Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Malaysia!!

Little did we know that Malaysians has been in existence for more than half a century in this globe. It's been 52 years, not many nations which has got their independence at the same time as Malaysia have managed to survive this far, otherwise not as successful which is something i would be proud of. And name me any countries in this world where its people is of mixed with all types of races living in harmony for half a century. We are like the melting pot of the world with Malays (the dominant race in South East Asia), Chinese (the dominant race from the East Asia), the Indians (the dominant race from the South Asia) and about 40 different types of other ethnics in Borneo. And we are all Malaysians. I bet you can never find any country like this. Nevertheless, sadly to say that we as 52 year-old nation has still yet to live as one true nation despite the elaborate advertising slogans and TV commercials. We are still identifying each other as race of Malay, Chinese, Indian and others but not as a Malaysian race.

It's even more disheartening to see more polarisation of races is happening around. eg: the demonstration with a cow's head against setting up of temple (~sCarY~). I would put the blame on POLITICS!! They (the politicians) are the ones who has set us apart all this while.

As i recalled when i was in schooling time, i used to mingled around with my friends regardless of race. Didnt even bother about the term "race". I used to have a lot of malay and indian friends, some became my close friends. As I grow up, many things came in between that make us realised that the reality in the outside world is not as simple. People now tend to mix with their own races. You can see that in University level.

I would say the policies in this country is very "disuniting". How do you expect all of us to be colour blind if those policies are as "colourful" as rainbow. There's no point of keep telling the people we are in unity and racial harmony while on the other hand you people are "seperating" us apart with your policies. However, the current government now seems to make some changes in some of these no longer relevant racial biased policies, and i hope they are meant for real this time and not just for the purpose of gaining election votes. Anyway, I'm still able to mix around regardless of race. Im still keeping in touch with some of my malay and indian friends though. Not many can do this you know.... Sad to say.

I remember i was given an impression telling me that im weird when i listened to malay songs. Hello~~~ What's wrong with that???!!!!... Im a Malaysian!!!
Perhaps, it could be the environment i was brought up in. My first schoolmate was a malay boy and my first neighbour was an indian girl.

"Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan" (People First, Performance Now)
Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia!!

P/S: Oh yea, Happy Birthday to my dear friend FUPEI too, merdeka girl. XD


fuzpeiz said...

happyyyyy bitdayyyy toooo meeeeeeeeee.......
i rock more than msia...
msia rocks bcoz of me..ahhahaha

pei sin said... patriotic of you...yea pei pei birthday...not so suprise since I already know...hahaha...

成亿 said...'s true that at university level, you can see the segregation between the races and sadly, i kinda feel that i had joined the whole thing but i still listen to all kind of songs...XD

maybe because of our schooling environment where all races study in the same class, we get to blend in with people of different quite teruk in maintaining friendship so everyday, here and there a friend flies away...anyway, happy merdeka, malaysia!

by the way, it's separate, not seperate...

Ericsoft said... sai lou veli patriotic wo haha~!good..good..I also really hope the government really doing their best in everything also based on equity...hehe

eliza natsuko said...

wow eric. i wished i could think like u too. lol.

Kenny Japheth S.C. said...

rainbow..... **glitters**

Ben - Chee Lupp said...

Hello...i totally agree with you..looks like we both blog nearly the same thing...haha...yup what's wrong with listening to malay songs right??? haha...

count anone said...

hi..1st time commenting here..i like your speak my mind...

as for me..i even read feng shui book and play chinese chess...what's wrong with that right??:)

erictbk said...

Fupei: rock your head... i stay under same roof with u, langsung tak ada feel rock also... Bising ada lar.. XD

PeiSin: haha, i am just being myself, aku tarak semangat patriotik sangat ler.. hhehe

Sengaik: yea, i feel all those national school grad feel the same.. sorry for the spelling mistake lor... ish

Dai lou: exactly.. mou ngan tai lar ahha..

Eliza: you also can ma... y not ^^

Kenny: yea, thts ur fav phrase.. XD

CheeLupp: yea!!! omg, great minds think alike.. ahha.. i tink we came frm the same education system i guess.

count anone: true!! im glad most of our generation are open minded lotz.... not like those super conservative giler!!!

Shiuji said...

I M MALAYSIAN...but currently not staying in Malaysia... haha...

ask them dont bully us can le.. good enough...

^^NgOh WiLLY^^ said...

it's weird last time when you said you listened malay songs since young LOL

one malaysia? LOL that's the biggest joke >.<

i've become a racist... anyway, not my business tho LOL

Kenji said...

Haha happy birthday o your friend too!

Sigh! I missed the merdeka day celebration! Did you do anything though!? I bet Bukit Bintang was a blast! Argh! But oh well... Cannot help that!

fufu said...

lol we still need another 50yrs to get this problem stop kacau us from living harmony together :) wish i could witness this victory =p and i think it's way much important than 2020

erictbk said...

Shiuji: yea. u dah jadi sporean dy ge la..

Willy: yeala, ppl irish dy.. not msian..

Kenji: Haha, i was at home. only bintang in the sky could be seen. tarak bukit apa bintang. haha

Fufu: maybe it might not be materialize as soon as we thought heh..

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