Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tale of a Fool!!!

Well oh well, it was started with a Fool rushing his chemisstry reports till the wee of hours. Everybody seemed to have completed theirs a little earlier than this fool but poor lazy Fool was still doing it even at 3am in the morning. Worse still this poor Fool is going to have his Ancillary Statistics lecture at 8am, which was barely 5more hours to go!!! & yet he was still slacking around browsing for youtube videos, MSN-ing, Skype-ing, kepoh-ing reading blogs. yada yada...Geez!!! In the end the Fool went to bed at 4am.

*alarm ringssssssss*

*Snoozed for 9minutes*

*alarm rings again*

*snoozed again*

This went on till someone made a call to this poor lil Fool.

Fiona : Hello

Lil Fool : Yea??? *still in dreamland*

Fiona : The bus is like coming in 5minutes more. Where are you?

Lil Fool : Oh, what time is it now? *sounds blurry*

Fiona : It's 9.25am already. The bus is coming. Are you coming?!!!

Lil Fool : *Darn* Nah, dont want to go already lar. Please sign for my attendance lar. Thank you.

Fiona : Ok bye...

This lazy bump Fool resume his adventure in dreamland again.. I never knew there's such lazy being on this Earth seriously...

At 12 noon
Poor fool was awake and taken his cereal with milk as breakfast. Ok, brrrunch...

*hp text came in*
"We are coming to fetch u out 4 lunch now."

*text was replied with*
"I've eaten dy"

*text came in again*
"So u wan to come with us or not? Coz u jz got a warning"

*text replied*
"Nope.Huh?Wht warning??!!!"

*text came*
"K, nvm then, tell u later"

With full of anxiety he called the number wondering what warning was that for it could be warning from the lecturer for his absence in class.

Fiona : Yes?

Poor Fool : What warning?! What warning?!

Fiona : Er, from the lecturer. He said if you are going to miss a class once more, you will be
barred from taking examinations.

Poor Fool : WTH!!! Really??!!!OMG...Means nobody sign for me just now?!How ar?! How?!

Fiona : Yes, we couldn't sign for you because he checked on the attendance today. but you
were not the only one lar. There were a few more besides you.

Poor Fool : Arrggghh!!!OMG, OMG. It means i have no attendance signed for both lecture and tutorial today lor??? It means i'm considered absent for two classes today? Shoot!! How ar how ar?!! Should i go buy get an MC(Medical leave) from (medical)clinic like Jeffrey did the other day? *Panicky* *Panicky*

*heard Li Na voice giggling behind the call*

Poor Fool : Is that Li Na? I can hear her giggling there.

Fiona : Yea, she's with us.

*giggles & chuckles again*

Fiona : So do you want to come with us or not? To get the MC?? We are on the way now. Shall turn to your place if you want to come.

Poor Fool : Errrr, ok ok, im coming with you guys now but give me a minute, im in a mess now. *cursing himself for always sleeping like a pig*

Fiona : Alright, see ya...

Car arrived.... Illias came up knocking on the door...

"Quick Quick"

"OK coming!!"

Poor little Fool boy rushed into the car.

Immediately the Poor Lil Fool Boy was feeling like %$#&*(%#$&*^?#&!!!!!


He was trapped in the car and had to be driven off by them for lunch though he didnt want to eat. Just watch them eating lor...

There you are... The Tale of such a FOOL!!!

It's not even an April Fools' Day yet...you guys just watch out...The Fool shall take his revenge when the chance arrives. *Evil Grin* XD

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Updates

Me and my closest friends here are always crazy. We teased each other by tagging each other with a dog breed's name all this while. While waiting for our karaoke session, we managed to stop by at one of the gift shops and we found our own "breeds"!!!LOL

Fiona the Tze Tzu!!!(Awww, see.....they look so alike)
P/S: Let me tell you what, she really does look like one when she tied up her fringe like a Tze Tzu...XD XD

How sad....im a Bulldog....wrinkled face...ish...Rofl!!
Jeffrey supposed to be a Chihuahua...LOL...but there's no chihuahua to be found. So he grabbed this Lassie...Nevermind, they still look alike with the sharp chin..XD
Revenge on Tze Tzu aka Fiona....XD
Spent one whole day with my fellow friends, some drop by from Kampar,we went Black Canyon for lunch, cinema for Love Matters, shopping (I'm broke), Big Apple for tea (meal), Kbox and finally dinner before some of them drove back to Kampar.
Random pics of the day.....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Joke of the day....man..

This is the conversation i had at Old Town Kopitiam with Ze Lene and Alice in Ipoh...LOL

Alice : I dont dare to take bus anymore. I've encountered a few scary moments.

~eRiC~: What were they? What were they? *sound curious*

Alice : First it was (yadda yadda). Secondly was this time i saw a foreign worker tfk in front of me in the bus.

~eRiC~ : *shocked* (WTF)

Ze Lene : Huh? What is tfk? (looked blur)

Alice & ~eRiC~ : *looking at each other and laugh* (thinking of how to explain)

Alice : Erm, it means a man who is 'doing' to himself.

Ze Lene : (still looking blur) Huh?"Doing' to himself? How?

~eRiC~ : Erm, let her surf some porn site to see lar

Alice : What?!!

Ze Lene : *giggle*

~eRiC~ : Haha, ok, do yo know masturbating?

Ze Lene : (Lagi blur)

~eRiC~ : As in masturbate.......

Ze Lene : Ohhhhh!!!!!

~eRiC~ : Thank God. Finally....

Ze Lene : Yea yea i know i know, mas-ter-bed marrrr *as hand geture showing a square shape like thingy trying to say it's a 'masterbed' room*

~eRiC~ & Alice : (cant help but burst into laughter for a good 5 minutes)

Ze Lene : Why are you two laughing....? *giggle* *giggle*..........

We laughed even more..

Ze Lene : *giggle even more*

Zelene also joined in the laughter as we laughed though she has no idea the reason of it and filling the air with even louder laughter...LOL...

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Ahhh...suddenly i have this urge to get a Ukulele. Don't know why. Just feel like play and sing with it. =P

Some asked me what's ukulele. Something edilble? LOL. Ok, it's just a smaller version of a guitar. I guess the playing is still the same huh. Just that it has 4 strings instead of 6 like guitars.
It's a popular instrument in Hawaii introduced by the Portuguese immigrants then.

Ukelele (Yoo-ke-lay-lee)

Perhaps the actual size of it can be seen clearer in this pic.

Jason Castro (Top4 finalist in Idol last season)

No im not inspired by him at all. Remember my previous post he was so out of my favourites list.
In fact the idea of getting the yoo-ke-la-lee suddenly striked me was when i was browsing for this week's Idol videos on youtube. I stumbled upon a video of Kris Allen in which he sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow with a ukulele.

Somwhere Over the Rainbow by Kris Allen

When i first heard him in the results show, i was like er, this chap is not that good. But when i watched back his performance before the results show, i was like, oooh, i quite like him. LOL. He sounded better in the performance than during the results night.

Kris Allen's Man in the Mirror

Kris Allen

No clear cut favourite yet so far. Too early to say. Ah, got one actually, Rick Braddy but he didnt make the cut to the top12. Hopefully he will be back in the wild cards. I thought he got the Clay Aiken-ish voice.

Sorry, no better quality of the videos found in youtube. These are the best ones i've got..

Rick Braddy's A Song for You

Eversince im in Kampar, i've missed a lot of Idols. It's the first time i have missed so much of it as i have never ever missed a single episode since Fantasia Barrino's league, which was Season 3.It's season 8 now. For 5 seasons running consecutively, not even a single episode, and now cant help it, gotta give up some. Sobz...