Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Malaysia!!

Little did we know that Malaysians has been in existence for more than half a century in this globe. It's been 52 years, not many nations which has got their independence at the same time as Malaysia have managed to survive this far, otherwise not as successful which is something i would be proud of. And name me any countries in this world where its people is of mixed with all types of races living in harmony for half a century. We are like the melting pot of the world with Malays (the dominant race in South East Asia), Chinese (the dominant race from the East Asia), the Indians (the dominant race from the South Asia) and about 40 different types of other ethnics in Borneo. And we are all Malaysians. I bet you can never find any country like this. Nevertheless, sadly to say that we as 52 year-old nation has still yet to live as one true nation despite the elaborate advertising slogans and TV commercials. We are still identifying each other as race of Malay, Chinese, Indian and others but not as a Malaysian race.

It's even more disheartening to see more polarisation of races is happening around. eg: the demonstration with a cow's head against setting up of temple (~sCarY~). I would put the blame on POLITICS!! They (the politicians) are the ones who has set us apart all this while.

As i recalled when i was in schooling time, i used to mingled around with my friends regardless of race. Didnt even bother about the term "race". I used to have a lot of malay and indian friends, some became my close friends. As I grow up, many things came in between that make us realised that the reality in the outside world is not as simple. People now tend to mix with their own races. You can see that in University level.

I would say the policies in this country is very "disuniting". How do you expect all of us to be colour blind if those policies are as "colourful" as rainbow. There's no point of keep telling the people we are in unity and racial harmony while on the other hand you people are "seperating" us apart with your policies. However, the current government now seems to make some changes in some of these no longer relevant racial biased policies, and i hope they are meant for real this time and not just for the purpose of gaining election votes. Anyway, I'm still able to mix around regardless of race. Im still keeping in touch with some of my malay and indian friends though. Not many can do this you know.... Sad to say.

I remember i was given an impression telling me that im weird when i listened to malay songs. Hello~~~ What's wrong with that???!!!!... Im a Malaysian!!!
Perhaps, it could be the environment i was brought up in. My first schoolmate was a malay boy and my first neighbour was an indian girl.

"Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan" (People First, Performance Now)
Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia!!

P/S: Oh yea, Happy Birthday to my dear friend FUPEI too, merdeka girl. XD

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Should i should i not

Am now thinking of should i proceed with my industrial training...

Felt delighted when i first got a mail replied from this company from Singapore. Glad that i got such an oppportunity to work in such a big company. The plus point is that it is a biotechnology company based in Singapore which has branches in KL and the United States. And also it is something to do with what i am studying since ussually not everyone would get to work in fields related to what they have studied. So i thought i am lucky enough to have got it.

Why would i say so is partially because I have always had this tendency to work outside of Malaysia. I would like to venture in overseas.... well i just like it? like travelling further around the globe. So since this is my once in a blue moon opportunity, it's like a door opened for me to step in. I wouldnt want to let go this gateaway. I need this stepping stone. But a few friends around me are telling something else that pull me aback a while.

Things that they said:

1) Not worth it since they are treating us like "kuli" (coolie) because i was told by the company that i would be working for 14 weeks instead of 11 weeks which is required by my University. Yet they expect me to work overtime but most likely with no extra pay. (I thought since this is like the only gateaway for me to venture further, so to gain something, i must sacrifice something too. aint it true?)

2) What?!!!! So low only ar your pay?!! RM300 only. No accomodation, transport provided somemore. I rather find other jobs which pay higher and get experience if you just want working experiences. (But this is something to do with my studies worrrr. Like i say again, it's a door oepened for me, though it's sucky with the allowance and working time, i have to sacrifice for this time right to gain more in future)

3) No point wan for the experience you gain. Nothing you can learn during the internship training. Coz my sister worked even for her own aunty; worked overtime but didnt get extra pay and in the end learned nothing but to do things like washing test tubes, summarizing articles, etc. (To me it is not so much of what i would learn during the intern training, but for its reputation, to do something for my resume; at least i'd have had this working experience, doing my intern in a such a well built reputation company before, i supposed. Hope it'd help me somehow in future?? Well, be far sighted, not just looking at the surface only).

All in all, I think i know what i want roughly. But still.... should i bare with this?
Long working hour like shit with hell low pay allowance, 14 weeks instead of 11 weeks which caused me having hard time to readjust my schedule for my beloved cousie's wedding, lessen my time to be spending with ~B~.

After talking to my dad and ~B~, i felt even more for what my decision would be. But still, i wanna ask for more opinions outside... Hehe... Cannot isit now...

Dont be so stingy okay!!!!!

Anyone~~~~ would like to drop a few piece of minds of yours... XD

(P/S: This field is not what i really wish to do though but media industry or music would be my preference)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Another entry stimulated by boring-etic & sienz-ase, hormones that triggered due to long due of hours spent in front of books, lack of sleep, maggi marathon and never ending examinations.
Sigh... I aint a bionic human here~

Vector eTBK88 that carries the "poser" gene has intergrated into the chromosome before cloning. Only cells that contain the cloning vector are able to survive and selection is done from the selection medium by its "significant" colonies.
~~~~~~~~I NEED A BREAK~~~~~~~~
~The poser~

Two papers to sit today; Physiology and Principle of Biotechnology and arrggghhhhh~~~ im doing this now... ???!!!!


night night world

Friday, August 7, 2009


Stumbled upon this a few days ago when browsing my photos.

It's the difference in me since 4 years back ago.

How nerdy, how chubby my face was.... =.="



Ok lar~ Still chubby lar the face... What to do... i cant even get fat or even flesh-ier no matter how much i eat.... I supposed the fats are all gone accumulating at the adipose cells on my cheek... T.T

But but, i couldnt recognize myself in the first pic above. I keep clicking the pics back and forth.

I was like, owh... i looked different dy horh... How time flies... Hmmmmm........

Peipei even said i looked nerdy in the first pic when i let her looked at them... wtf...

If you notice, most of my pics taken in the mirror.. LOL..
Vanity explains that perhaps.... ??

Ala~ Even Esther/Kumara tagged me as this>>>>>>>>>>>>> What vain pot!!! ISH!!!

P/S: take notice at peipei's tagged... LOL.. "hips dont lie"

The Sneezing Panda

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Staring in the sky,
Blue moon in the sky,
Somebody tell me why,
Just don't wanna say goodbye.

You're my boo boo,
This is what we are going through,
It is always true,
From me to YOU

LOL, a random thought..

I've no inspiration to blog lately.
What to say ar.....
I'm so bored right now....
It's been a week.... Im not used to it... Why? I understand.. I am trying to understand... I need to understand... But every each day, it gives me a clearer answer of what i want..... feeling it right now.... Approach me if YOU wanna know what my answer is...^^
Though... just a small matter, but the most important thing is... i know how it feels like when losing IT...even for a second ^^

Done, chiaoz... ~inspire me somebody~