Sunday, March 1, 2009


Ahhh...suddenly i have this urge to get a Ukulele. Don't know why. Just feel like play and sing with it. =P

Some asked me what's ukulele. Something edilble? LOL. Ok, it's just a smaller version of a guitar. I guess the playing is still the same huh. Just that it has 4 strings instead of 6 like guitars.
It's a popular instrument in Hawaii introduced by the Portuguese immigrants then.

Ukelele (Yoo-ke-lay-lee)

Perhaps the actual size of it can be seen clearer in this pic.

Jason Castro (Top4 finalist in Idol last season)

No im not inspired by him at all. Remember my previous post he was so out of my favourites list.
In fact the idea of getting the yoo-ke-la-lee suddenly striked me was when i was browsing for this week's Idol videos on youtube. I stumbled upon a video of Kris Allen in which he sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow with a ukulele.

Somwhere Over the Rainbow by Kris Allen

When i first heard him in the results show, i was like er, this chap is not that good. But when i watched back his performance before the results show, i was like, oooh, i quite like him. LOL. He sounded better in the performance than during the results night.

Kris Allen's Man in the Mirror

Kris Allen

No clear cut favourite yet so far. Too early to say. Ah, got one actually, Rick Braddy but he didnt make the cut to the top12. Hopefully he will be back in the wild cards. I thought he got the Clay Aiken-ish voice.

Sorry, no better quality of the videos found in youtube. These are the best ones i've got..

Rick Braddy's A Song for You

Eversince im in Kampar, i've missed a lot of Idols. It's the first time i have missed so much of it as i have never ever missed a single episode since Fantasia Barrino's league, which was Season 3.It's season 8 now. For 5 seasons running consecutively, not even a single episode, and now cant help it, gotta give up some. Sobz...


Shiuji said...

i feel like I m out of your world...


lol...w.e. i love SHINEE now...

fuzpeiz said...

ukulele....sounds soo...obscene???
i din noe ukulele is soooooo small!!!!!!!!
ukulele sounds yummy too..

go la join singing competition urself

erictbk said...

Shiuji : They are contestants from the American Idol.LOL
What's w.e.???who's SHINEE???

Fupei : U pengetahuan cetek..LOL
Didint i jus joined OIAM this year?& i only bloody got thru one round?Wait la, after grad i go play full force in that field...LOL

PigKenz said...

wao..they r from american idol??hmm..^^ thx for ur comment yea..

~LeuMaS~ said...

lolz~ learn some songs and play for me next time :)

Kenji said...

Haha! Ukelele! There's this fella on YouTube whom i use to watch for new videos! He likes to sing with an ukelele and he's not bad! Well... of course, he's not professional... But yes!

But I dunno who these people are too! But I like the 2 vids you posted for Kris Allen! xD

Kenny S.C. said...

oh gosh...dont remind me of jason castro...he's unique yet boring..

danny gokey!!!

成亿 said...

i oso la, dunno how long i stop watchin tv d in uni aka life without used 2 it thou...

eliza natsuko said...

dunno who they are but it'll be so damn fun if you can play that when u're out on a trip to the beach wit ur friends.. especially at night, when the sea breeze is blowing and the whole group just sing together. so fun~~~ <3

erictbk said...

Leumas : Sure if there's a chance ^^

Kenji : You dont watch american Idol? Oh, who's that in youtube?send me the link

Kenny : Gokey = geeky.. XD

Sengaik : yea, i agree ..sobz

Eliza : yea, how fun heh..Hmmm, after this sem i shall go get one...^^

Kenji said...

Hahaha I don't watch ANY Tv shows except maybe Heroes... I know, I'm lame! But yeah, I forgot which was the fella's channel on youtube... I lost all my Bookmarks when I formatted my comp! ><

Willy's Diary said...

wei sor lou, you know how to play ukulele? teach me! teach me! ^_^

erictbk said...

Kenji : Nvm..^^

Willy : hahaha, if only after i got one...i got no time to get one yet..=P

liTtlE WorDs said...

hey, eric. I'm not DJ la, i'm only 988 crew.

this weekend, we will go ipoh and kampar.
saturday: 4pm Ipoh Parade
sunday : 4pm Kampar

if you're free, u can come, i give u free gifts,hehe...

Kenny S.C. said...

whatdya mean geeky? sexay!

rick braddy is clay-aikenish? yea, i think he is... sexuality speaking but rick's way hotter!! please come back ricky!! reminds me of david hernandez!

erictbk said...

David : i want extra gifts can ar?XD

Kenny : Voice wise also sound like clay aiken what. Apasal sexuality?