Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Twilight & Smiling Sky

an adapted from the best selling novel by Stephenie Meyer and directed by Catherine Hardwicke.

Worth your every single penny if you like romance and vampires... But warning to those who expect it to be those kind of bloody man eating scenes throughout the shows...you're so damn wrong...It's no odinary vampire kinda show... It's more like a love story between a mortal and a vampire. Of course there were some fighting actions in there.. To sum it up, go catch it!! I thought it was cool. i now just cant wait to catch the sequel which is called New Moon...

Anyway, in Twilight there are some scenes being edited in Malaysian cinemas. As what i got to know from Willy, there was the tree top scene where Edward and Bella were kissing. He watched it in Taiwan. But there is no such scene in Malaysian cinemas. God Damn It!!! It was just a kissing scene ok!!! Go get a life Malaysia Censorship Board!!!!!Besides that scene, i believe there is another scene which has also been edited out because it was very obvious.

Malaysian government, why not just bar us from goin to those western countries where people are kissing openly in public if you think watching people kissing is obscene and can corrupt our mind?!! Totally Brainless!!!

The Cullens (love the baseball part, damn cool!!!)

Oh yea, i got this somehow...hahaha

you can get the books out in the market. But i want to see it in motion picture!!!lol

Oh yea...Has anyone seen the smiley face in the sky that night? Em, 1st Dec that night.It was said it's such a rare occurence. I got a call from Mee Sim from KL that night and she was like, "Look at the sky now, what do you see?" & at that moment i thought there's an UFO or some asteroids gonna hit on us!!!hahahah, then i spotted a moon and 2 stars in the clear sky. Thank god it wasnt cloudy in Ipoh as I know Penang was all cloudy coz none of my Penang friends could see it. The crescent moon like the mouth and 2 bright tiny star-like objects above it like a pair of eyes. The 2 star like thingy are actually the Jupiter & Venus. It is said to be only occuring once in every 5 years? & sometime later it will form a sad face in the US as it claimed. But surely it's rare to see a smiley face fromed in the sky in the evening. See that?? >>>>

Thanks Ceddy for the pic ^^

Sorry Ceddy, i should rephrase my sentences, it's Smiley Face In The Sky by right but i texted you Smiley Moon In The Sky or some sort?LOL... No wonder you thought it was a Moon with a Smiley face on it's surface like this>>>
LOL.. That'd be funny...Sorry, my bad...copyright your idea...^^


Willy's Diary said...

i am going to buy the twilight DVD tonight. not sure whether it's available now, without editing! lol

erictbk said...

i dont think it's available at the moment...unless it's pirated one with the blurry graphics and bad sound system...hafta wait for about a month i guess...lol