Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Yesterday (1st Dec) me and my sister went out for a drink with our former music teacher, Ms Wong (yes, ours, we were under the same teacher last time). I started my piano lesson under her wings since i was 4 years old... and then up to Grade 6 i stopped and went learning under another teacher...

So basically, she has seen me growing up from a little cute boy to the current grown-up-yet-still-cute young chap...ceh wah...lol ( sorry, i do self praising at times)

So we had so much things to chat since the last time i met her it was 3 years ago. As we go along our conversation hits on our current activities, what we've been up to lately and of course the past fun memories we had when we were learning music under her...

She recalled i was so notorious when i was a little boy... Like any other child, i hated attend music lessons, er, quite sometimes... because i never enjoy playing for exams!!! Hated it a lot!! (In the end i could bare it till i reached Grade 7 & stopped it totally since 3 years ago). Ok, come back to my naughty scene... There was one point i got scolded from Ms Wong a lot, almost every week... because i hardly practice those pieces for exams... i wasnt prepared for the scales everyweek...gosh...told u i dont like playing exams.. Hence one day i sketched a picture of her (Ms Wong) scolding at me in a piece of paper. Her face was depicted like when she yelled at me in real.. with mouth open wide slaming her pointing finger on the piano keys!! LOL

&then that very paper was slotted in between my music book pages... One fine day...God damn it!!! the paper dropped out of the book in front of her.. Sei lor...i was like..uh-oh... She picked it up, and laughed and laughed and laughed looking at my masterpiece..LOL... until today she's sill keeping it very well at her home. Yeah, it was one of many fond memories during my music lessons.. hehe..Cherish them... After all, she's actually a very outgoing cheerful person despite the scolding part occcasiaonally..for sure get scolded la, for a lazy boy like me then. She's still look as youthful as before anyways... ^^

Too many funny incidents to mention here but all are well kept in my heart and will remain forever...Cherish


Willy's Diary said...

lazy to attend piano classes for the same stupid reason... was forced by parents to attend LOL

but, when you grown up you can use your skill to fish an attractive target... LOL just like how i fished my prince charming ^^

just realized you play piano too... so sweet of you :P

erictbk said...

yea, im now enjoying playing the piano without worrying about exams... i can play any songs i like by ears now!!!

haha, part of 'fishing' skill?lol

Willy's Diary said...

the most romantic song is Wedding March! if i really got married with my lover, i would definitely buy you a flight ticket to taiwan to be my pianist hehehe

better practice more. i played two wrong keys last month at my best friend's wedding occasion.

erictbk said...

Hahaha...really?i dont mind workin now for my free trip....to witness your lifetime moment...not a work anyway, it's my hobby to play on piano..ok, i start practising now...lol