pernah tengok orang bercarut,bogel,seksi dan lompat?
haha funny le xD
Malaysia Boleh!!!
we fong cheung sueng ngan & see xD

Anonymous said...

hahahaha!msia is soo damn sick!u noeee wutt!!lady gaga is comin 2 melb 4 concert!!yay!cant wait 2 go!hahaha..aus doesnt hv soo much probs lik msia!


William said...

Memang bosan. Should just skip Malaysia and go straight to SG. And did I see Akon lose his shirt during the concert? Thought I saw that in the papers.

erictbk said...

Sengaik: wow, u can make ur comment as a post dy.. haha... you can say that all again!!

Devil: Oh yea..... they have nothing better to think of to do... how nonsensical they can be....

Leu: isit?! dammit... sammi rox weiii

发白日梦^^: Exactly... sometimes i think their brains are in their arse...

ichimaru: yea yea~

Pei: yea, i hope so!!!

Jacky: those people tarak otak wan lar..

HC: woiiii, i wanna go!!! LADY GAGA!!!! u going to watch???

William: yea, u just reminded me.. wanted to talk abt it in the end of this post, i saw that too.. he was shirtless and people were seen touching his body!!! Dammnit!! What's with tht double standard!!

count anone said...

those people cakap tak serupa bikin...

like malay proverb said..."kuman seberang laut nampak,gajah depan mata tarak nampak".now is exactly like that!!

malaysia have other things to worry about than this immigrant issues...

Ben - Chee Lupp said...

i would agree with you completely...i'm not sure why they said is dress code...ppl can also see them in tvs and the will one night really corrupt our moral ethics? i really dont know what they are trying to least i got to see MLTR...haha...

Kenny Japheth S.C. said...

gosh...eric is such a bitch.. that's that you bunch of complaining people are 21 and above, go register to vote!

vote for opposition the next election. Perak people, don't lose your state again! get it?

So, waiting for what? Get your asses and daftar undi NOW. Cos i have frends who registered a year earlier b4 the march 4th election wasnt qualified..registration didnt go through i think. SO, lets not give 'them' a reason to stop us from voting. The youths will decide the fate of this country.

What youre waiting for? Gold medal from government? Just LELONG...


erictbk said...

count anone: thanks, i learned a new malay proverb.. hah.. yea, the immigrants are outnumbering the indians population which is supposed to be the third largest race in the country.

Cheelupp: They have no brains!! that's what im gonna say... good lar u... went for the concert... :(

Kenny: Ahaha.. imagined the way you would talk while reading ur comment.. Damn kumar lar u... Lelong apa lar... ahha
Damn... okok, have u registered then? Perak state is in mess again...

動 Orson said...

haa...what a lame...........

神奇的妹妹 said...

u ARE right!!
what da hell with the dress code...
Nowadays malay also dint wear tudung LA!with da sarung la...singlet summore~
malaysia going down very fast...
WE malaysian chaos to other country to survive better..

erictbk said...

Orson: who's lame?

神奇的妹妹: But not to bad lar Malaysia, just the policies and some of the politicians are making unnecessary troubles

Shiuji said...

what a shame... really ($@$).. (pig head money eyes)... who will dare to come.. No face to see ppl ard... better cover up our face when we go foreign country...

haiz... they have created many jokes for others to laugh at them... speechless...

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