Friday, December 12, 2008

OIAM 2nd entry.....

This will be my 2nd entry on OIAM (One In A Million), as you've read the previous entry i've posted before (on 25th Nov entry), i was talking about me joining the singing competition. Well oh well, i have a friend of mine who indeed just love singing as much as me, as passionate in music as i do, and no doubt he is way more talented than i am!! He plays the guitar (so much better than me for sure), piano (i guess) & he does compose songs (i think so). He got the look, the charm and the mind-soothing voice as the ladies claimed his voice has never failed to melt their hearts.. Yes, i've got some encouraging feedbacks from some of my girl-friends regarding his voice. Even i myself admire his voice though. Lol. He won the top prize for UTAR Talent Night this year anyway.

So this friend of mine just went for OIAM giving it a shot last Saturday in KL Berjaya Times Square Audition. According to him, the number of contestants is overwhelming compared to the one i attended in Penang. Coz the audition in KL itself took almost 2 days to complete. Hell no way i would stand for that long man. When i was asking about his whereabout at 8pm on the first day, (thought he would have done his round by that time) my friend passed me the message that he has done with the first round and got throough & he's in the waiting room for the second round. I would have done even my second round by that time in Penang. My goodness!! He had to stay overnight.

As i was so sure as i was telling everyone earlier on that he will 100% make it through the first round at least, & he did it as i said!!! I actually put a little hope on him that he would eventually pass the second time as well, but unfortunately not... sigh.. but in the end, it's all the experience matter & it's worth trying

As i didnt ask any further, i have no idea if he did any mistakes during the second time neither what the comments from the judges. Well, i shall check it out later when i got to meet him back in Kampar.


Willy's Diary said...

most probably he is not leng chai enough lor... how many "zao chuan" in this world? LOL

i remembered one of his popular song, sounds like "I am ugly, but i am gentle"....

but willy's version is "i am leng chai, but my voice hoarse" LOL

erictbk said...

Haha, right on the spot!!i actually thought of your respond would be that "he is not leng chai enough" when i was typing this entry... Haha, i know you willy!!!

what is 'zao chuan'? your mandarin is getting better leh. Better than mine
Haha, voice of an 'uncle'?

Willy's Diary said...

so pannai my little eric zai :P