Sunday, March 14, 2010

Reward Me and I will Stop Bashing the Kids... Hehe

Perez Hilton has been made as a guest role in the latest installation of the ANTM Cycle 14 (America Next Top Model Cycle 14).
Yes, that big fat moron!!
Yeah, call him a moron...
coz i see that in his forehead and of coz he acts like one

Doesn't he know that he is the biggest fag fat moron
ever found among any other morons on earth??!!!

Internet's most notorious gossip columnist, Perez Hilton
Apparently he had a deal made with Tyra during one of the episodes in Tyra Bank's show.

Tyra was asking him to stop bashing the kids of celebrities on his blog as they should be protected and not exposing them in the public in a way to be made fun of.
And this moron requested to allow him to be on ANTM and he would stop that despicable act of his. =.="

So it's like.....
"Oh, you want me to stop "bashing" the kids huh? Gimme five minutes of fame in your show, then i will stop!!"
=.= ...Wtf...

Demi Moore
Before that, it was Demi Moore who slammed the celebrity blogger for targeting her daughter, Tallulah, writing derogatory stories about underage stars. Moore lashed out at the retard for posting "inappropriate" pictures of her daughter wearing a low-cut top and revealing a pair of shorts; accusing him of "exploiting" teenagers, labeling him to "child pornography" and calling him a "pervert".

Is he brainless or what???
He thinks he's funny by doing this??
Totally retard!!
I never find him funny at all~

If you have ever seen him reporting on celebrity gossips,
you would get a clue of how the way he dissed at celebrities.
So, he took on the kids as well.

I would say he's a fucking retard~!!

Yea, i know it's part of his job.
But there's always a line in everything you are not supposed to cross.

Kudos to Tyra for her goodwill

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where Oh Where?!


Whoever just dropped by my page here,

Thank you people so much!!
Mucho Gracias~

Coz i've seen some of you guys are still coming to my page although i have not been updating so frequent. Sorry ya~!!

Oh by the way, I've lost my precious singing voice for about a month!! Gosh!!!
Haven't been singing for a month!!
lar, those out of tune punya tune coz i forced myself to sing so badly)
Can't reach my falsetto voice anymore~!!!!!
Really frustrating...

It's all because of the cough and sore throat i had last month... Dang~~
Anyone knows how to cure it? The most effective way?
Drink honey? Pure honey? what else??!
I'm afraid this would be forever....
Tell me it wouldn't... :(

If not, hancur lar segala-galanya~

Monday, March 1, 2010


Have you ever felt like turning back time to your childhood?

Do you ever miss your childhood moment?

I do...
Yes i do very much..
At least i did not have to take care of so many things, did not have much things to bother or worried.
Need no rush in completing so many assignments and reports before even have time to study for exams around the corner
worrying about getting a good job, which career path you're gonna choose yadda yadda
How nice isnt it...

Looking at the pictures, i miss my childhood
Anyone has a time machine???

Shit... looked like a monkey

SokNee said my head is big
Kenny said my head like a potato
Peipei said my head as square as the clown below me

Big Feast for the Birthday Prince!!!
The jar boh next to me,
MeeSim, used to be my "playmate" (since our relationship is too complicated to mention) since we were kids and now she's married!!
Gosh.. How swiftly time flies~

~2 yearss old~

~Longest hair i've ever had~

~Mua 2nd bike~


The two persons i love the most in the world

In Genting ... or Cameron Highlands...
I think.....

There the trademark smile

~One of many colouring contests i joined~

~Forgot how old dy~

Time flies
really swiftly pass by you
that you don't even realised
you're reaching 22
this year

Time machine?