Friday, July 15, 2011

TRANSFORMERS 3... Unrealistic~

For those who have watched it, do you agree with me here, did you notice something was amiss..
while for those who hasnt, what are you bloody waiting for!! GO WATCH IT!!!

There is something Michael Bay has overlooked. He must be sooooo obsessed with Rosie Huntington, perhaps that's the reason she got chosen in replacement of Megan Fox huh. He was so obssessed with her that he ... wait.. let you see the pictures...

See that face? So smoothie smoothie, she's hawt anyway.. Before watching the show i was like why is this bitch replacing Megan Fox laaaa. I retract my words now.. :D
Ok, that was how she looked like in the beginning, before the climax starts.

Then, take a look at the later scenes after all the battlefields, running for shelter, avoiding the Decepticons yadda yadda

For those blind ones, i got a zoomed in one... And she still maintained that early look..
See that??? Even Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) got scars and dirt all over him but her, the very one whom went through all the runnings, climbings, sliding down the tilting building adventures with.

Dont tell me after going through all these, you dont even get a tiny scratch...

Same thing happened on Megan Fox too in the previous installment, if you noticed.

And for the blind ones again...
Isnt she looking all clean, still??

Conclusion: Michael Bay just loves keeping chicks in his film sexily clean and looking good throughout. But it just doesnt make an utter sense to me, coz i just couldnt help looking out for any scratches or dirt on Miss Huntington till the end, it got me disappointed.

Looking dirty and scratchy would still be sexy and hot what, wouldnt it?!!