Tuesday, October 28, 2008

After So Long.....Not That Long Neway...

It has been ages i have not been blogging..^^
because i hardly have time for it after since i worked...damn it...taken up all my time..my whole last month was all about working from noon to 11pm everyday except tuesday, my off day, then back home sleep till the next afternoon and back to work again and i would be sitting there alone reading books, mags, comics, play hp, sometimes brought along my lappy dota-ing there...yea, that's my job routine...lol.And i got paid for that!!anyway, i quit that job last week.....
Em these are the pics during the launching at my work place...yea, Datuk Michelle Yeoh came as i blogged earlier...

Quite an experience thorughout the working time there. Learnt a lot. In fact i could see how the rich ones live their life. Yes, have met many datuks datuks datins datins there. Learnt how to deal with the rich people and also ang moh (quite a numbers of westerners & a few were my customers who just bought a penthouse!!) Gees, some are humble & some are fcuking snobbish & arrogant coz they think they hav bloody hell much of money, so what?!! Some were so nice even belanja me makan. & for that my friends said i have potential to become like those young men whom are kept as pets by those "lou foot-tai-tai" (rich ladies aka datin datins). Ish, shut up, im not!! It's because im a nice person to talk to ok!! lolz...

But there was a lady whom i have spoken to, who came to my workplace (Tin Gallery) 3 times, she was so nice talking to me and we had a brief chatting everytime she comes, with her British accent; well she's a British anyway. And in our last conversation only i knew she is actually a specialist doctor in London, she came here for a vacation. I was stunned, i couldnt believe all this while i have been chatting with a specialist doctor from UK. Im now feeling regret for not taking her contact be it email or phone number should i have the chance to be in London, i would have some friends there although i have relatives in London by the way. Dr. Luna, if you so happen to read this, give me a nudge..lol...which it's so not gonna happen...silly me. She had some advises for me before she left and wish me all the best in my future bla bla bla.....

Hmm, so, it wasnt that bad working there, though it was so short a period of time , a month, but it's tiring!!! But it's worth it & now i've 2 months plus to go before my next sem!!
The Silver Nest Bridge
Riverbank View from the cafe'
Walkway in the Gallery

Yea, those are pics of the place (behind SMI) where we, bio students during form6 came to do our experiment, remember the quadrat sampling? We had to count how many certain type of plant species in along a rope we stretched? Haha, it was all grassy and now it transformed into this>>>>>

Here I come Penang & I’ll be back!!

Despite being a one day trip, but was quite an experience for the first time exploring the island on foot without proper guides (map!!!map!!somebody forgot about the map!!). We didn’t get lost though in the end & managed to get to some nice places.

We stopped at Butterworth before boarding a ferry to the island.

After getting things that should be done (reason that bring us to penang), it was only 12noon. So we got ample of time left to spend around.

At first, we decided to explore around the area at Jalan Dato Keramat on foot. But the road is darn narrow. The cars were driving pass just about a few inches to me only.

Then, we saw a Rapid Penang bus going to Komtar. We thought “nah, malas to walk under the sun lah,(trust me, really a hot hot day), just give it a shot”. Only when we hopped on the bus we realised, Komtar is actually not far from where we were. Sigh. Nevermind, that’s the results without having a map!!

Reaching Komtar, suddenly felt hungry. Hunger for Penang infamous laksa!! We looked around but which stall has the best laksa? We don’t know. And how silly we were that we landed on Prangin Mall and took the laksa there out of all places. Gee man, the laksa can be finished with just a scoop& it was so ordinary.. $%&*#@?!I wanted an extrodinary one!! Still feeling an empty stomach, we ordered claypot spicy mee. That at least was much better but still not satisfying coz’ i wanted good penang laksa!!

Then, after hanging around the mall, we saw a trishaw. We were like... shall we try it for once? hehe...but the trishaw man charged us 10bucks for merely a walking distance.
Trishaw man: Sepuluh ringgit.
Me : *raised eyebrow in shock* No, no tak mau lah.
Trishaw man: Ok, ok, lapan lah, tak boleh kurang lagi lah.
Me : tak mau tak mau. *shaking my head*
Crazy. 10bucks for a walking distance. I rather take a taxi. & we indeed hop into one to the New World Park. Nice place. Variety of food there. Food, Food & Food!! Haha. I ended up taking away 7packs of Chee Cheong Fun. Thanks to Fiona’s recommendation. Yes. 7 packets.

It's Chee cheong fun...not dadah/morphins ok!!

Managed to stop by at a temple before leaving for Ipoh. We both were so dungu walking around looking for buses and stopping taxis under the scorching hot sun for 20minutes whereby there’s a taxi service centre in just only a walking distance away!!!*grumps*

On the way back..... at Weld Quay Port

P/S: Big lollipop we managed to bump into at the mall.....lol..only for those who knows the story of the "lollipop" would get the hint..

Ish...i didnt want to hold it, so she took it...

Monday, October 13, 2008


Last night i got myself to play the song 'Thunder' by the Boys Like Girls on my guitar in 30minutes. Yea, im back again with my guitar finally.
Lately i have the music rush in me again. Am thinking of resuming my halted recording deal. Since i have the time... Should i should i not....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Found a Job

Yea, it's an artist impression of the 1st 5-star luxury service suite in Ipoh. Yea, just took up a job as a sales executive for this Kinta Riverfront Project. so, started my first day today. Seems challenging coz it requires to convince the customers, have to entertain their questions. So far no crappy questions yet. Afraid of some whom just threw you some stupid questions and you were only know how to er,just giving u a hard time. There are many foreign customers as far as Singapore, China and Indonesia. So it's kinda challenging and tough one for me considering it's my first sales job.

Anyway, just cant wait for this whole thing to get completed by 2010 but as for now almost 30% are completed. It's a plan to revive the city of Ipoh. Besides the suite, there will be more than 300 retail shops and bazaars, over 50 cafes, restaurants, bistros, flea market, Memory Lane, an auditorium all stretching along the riverbank making it an icon of the city of Ipoh, a brand new tourist attraction.

& also there will be 6 famous mini bridges going to be built along the 3.2km river (length of the project covered). They are built based on the model bridges of the below pictures.

It's going to be a hotspot for tourists in future. Cant wait for it. to see how the river back then which stinks, and dirty (muddy) turning into a heaven for tourists soon.

The Suites are selling like hot cakes. It's now 60% sold out even before it's completion.

Our very own Ipoh-born Hollywood Bond girl Datuk Michelle Yeoh is coming to grace the opening ceremony of the Tin Galleria(part of the project) here which is going to be held on 26th Oct.

Cant wait to meet her... woot.............
For more information : http://www.morubina.com.my/