Friday, April 2, 2010

An Insult or A Compliment?

Ok, now tell me if it is an insult or a compliment~

Went to a tuition centre to register my younger brother to the Form 3 enrollment

Staff: *Greetings*

Me : Yes, urhm, i would like to make a registration please.

Staff: Form?

Me: Ahh, Form 3.

Staff: Wait ar. *Pull out a Form 3 timetable* You want to go to class today? *Looking at me*

*Feel weird with her "Do 'YOU' ". Sounds like referring to me huh?*

Me: *Looking at her* Ahhh, yea. *Turn to my bro* Eh, you want Geography and BM classes only right? *purposely ask my brother to show her it's my brother to get enrolled not me okay* =.=

Staff : Oh, this class will be at 7.55pm today. Which class you want
ar?? SMJK or SK one? *looking at me* SMJK all chinese wan, SK will have more malays wan. *looking at me again*

*Ish, hello~ cant you see my younger bro here? Is he invisible to you or what? Why keep looking at me!! Ding... Sheesh~*

Me: You want SK or SMJK? *Purposely ask my bro again to tell her it's not me going to register!!! It's him!!HIM HIM HIM!!! Iiiyyyorrrrr........ *

Bro : SK lar. C
incai lar.

Me : Ahh, give me SK lar

Staff : Ok, so you want to start your class today?? *looking at me again*

*WTF... look at me once more and i shall have no mercy on you lady*

Me : Yes, today start.

Staff: So, both of you registering isit?

*Damn it!!*

Some told me it's a compliment, because i look "younger".
A few told me it's an insult..
But agree with the latter, it's a compliment if only i were referred to as Form 6
Or at least Form 5 okay...
Form 3 is just too much!!!
Seems like i look like a lil too.....
Dao gei... Kiddy...