Monday, December 29, 2008

Mua Best X'mas Gift!!!

~Truth Calvin Klein Men~


MUCHO GRACIAS...................!!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hail Hail Alma Mater Hail!!!

No, it's not any castle like you see in any movies like Harry Porter or Count Dracula nor it's any cathedral from European countries. It's my beloved alma mater!!! I think it's one of the most beautiful historical building in Malaysia.

The Impressive building of
~St Michael's Institution~

I've spent a quarter of my life in this school. Well, i started off with my kindergarten at St Michael's (now no more), then to primary and finally up to secondary. That was a good 13years!! 13 years of being a Michaelian!! Ok, not many can hold that record considering not many of my kindergarten buddies stayed up till Form6. To name a few, Wai Hin & Yook Yarth. They're all i could remember now.. Lol
For those who has no idea about its background, it's one of the many La Sallian schools in Malaysia or perhaps worldwide, a brotherhood established by St John Baptist De La Salle.
founded by Reverend Father J.B.Coppin, Parish Priest of the Church of St. Michael, Ipoh in 1912.

St John Baptist De La Salle

One of the many things im proud of it is its beautiful architecture.

Its architecture and facade are reminiscence of a true Christian masterpiece. A very carefully decorated gables and the lovely wide arched verandahs that run the entire length of the school is impressing.

The insights of this magnificient historical building

One of the many statuettes in the school

I decided to dedicate an entry for my beloved school is because im missing it so much. My school life has gone and will never come back again. It's just remained as history of mine. Though, life of course has to move on and things will keep changing.

Missing all the fun we had during school time, like joining the choir team (got 1st & 2nd place in Kinta district ^^), prefect-ing (so fun, getting all the privilege like goin into classes late, wandering around the shool compound without fear of being caught, bringing prohibited items without fear of being confisicated, lol, what?! that's what i've been doin ok, no one suspected me with my ever innocent face ;P), skipping classes in the name of goin for march pass practices till a teacher found out our intention, etc.

Well, St Michael's is famous for its annual drama/school play. Shows that had been put up by the Michaelians before this were like West Side Story, Oliver, The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Wizard of OZ, The King & I, etc. I believe there's no other schools out there can beat this record for being able to carry out this tradition for half a century.
During my time in 2006, we did the production of Hunchback of the Norte Dame.

It was so much fun throughout the working period for the school play lasting for a few months. The staying back for practices after school, ticket selling time where we get to skip school the whole day to sell tickets in the town & that's when we eventually had our our own sweet time hanging around in shopping malls and went for yum cha during school hours. Haha.

Oh, forget to mention, i was not the main actor nor any acting role. I was the vocalist.. Lol

Singing at the side of the stage throughout the show. It was fun as i got to do all kind of voices and backup voice for a drunkard too!!

As i know we were supposed to do Beauty & the Beast instead but Hunchback is still as fun.^^

Miss them lotz...

The $$ we got from the play was partially chanelled into the roof replacement of this grand old building.

The new roof - a legacy left by us

Signum Fidei - Sign Of Faith

Sunday, December 21, 2008

KL Trip

Was away to KL from last thursday till saturday staying at my cousin's place. Well, not exactly my cousin, she's actually my so called 'God sis'... nah, our relation ties are just too complicated to explain. Many were asking why would i go to KL like so often lately.. Well, this time i was to accompany my grams and my siblings (& to become 'Maria' perhaps, & eventually i did!! ish...i know you are reading this).. Lol.. since i've this frrrreeeaking long break might as well tag along...

We actually boarded a train because KTM is running a promotion. Only 10ringgit for a trip!!! KTM service is all satisfactory except i wish to rant about the air-con in the train!! No, not that's not working, it's overworking!!!! Oh boy, I was freezing all my way to KL for a good 3hours!!! My sweater was taken by my lil bro coz he didnt bring his...

So there it is...

It's a very nice & bewwtefulll place to stay. Especially when you are into mother nature. Peaceful, breath-taking view of the green pastures surrounding the neighbourhood. There's a lake nearby too... Ahh... it's just giving me a feeling of being in Kampar, well u know the lake, the bicycles (the residents use to cycle around), the peaceful life... The housing area is extremely (eeriely?) quiet especially at night because most of them are elderly and retirees. So, not to be surprised by that. No eye candy for me during the stay.. :(

Let the pictures do the saying>>>>

& there's a conviniently small shopping mall at just 3minutes away.

mua homemade breakfast... forgot to snap a pic of the lunch specially made by Miss Chan (mua dear God-sis, cousie? whatever lar), Fried Spagetthi (not sure about the name of her recipe).. lol. But all i can say it's.....jeng (great taste)!!! But i still prefer the Mexican Chicken!!! lol

OMG...i swear i start craving for this BBQ chicken wings from erm...where's the place dy ar? Somewhere in Damansara near Desa Parkcity, a steamboat place...I must come for it again!!

Then we brought grams tour around the city...admiring the nightlife & the skyscrappers.

View from my room, taken right after waking up.*yawns*

GUESS WHO?????Muahahaha

P/S : Now i know how fun it is to tag people....^^

Monday, December 15, 2008

What a Bloggiful World

Just a brief one on what happen during this bloggers gathering event held in Penang i've attended yesterday, What a Bloggiful World. & this would rather sound a little more personal.

First of all, thanks a lotzzz to Ceddy for everything, he should know well what they are, coz i've mentioned this over and over again, lol...

Glad to meet one whole bunch of crazy/fun people there....especially, Q**** C*** , occay lar, Ai
She's so funny together with Ced.. I swear i had not been exercising my cheek muscles that much eversince my another BFF Siew Yee aka Laughing Fish left for Singapore... The cursing part was horrible, omg, yet entertaining. Haha. Daren't to imagine how it'd look like if the power of 3 merged.

& Minny, you're welcome... good to hear you're happy with it...^^

So, the event was held at the Paradise Sandy Beach Resort, felt a little bored at first because i barely know anyone there though had some small chat with some of the few people sitting at the the table as i.. but not until the games starts and had some good chuckle looking at the sporting contestants on stage & how Ced, the emcee of the day, 'torturing' some of them. lol

and Yay!!!!!!!! I've won the Exabytes Network free web hosting for a year worth RM269!! Meaning i would have my '' removed and become '' soon.....

Didnt get to snap any pics with my low-quality-2Megapix-hp cam.. But did snap some using Ced's Linux camera. But the photos aint with me....Lol. Perhaps link to Ceddy's blog to know more about the event & more so lazy.........

After the event, Ced & i went A&W for dinner at Gurney Plaza before meeting up with Queen C..., Ai Ling i mean, Bryan & gang. Sorry,cant help that name keep popping up in my mind whenever i wanted to call you Ai Ling, blame Ced... ^^

& there we wandered and played around till the time i've got to be sent to the terminal to catch the 10pm bus back home...

So, that's the fun time for yesterday...

Oh, & now im listening to this song... If You Seek Amy.. Ced told me this song sounds naughty. I didnt get a clue till i was made to know that it actually means FUCK Me...LOL

IF = F
You = U
Seek A(my) = CK (Me
*say 'Seek Amy' repeatedly & quickly you will get C K Me... LOL

Look at the lyrics & enjoy it....


Oh baby baby Have you seen Amy tonight?
Is she in the bathroom
Is she smokin' up outside

Oh baby baby
Does she take a piece of lime
For the drink that Imma buy her
Do you know just what she likes

Oh Oh Tell me have you seen her
Because I'm so
I can't get her off of my brain

I just want to go to the party she gonna go
Can somebody take me home
Ha ha he ha ha ho

Love me hate me
Say what you want about me
But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to
If You Seek Amy
Love me hate me
But can't you see what I see
All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to
If You Seek Amy


Amy told me that she's gonna meet me up
I don't know where or when and now they're closing up the club

I've seen her want to drive before she knows my face
But it's hard to see with all the people standing in the way

Oh oh
Tell me have you seen her
Because I'm so
I can't get her off of my brain

I just want to go to the party she's gonna go
Can somebody take me home
Ha ha he ha ha ho

*Repeat Chorus*

So what you want about me
But can't you see what I see
So what you want about me

So tell me if you've seen her
Cause I've been waiting here forever
Oh baby baby
If You Seek Amy tonight
Oh baby baby
We'll do whatever you like
Oh baby baby baby
Oh baby baby baby


*Repeat Chorus*

Love me hate me so what you want about me (yeah)
Love me hate me
But can't you see what I see
All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to
If You Seek Amy

So what you want about me
But can't you see what I see
Oh So what you want about me

All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to
If You Seek Amy

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Black Canyon for whole day.....

Im now in Black Canyon... Time flies.. Without noticing, i've already been sitting here for about 4hours plus... Wow, in that 4 hours i've only been reading blogs besides checking mails, geee... Meanwhile, at home i usually got stucked in boredom when time creeps like a snail...

Well, i've taken my lunch earlier here with my favourite dish, fried spagetthi with salted fish... yummy... and sipping a cup of japanese green tea and still sipping now. sob sob... cant take my regular cappucino ice blended!! coz im still down with cough... sigh

My green tea

Well, at least i get to transfered some series & latest songs into my lappy from Seng Aik (Jeff) and Chee Hoe. Yay!! Finally got to watch Desperate Housewives Season 5!!! & Heroes 3!!
Well, we are now waiting for Stefy to come over for her cds that im have been keeping like for ages, sorry stef... Oh talk of the devil, here she comes...

& now meet my BFF, Hui Ching, who's now residing in Melbourne... lol
Omg, cant stop SS... yea, camwhore while webcam-ing with her. Gosh, noticed those people from the next table looking at me like one kind while im busy posing in front of the lappy... haha, like i care...

Taken from her side >>>

With her Hippochai (taken from mine)

Wow, now it seems like 5hours has gone, oh no, it's goin to be 6 hours in half an hour more...
Ok, guess i shall leave it for today... chiaoz..goin to penang tomorrow!!yes, again.....
My ass is aching now ... 6hours sitting here... probably need some ass massage for myself......ughh...

Friday, December 12, 2008

OIAM 2nd entry.....

This will be my 2nd entry on OIAM (One In A Million), as you've read the previous entry i've posted before (on 25th Nov entry), i was talking about me joining the singing competition. Well oh well, i have a friend of mine who indeed just love singing as much as me, as passionate in music as i do, and no doubt he is way more talented than i am!! He plays the guitar (so much better than me for sure), piano (i guess) & he does compose songs (i think so). He got the look, the charm and the mind-soothing voice as the ladies claimed his voice has never failed to melt their hearts.. Yes, i've got some encouraging feedbacks from some of my girl-friends regarding his voice. Even i myself admire his voice though. Lol. He won the top prize for UTAR Talent Night this year anyway.

So this friend of mine just went for OIAM giving it a shot last Saturday in KL Berjaya Times Square Audition. According to him, the number of contestants is overwhelming compared to the one i attended in Penang. Coz the audition in KL itself took almost 2 days to complete. Hell no way i would stand for that long man. When i was asking about his whereabout at 8pm on the first day, (thought he would have done his round by that time) my friend passed me the message that he has done with the first round and got throough & he's in the waiting room for the second round. I would have done even my second round by that time in Penang. My goodness!! He had to stay overnight.

As i was so sure as i was telling everyone earlier on that he will 100% make it through the first round at least, & he did it as i said!!! I actually put a little hope on him that he would eventually pass the second time as well, but unfortunately not... sigh.. but in the end, it's all the experience matter & it's worth trying

As i didnt ask any further, i have no idea if he did any mistakes during the second time neither what the comments from the judges. Well, i shall check it out later when i got to meet him back in Kampar.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rainy Day!!!

Rain and rain and rain... Well oh well, since i was still sick, (a bit ler), dont think will be able to go out lepak... Deep breath...Sigh...

Out of boredom, i went into AV room to watch some movies.. Oh, i found this movie, Aritificial Inteligence by Steven Spielberg.. Love it a lot... Dont mind watching it over and over again.. So, i was lying on the cosy sofa in the air con room, with the big screen, surround sound system, while eating snacks... LOL... the feeling was great!!!
After watching it, feel like watching another show.. Ah-hah!! Mamamia... though watched it twice, nah, give it a shot since it's still raining outside and i've got nothing else to do... enjoy the songs a lot.. coz i love ABBA!! " I can still recall, our last summer, ..."
That's my fav song...LOL
The rain stops later in the evening... phew, finally... but i still dont feel like goin out coz having a headache caused by flu...
Nevermind since my uncle, aunties and cousins all heading to Pavilion for dinner.. I shall go too.
Ok, this time i did not buy a single thing at all.. congrats to me!!!told ya im not a
Dinner at Mdm Kwan Restaurant.. ordered Nasi Bojari... hehe, despite my sickness (slighty sore throat & headache due to flu)... Cant tahan ma... When it comes to good food, there's no way i can tolerate it at any
Nasi Bojari... Willy, is this the one u meant?& ur
Luckily im still safe and sound, my sickness still under control, not worsen yet...Lol
See, sometimes no need go on diet while you're sick ok...
Drank a lot a lot of water after the

Monday, December 8, 2008

Big Spender I am!!!

WTH!! Didnt know i can be a big spender...
Just spent RM150 today!! Dare not to think about the amount i've spent in total since Friday.
Ok roughly my expenditure are like :

i) bought polo tee, 2 for $66,

ii) grabbed a wax, strepsils ( coz not feeling well), then saw gatsby styling foam (15% discount), might as well grab it = $30,

iii) bump into Superman polo tee for $40 only!!! (grabbed it as well)

iv) Meals = around $20 - $30.

Probably spent more than $150 i guess...
Well, not that im a shopaholic.. I aint a shopaholic!! I seldom shop. I dont purposely go for shopping. Maybe because of i was with some shopping kakis that uurrrghhh, made me spent so much...LOL

Gosh...Midvalley on last friday, The Curve & One Utama the next day, Sungei Wang & Times Square today, tomorrow will be Pavillion, KLCC & maybe Petaling Street...Gosh, must control dy lor...Shopping like mad!!! First time shopping marathon!! & it's definitely killing me!!! Drop me some cash from the sky!!Ok, i dont think i'll get addicted lar.

Ok, chiaoz...malas to upload photos... not feeling well now, take a good rest, prepare for tomorrow fun

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Free Movie Passes!!

Was in One Utama(1U) today, supposedly me & my friends are goin to catch a movie at GSC. But were confronted by a few of these people...

These people in black>>>> (definitely the rest in the pic are not me nor my fwenzz, we are way better looking)lol

So,they goes like "Hello, do you mind helping us for a moment? Could you do anything that we ask you to do? You will be given a free complimentary pass for any movies anywhere for free when you accomplished the tasks."

Out of curiousity, we were like "ok, em, (looking at each other for a second), what are the tasks first, hee". They had a list of the tasks but didnt allow us to see or choose... Haha, we still insisted to look at the list... Then Kah Kiat grabed the list from them..& we scanned one by one of in the list.

The list goes like this:
1) Scream out loud to the public "Yes, im a Yes Man!!" (siao)
2) Singing while pretending to play a guitar in front of pulic. (i would do it if without the guitar part ^^)
3) Pretend to open an umbrella (in the mall) run around and act like it's raining. (like someone coming out of assylum)

4) Go up to a stranger, shake their hands and say "Yes, im Jim Carey!! I'm a Yes Man!"( because they were promoting the upcoming show of Jim Carey's Yes Man)

5) Shout "I Love You!!" to your girlfriend/boyfriend. (easy, but since we dont have our ones with us there; so, out)

6) To convince the first person in the queue to let you buy your ticket first.(crazy, kena whacked then you know)
.......and etc till 20 of them.

As sporting as we are *ahem*.. Kah Kiat went to do the honour first. he picked the task where he has to go up to 5 strangers, shake their hands and say " Thank you for watching. Enjoy your show!". Geee....that was a piece of cake!!He got his pass...

Then Harvey's turn... He did the jumping around with a leg; ok, call it hopping, with his hands on his head. Em, i wouldn't pick this for sure. Embarassing for

I didnt think of taking up any of the tasks actually, but due to much persuassion & since i was the only left out...Gosh, i had to pick one instead. Mine is to ask a stranger to snap a funny pose picture of myself using my own cam hp. Haha, piece of cake!!! Thanks for pointing this for me coz i didnt see this task in the first place. Ok, done!! pass!!free pass!! Giv it to me!!Giv it to me!!!

Haha, my "funny" pose... not gonna show my FUGLY face here!! (yea, FUGLY....learnt the word from Harvey) FUGLY = Fucking Ugly
They did a record of all of them and will be posted on facebook called "Yes Man Hunt", er, if im not wrong. Man, malunya....please, no one sees that.....

This is it.....^^

Then....camwhore lor whole day as usual........nothing to do besides shopping, chit chatting & yum cha....
Er, who's at the back?LOL

Moving to my uncle's place tomorrow to seek more fun to come..........^^

Friday, December 5, 2008


Almost lost 30bucks last night!! Ok, some may say 30 bucks only mah. But to me with 30 bucks i can do a lot of things ok!! With 30bucks i can go for 5movies witht the price of student or eating combo set of KFC, perhaps 2 sets of Value Meal of French Chicken at Burger King, etc.....

Wanna know how i almost lost that $30? Since my handphone ran out of credit last night, so i decided to reload it. So i got this reload card i've bought earlier, as you know, im as lazy as im used to be, instead of getting a coin or something i grab a USB which is obviously nearest to me & i scratched the part to reveal the number code using the edge of the USB. I guess i scratched it too hard. Holy shit!!! I've scratched a few of the numbers out of sight!! How am i gonna track back that a few numbers?!!! It's just the matter of a few numbers & i would lose my 30ucks just like that? Shit loh.

Aiya, my handphone cam ciplak la (2.0Megapix)..that's why you see the quality like this...

Then there comes my mathematics skills though im suck in it ever since i stepped into Form6, for some reason my maths skills plunged like nobody cares. Chapter6 : Probablity!!! Nah... of course i didnt do that. Crazy!!
Then i kept keying in one by one picking the possible numbers for the numbers out of sight that i've scratched out.

"Successful top up of RM30.00"
Hallelujah!!!Finally i got the correct one!!! I've saved my 30bucks. It'll be such a waste if it's gone just like that due to my stupidity & laziness...

Lesson of the day is to think before you act!!!Think twice!!

Bloody USB that has almost caused my $30 gone!!lol (nah, blame my lazy ass!!)

$30 to me is actually nothing. But i just dont feel good when it's gone jut like that. It's such a waste. I would have rather donated it to those less fortunate ones instead!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Linda Chung!!!

For those who has no a single idea of who she is...she is one of the uprising HK TVB star. She was a beauty queen before joining in showbiz (Miss Chinese Vancouver).

Before this i swear i hated her like cow dung, hated to see her acting.. I remember it's always driving me mad everytime seeing her. But over the years she has improved a lot. Yes, a big leap she did.. I was quite surprised that she could act so well when i watched Heart of Greed & Moonlight Resonance compared back to 2 years then. It's amazing to believe that one whom greatly criticising & complaining of her before this can eventually fall in love with her now...
Awwwwwwwwww...She's absolutely stunning, & gorgeous in real!!

Taken by Seng Aik when he was getting her autograph

Here's a performance of her 'One Person Dinner, Two Person World' (direct translation from Cantonese, lol)

Errr, blame the sound system there. Nothing wrong with my Cam phone...

Leaving for KL tomorrow onwards..... gonna have fun...chiaoz ^^
(Hopefully to be able to blog some of entries here while in KL)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Twilight & Smiling Sky

an adapted from the best selling novel by Stephenie Meyer and directed by Catherine Hardwicke.

Worth your every single penny if you like romance and vampires... But warning to those who expect it to be those kind of bloody man eating scenes throughout the're so damn wrong...It's no odinary vampire kinda show... It's more like a love story between a mortal and a vampire. Of course there were some fighting actions in there.. To sum it up, go catch it!! I thought it was cool. i now just cant wait to catch the sequel which is called New Moon...

Anyway, in Twilight there are some scenes being edited in Malaysian cinemas. As what i got to know from Willy, there was the tree top scene where Edward and Bella were kissing. He watched it in Taiwan. But there is no such scene in Malaysian cinemas. God Damn It!!! It was just a kissing scene ok!!! Go get a life Malaysia Censorship Board!!!!!Besides that scene, i believe there is another scene which has also been edited out because it was very obvious.

Malaysian government, why not just bar us from goin to those western countries where people are kissing openly in public if you think watching people kissing is obscene and can corrupt our mind?!! Totally Brainless!!!

The Cullens (love the baseball part, damn cool!!!)

Oh yea, i got this somehow...hahaha

you can get the books out in the market. But i want to see it in motion picture!!!lol

Oh yea...Has anyone seen the smiley face in the sky that night? Em, 1st Dec that night.It was said it's such a rare occurence. I got a call from Mee Sim from KL that night and she was like, "Look at the sky now, what do you see?" & at that moment i thought there's an UFO or some asteroids gonna hit on us!!!hahahah, then i spotted a moon and 2 stars in the clear sky. Thank god it wasnt cloudy in Ipoh as I know Penang was all cloudy coz none of my Penang friends could see it. The crescent moon like the mouth and 2 bright tiny star-like objects above it like a pair of eyes. The 2 star like thingy are actually the Jupiter & Venus. It is said to be only occuring once in every 5 years? & sometime later it will form a sad face in the US as it claimed. But surely it's rare to see a smiley face fromed in the sky in the evening. See that?? >>>>

Thanks Ceddy for the pic ^^

Sorry Ceddy, i should rephrase my sentences, it's Smiley Face In The Sky by right but i texted you Smiley Moon In The Sky or some sort?LOL... No wonder you thought it was a Moon with a Smiley face on it's surface like this>>>
LOL.. That'd be funny...Sorry, my bad...copyright your idea...^^