Thursday, February 26, 2009

1st Japanese

Had my chemistry quiz yesterday, as usual, I made some careless mistakes that caused me the whole thing wrong. But my workings are all correct, just the final answers are incorrect. Sheesh. I’m very sure of my workings are right because the paper was darn piece of cake. Hopefully marks are given for my workings.

Yesterday was my first Japanese class. Hehe. Never thought i would be attending one ever since i have been telling everyone i have no interest in any Japanese/Korean drama series, anime, or whatsoever. Even though those Japanese series and anime are hitting at our shore like tsunami but i still cant be bothered at all. Even my friends have tried a few good attempts to draw me into Japanese anime, still all failed. LOL. I don’t know why. Just not interested at all. Hehe. But last time i liked watching Cybercops, The Flashman, The Maskman,Ultraman,etc..LOL. Japanese shows i watched during childhood.


The Flashman
The Maskman

Wahahaha...miss watching them ler

Oh i learned this word yesterday....

Makudona ruto...Hehe. If I’m not wrong coz the lecture said it a bit too fast.

From now on i have to practice speaking more Japanese. After class we were so hungry and we went outside for dinner. Onaka se i ta (im hungry), *clap clap* itadakimasu (let’s start to eat). I realised it’s actually quite interesting to learn Japanese, to learn their culture. I’m so excited about it. During the two hour class, time seemed moving soooo much faster than of my chemistry class. LOL. I would probably dozed off already in the first 15minutes of my chemistry class. LOL

Before ending here, there’s a culture contrast between Malaysians and the Japanese. I’m quite surprised that in Japan, when a guest in your house wrap away with a handkerchief of any extra food served it means one appreciates your food and like it. But then we thought how rude it would be if it’s in Malaysia. It's deemed as politeness in Japan.

By the way, in Malaysia you don’t see people take away food with handkerchief lor. Especially in open houses/buffets, you can see people ‘tah pao’(take away in Malaysian Cantonese) with many big big Tupperwares wan. LOL. Am I right Malaysians???

P/S: can't wait to figure out what's my Japanese name...^^
Babisai Jeffrey & Illias named me "tiu tiu"..Ish!


Binn said...

haha im in advance one now... jap is easy once you have ur chinese base~~ and i LOVED CYBER COPS!!!! Seriously they rock!!!! but i cant find their torrents any where so owh well... and i loved Jetman also~~~ guess we sama gang when we were young huh?

eliza natsuko said...

McDonalds is actually Makudonarudo. Lol. Your name in Japanese? Eriku :D

Ne, itsuka watashitachi isshouni nihon go wo kaiwasuru, ne? ^^

I hope i got that sentence right. it's been a while since i spoke japanese ^^;

erictbk said...

Binn: yea, yea, love jetman too. Haha. OMG, miss those times ler.

eliza: hey, eliza!!!fogot that you know japanese heh.what's that sentence mean? Teach me lar..
oops, makudonarudo isit?LOL...arigatou gozaimas natsuko..^^

eliza natsuko said...

the sentence ah? hahaha.. when u find out one day then we can do as the sentence say.. hmm.. i hope that sounds right. LOL! *ahem* correction correction it's arigatou gozaimasu (tho silent 'u'). wakakkaa.. so poyo la me XD

成亿 said...

haha...eric go learn of the few Jap words I noe is baka which u r...haha

Anonymous said...

Wow eric learning japanese too!! teach me some words once u've mastered it ok =D

Shiuji said...

gambate ne Eric san... oremo gambarimasu..

Kenji said...

HAHAHA only one I watched is Flashman... god it was nice... and now that i think about it, I think I use to like the blue one! xD

But yes, Japanese class huh!? Haha good luck with it! It's really fun, but if you don't know how to read chinese like me, you'll hate kanji! But yes, natsuko is telling you, "One day lets converse in Japanese one day, together!" :P

Ryan said...

i think the perfect one is almost got it right...

just a passerby, hope you don't mind leaving a commment here...

fuzpeiz said... dua biji mata besar!!!
hak sei ngor...hee hee... :P

hokkien tu beh ki learn ah neh kuan cheh language, chu mi su wor???
lu bo hin ar??

erictbk said...

Eliza : Haha.Now i know what's that mean. i will start speaking to you in japanese soon. Very soon.Hehe. Ne, itsuka watashitachi isshouni nihon go wo kaiwasuru!!!

Baka Sengaik : Baka!!! Kanasai!!!

Audrey : i teach you one here. Say "i wana watch hentai". LOL

Shiuji : LOL..i guess you mean "jia you"?something like tht?LOL

Kanji : yea, i tink i like the blue one too!!XD
You know japanese??!!! Y everyone seems to know wan?!!Herh?

Ryan : Welcome ryan, of coz i dun mind. Thanks fer droppin by.^^
Will drop by at yours too..

FuPei: I und what you just said ok.LOL. My hokkien is not bad to the extent ok!
hak sei lei? bo lang giu lu kua. sua ku!! =P

wai teng said...

eric learning japanese?????

eliza natsuko said...

you figured it out!! :D *is very impressed* so so looking forward to speaking Jap with u :D :D

Willy's Diary said...

why learn japanese so sudden? LOL

adrian said...

choto ma te..erickun learn japanese?where?course ka?kawaii o onii chan..wakka..sayonara n gambateh o..n konbawa to u..aligatoh..gonzaimas

erictbk said...

Wai Teng : What's wrong with that???hurh...

Eliza : I didnt find out. Someone just explained to me here...XD
gimme a month and i shall start try to converse in it..^^

Willy : Just for fun willy...Kenot meh...

Adrian : LOL...i can und ur japanese. So simple..

Kenji said...

Cause we're all japanese crazed lover!! xD

Joking joking... Well, I used to love anime and manga and... Haha I also had an interest in the language 2 years ago... So i studied the language for 6 months! :P

erictbk said...

Kenji : Haha, i can see ur name kenji..