Friday, January 23, 2009

Drunk Entry

Lol, this it my first time blogging an entry while drunk..Lol...Just feeling a little bit of dizzy though...Just got a bottle of Heinekken & a bottle of Guiness Stout & I'm already like this? My goodness, i must learn to drink, otherwise i think i would have easily got raped when I'm in this condition right now (maybe i would rape someone, mwahahaha) but of course in the end drinking still is not so much of my thing.

Somebody said I'm scary when im drunk (nah, just a little drunk only) hahaha, some said funny, and someone just told me i look horny? Horny?!! Lol... Haha. My cheek bone area up till my forehead was reddish just now, but honestly i am 70% concious ok, just felt a little giddy. Well, if not, i wouldn't be blogging right now huh..Lol

Thankfully i am the drunkest one amongst the group..Lol, a friend of mine, Illias, whose face turned so red and yet he claimed he's not drunk yet. He did funny silly stuffs like yelling at people who're playing basketball "Basketball gay!!", whistled at girls whom walked pass, simply honk at people while in the car (he wasnt the driver anyway, no worry), & there was once he asked for direction back home and i purposely pointed at the wrong direction, he really went to that side..Lol, wonder if he was acting or really that drunk, man...It was so hillarious to see it.

Now i know why people tend to go for a drink while feeling down, you can have the feeling of euphoria really... but still, drinking is still not my thing... Don't talk about smoking, i hate it the most...Drinking is still ok for me coz for socialising purposes..

Tata...chiaoz, class at 8am tomorrow, sleep now....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It's been scorching hot these days...I've been sweating my way to campus everyday...Though i went to campus by car with friends, but still, it's burning Hot!!! It's like you are getting roasted alive under the ray of the golden sun...& I've to resort go sleeping with just only my shorts everyday lately!! When i woke up, gee man, i felt like i was sleeping in a steam room/sauna...Have to had showers for God knows how many times in a day. It's 33 Degree Celcius here in Kampar, Jon says he's having 31 Degree Celcius at his place, lol. So i guess we are really suffering through this hellish weather. For God sake why is this place has to be exceptionally extreme hot?!! I don't think Ipoh is as hot as here though. Why huh?! & sadly i don't have an air-con here. Sobz, so Hot....

See it?!! Hate the heat!!

As hot as this?>>>>>

LOL.. I mean the colour of the shirt, ok! Striking hot orangey!! Not the one behind the clothes...look retarded is it? So don't bother to keep looking at it then!!You may press "Alt + F4" (learnt from WilliE & Robsie). Lol. Those who's drooling over it then keep stare at it as long as you want. Lol

But but's raining tonight (now)!!! Tip tap tip tap, So glad to hear rain drops keep falling and falling and the louder it gets the higher I'm jumping up and down of joy!!Weeehoo...Finally, i can sleep without sweating up myself in bed.

Wow, it's really raining like cows and whores right now!!! I mean right now, yea right now while I'm typing this out..Lol
I can cuddle up my blanket tonight and sleep soundly...ZZZzzzzzz

Nothing much to do lately, just catching up with some lecture notes, webcamming with Jon (got to chat a while with Carol through him, a very cute nice gal anyway ^^)"ji ba ban" must get u to sing one day jon!! haha; Hun, Angeline & Vern, (Last night did some camming with Sohai Yanny a while for thinking to cheer him up, see see, he got cheered up a little by saying i looked older than he is when his age is *ahem* and I'm only 21, u lar look old, ish. Lol. Nah, you actually look younger than your age seriously, keep it up, you need no PS lar), watching Desperate Housewives 5 & One Tree Hill 5 & yadda yadda yadda...

Okay to go tuck in now since it's such a nice weather to "oioi'..Lol..Nitez...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Land of Beauty & Talent

Land where the beauties and talents are born - Ipoh. Nowhere else but Ipoh. This place is famous for its leng chais & leng luis besides its status as food haven. People have been saying that the reason behind this mystery (the cause of excessive production of lengchais & lengluis) is because of the water that Ipohites consumed is from the mountains (this city is surrounded by mountains) where it's claimed to be the cleanest and clearest. What a pride for Ipohites that actually many International stars and talents are born in this city of "lay-back". Yes, although this city is the third largest in Malaysia but it seems still to be one of the quietest city. If you are searching for a less hunstle & bustle yet conducive city to live in (most retirees would prefer) probably Ipoh can be added into your consideration. The pace of life is definitely slower compare to any other cities.

I actually stumbled upon to this fact that there are actually many famous & beautiful people to name from this part of the world.
The many few big names from this land are :

Michael Wong (Guang Liang), graduated from Sam Tet School, the popular chinese singer based in Taiwan who has his album Tong Hua sold for 1.5million in less than a month worlwide and become the first Malaysian to hold a sold-out solo concert in Hong Kong Coliseum. The concert tickets were snapped up in just 5days.So far he has garnered 44awards throughout his career.

Up next, Michelle Yeoh, i guess i need no any further introduction of this ex-Bond girl heh?Graduating from Main Convent School, she's one of the very few asians who managed to make a breakthrough in the Hollywood scene. This former beauty queen was once voted as 50 World Most Beautiful People & the sexiest Bond Girl. Excuse me, she's still kicking a** till today ok?! Still making waves in the big screen despite her long existence in the industry (normally one would just dissapear from the scene after a short moment of fame)

Next, it's the International model Amber Chia, whom gained international fame after winning the 2004 Guess Watches Timeless Beauty Contest, which was a global model search for Guess Watch's brand ambassador worldwide. The win also meant that Chia became the first Asian model ever to win a top global professional modelling contest. She was born in Ipoh but was raised in Tawau, well, it's still considered she did step onto the soil of this land of miracle ok...Lol

Angie Cheung Wai Yee, for those who has no clue of who she is, well, have you watched The Hong Kong TVB series Journey to the West? She was the one playing the role as the sexy Spidey demon in the series. Besides, of course this former beauty queen (yea, another one besides Yeoh) has done quite a number of films in Hong Kong. I just found out that her house in Ipoh is not far from mine. ^^

Another Hong Kong artiste, Chu Mimi. Erm, she has done just too many films/movies& series to mention. Well, what more to say for this one of the well-known veteran artist in Hong Kong. As i know, she was from Yuk Choy High School.

Besides those in the entertainment industry, there are also talents from the sports too. Koo Kien Kiet, from St Michael's Institution (mua alma mater), was world no1 badminton player in doubles (with his partner Tan Boon Heong). Or are they still clinching to the title eh?

Lee Wan Wah and Choong Tan Fook, also one of the world top players in badminton, both are Ipohites too.

Not to mention Ng Boon Bee, Tan Yee Kan & Cheah Soon Kit, are all from Ipoh whom had once brought pride & glory to the country by bringing home the Thomas Cup (equivalent to World Cup in football/soccer). Erm one or two of them are from mua school too, cant remember who is the one. Lol. Why are there so many Michaelians badminton players?

Enough of those international celebrities, just to name those popular local artistes like Amy Mastura (from Main Convent), Chan Kwok Fai (some famous chinese singer), Anabelle Kong(former beauty queen cum actress) etc etc.... the list will just go on & on...

Amy Mastura

Chan Kwok Fai

Sometimes i just wonder, is this a land of fortune or what... It seems like this city has been attracting movie directors to come over for movie shootings. & mind you, most of the films shot here had garnered multiple of international awards. To name a few like Goodbye Boys, Gubra, Anna & the King, Lust Caution, After Our Exile, Sepet, and the list goes on.....

Since im talking about leng chais & leng luis, might as well i give some credits to my dear friends who are also born in this blessed land? Hehe>>>

Leng Chais & Leng Luis of Ipoh (or born in Ipoh)

*ahem* perasan? Lol... i like la, this is mua blog...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sitting on the Fence

Many asked me before that they wonder why i seem to be problem free and hardly get emotional. Well, as i say, im very good in keeping my emotion in front of everybody coz i feel there's no point to show it to people. It's just that i'm who i am. I would only sometimes rant it out to whoever whom i feel comfy with. It's just the begining of the sem and there're already a series of many things happening around.

Sometimes i feel like eversince i started my Uni life, my life revolves around like in some TV series, (One Tree Hill?), chapter by chapter keep folding in with full of drama and conspiracy. Sometimes it feels adventurous as if you are playing one of the main role in a TV soap. But sometimes it wasnt that true. Now when it comes to semester two, just like starting a second season of a show & it seems there are more "juicy" & "exciting" contents keep folding in even in the begining of this new season than the previous. So, i guess the "viewer ratings" is expected to shoot up high this season. Ahhh, what am i talking here... drama series?!

Anyways, i just feel like i am now sitting on the fence for over so many matters.
I have to thank to someone here who has always been by my side lately when i need to someone to talk to & im sure you will read this, thanks a lot.. & also to Ngoh Kongwit who has given a few words of encouragement. Na, Khob khun krub...

To you guys, (you know who you are, i know you guys will read this), don't worry, i will be there for you all ok? & we will all go through this chapter togehter. Time will heal. The time will come. Dont ever say sorry to me for disturbing me while you are having problems and need someone to talk to, i dont want to hear that. Im fine with it. I can handle them ok. That's what friends are for ok. I have to thank you for that night too.

Ok, usually i don't get emotional easily, but just that lately there're a few things bugging me and things happening among "us" during this so short period of time.
I'll brave through this.....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pissed Pissed Pissed!!!

Pissed not piss..Lol
Im typing this at 4 in the morning because i cant sleep. Blame for the past few weeks that i've been staying up online till in the wee hours. Gosh... I bet Jon did worry about this just before his Uni starts.Lol

Well, i got to say something here, while in the bed, i was asking myself why cant i get pissed easily?!Hurh?!Hurh?! Even if i do, it wont be long, it will just cool off very quickly & it sometimes makes me think that some people are trying to take advantage on me because of this. Am i just being too humble? Hmmm.....

Like recently, a friend of mine got into my nerves, i remembered i was pissed off that i told myself i will not reply the messages for real this time because all this while i did make numerous of threats before that i would ignore this friend of mine if i got pissed off again but in the end i would give in eventually. But this time i really had been ignorant to this friend for about a week to show that i can actually do this, dont try me!! and while i was lying in bed just now,i got this a text message from this friend,but still, i didnt want to reply,(muahaha, im so cruel) but i could hardly find out the reason why did i get pissed? I just hardly recall what the reason was behind it. & mind you im not having amnesia or short term memory. Lol
I just hardly keep grudge, that's im saying.

Sometimes i thought of changing myself so as not to let anyone easily taking advantage on my humbleness!!! I would just yell @%$%^&#%*$ at anyone who stays in my way!!! But i did that before, Lol, but that was when i really really got PISSED OFF!!


Friday, January 9, 2009

Came across this in Sukebe's blog & i've this urge to do it on mine, though i've seen this posted up by quite a few of my fellow blogger friends. Whatever, call me a copycat, outdated, yadda yadda, im goin ahead with it!!! Lol

Name: Eric / Tiew (but friends rather call it in a wrong tone as "diu" in cantonese, it's TEOH!! Remember Miss Malaysia Lina TEOH & Ariana TEOH!!!Geez...)

Birthplace: Hosptal Besar Ipoh

Current Location: Kampar

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black but now Rusty Brown after dyed

Height: 176cm

Right Handed or Left Handed: Right handed

Your Heritage: Chinese

The Shoes You Wore Today: Bum Equipment

Your Weakness: Too many to mention, Lol. eg: being too humble, getting too vain(lately), laziness

Your Fears: Can't think of a specific one

Your Perfect Pizza: Domino Pizza

Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: In my new year resolution list

Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: Lol & haha

Thoughts First Waking Up: "Ahhhh, sleep a little while more lar"

Your Best Physical Feature: Mua eyes (many claimed i wear an eyeliner & i've got a long eyelashes)

Your Bedtime: As much as i feel sleepy

Your Most Missed Memory: Childhood

Pepsi or Coke: Sarsi!!!

McDonald's or Burger King: BK

Single or Group Dates: Single

Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Green Tea

Chocolate or Vanilla: Any chocolatey i will love it

Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappucino

Do you Smoke: A BIG NO!!!!

Do you Swear: When something really got into my nerves i wont hesitate to do so

Do you Sing: Love to sing a lot but if only when im alone.

Do you Shower Daily: Of course!! You know im in a tropical weather huh?!

Have you Been in Love: Yes for puppy love. True love seems not coming to me yet. Sigh.

Do you want to go to College: Im in a University now

Do you want to get Married: Oh yeah, who wants to marry me?!

Do you believe in yourself: Yeah, most of the time

Do you get Motion Sickness: Nope

Do you think you are Attractive: At times?

Are you a Health Freak: Not really

Do you get along with your Parents: Very well, they are like my best buddies

Do you like Thunderstorms: Yes when im sleeping coz the breeze from the heavy rain put me to sleep. Lol

Do you play an Instrument: Piano, Organ, Guitar, Er Hu (chinese stringed instrument)

Ever been Drunk: Almost at one time (seldom drink)

Ever been called a Tease: Yeah, once a while but always im the one ended up got teased (for being too humble, see?)Lol

Ever been Beaten up: Yes if from my parents when i was notorious as a kid.hehe

Ever Shoplifted: When you find a cool bookmark that dropped out from a book in a bookstore and you quietly slipped it into your pocket, does that count as shoplifting? If so, then that's once. Lol

How do you want to Die: Can i be immortal?Hah

What do you want to be when you Grow Up: Someone rich and would be able to help the needies especially the African kids

What country would you most like to Visit: Any European countries

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good boy image gone....

Since many have asked how am i looking with my recent dyed hair, so here i am to dedicate an entry to mua new hair here.Lol

Erm, this colour isnt the one i've wanted it to be. I thought it would be a little darker. But it turned out reddish-brown/rusty brown. Ahhh, at first i couldnt accept the fact that im doin' this coz i've always been telling everyone black is hot, black is always hot, especially you're an asian. Lol, but now, my action is contracdictory to my stance. Some say i look like a "lala zhai" (punk culture in msian cantonese), some say "ah beng"(huh?),some say "japanese boy", some say yadda yadda yadda....Haha, whatever, as long as im living my life to the fullest, that's my life!!!

So there it is, not the best shot though...

So , Seng Aik, have you decided which colour u want for yours?Lol

Em, not so much of what happen during the day. Just a little bored at times, but thanks to my hairdresser for being so nice that he kept talking to me. He knows it'd take a long time, so he kept chatting and chatting with me.

Oh ya, at one point he gave me a shock. He was talking to me about a japanese show,though i seldom watch japanese show,but i just join in the fun chatting since he's taking the initiative to keep me from boredom, he asked if i were into japanese girls with school uniform? i just smiled and before i could answer him, he asked or if i prefer japanese boys in uniform? *jaws dropped*

Two things were in my mind at that moment :
  1. Is he gay?
  2. Do i look gay to him?

*ahem*, if i were drinking i would have choked myself.Lol

Dedications to be made:
Happy belated birthday to my macha Kumara(again)!!!(will post an entry on Kum's b'day bash held yesterday)

& Happy Birthday to Daren & Willy!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Yesterday I was in Kampar,where my campus is located, to shift to my belongings from my old room to a new one a few blocks away. It has been 3 months plus since i last stepping my foot there. So there,yesterday when i opened my door room, swoosh...., a gust of wind with a kind of weird smell hitting right at my face.
I was like, "ewww, whts goin on in my 3months-virgin room?". & ahhhh!!!!it seems like molds are everywhere!!! At the edges of the desk, wardrobe, book rak, and even my books are covered with this white colour moulds alike!! Damn it!!! My books are all wet!Im not sure if those are moulds, but it's something like fungi-like white tiny bits growing on the surface.

Gosh, this is freaking me out. I had goosebumps when i see this whole thing happened in my room. I didnt get to take any pictures of it coz i was too disgusted to even think of it. Thankfully im moving out of this place. Gee, with my parents' help, i had to pack all my stuffs into plastic bags which in the end loads up in the car to bring back to my hometown and get all of them washed!! Even clothes inside the locked wardrobe are wet? What a freak is this!!!

And i got even more goosebumps when i was made to know it could be a possibility that there's this "something" in the room. Well, near where i stay there is a lake, and that's a place where my friends and i used to hang out till in the wee at night. So this "something", could be from the lakeside that follows me to my room and stays there. That explains how my room are all over with moulds, just like at the lakeside.Lol.. There's one unexplainable thing here that is how can moulds even grow on steels? Well, my bicycle was kept in the room for safety as i was not going back there for a good 3 months. At the bicycle handle, made of steel, are grown with this creepy white powder-like thingy. Moulds dont grow on steels do they. It was eerie enough at first when i was first told upon. But nah, im not that superstitious after all. But it did give me a good chill down to my spine. LOL
I believe it's the bad air ventilation that caused this disastrous scene. The water vapour that traps in the room plus with the effect of sun shining into the room through the window that is keeping the room warm and dampen all the time. ^^
Thought of taking a few specimens of the fungi/mould ahh whatever it is to the lab for further self-experiment. It could be some mysterious one of a kind micoorganism ever discovered in history!!^^

So now, feeling grateful im off to a brand new place. Not in that creepy room anymore. The new room definitely has better air ventilation, though smaller, but it's comfy & cooler coz it's at the highest floor(3rd floor)!! Sometimes i prefer a smaller room, it's easier for a lazy bump like me to not needing to move around to grab something. Just a few steps and grab, a few more and

Moulds everywhere...................................

Lol, this is not my room, not as horrible....but gross enough to give me goosebumps for a good few hours. & im having it now while typing this...oh boy..

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!!!

Ok, my last day of 2008 was spent in Kbox... my goodness, i've actually been singing for whole week considering the fact that one after another friend of mine asking me to go....and Vern summed up the Kbox marathon on the last day of 2008!! & in the end my voice turns out hoarse... lol

Dipaksa camwhore...especially the toungue sticking

Ok, a brief one....... mua New Year resolutions... though im aware year come and go, resolutions made with full of enthusiasm and commitment early in the year eventually goes unachieved in the end and sometimes are often broken fairly shortly after they are set. Anyways, im not really into the idea of having new year resolution. Why would you want to wait for a new year come to do it when you can always have it like on your birthday or your greatgrandma's birthday? But no harm having a list of them, well, at least something for me to scribble on my page here. Lol.

  • More time for books!! I mean studies!! Need to bury myself in books!! Meaning mugging mugging and mugging for my next sem. (CGPA>3.00, finger crossed)
  • "Revamp" of muaself. Meaning more self-concious lor (vanity), more frequent visit to gym, perhaps dyeing mua hair, etc.
  • Spend less, since i've taking more and more $$ out from my loan lately; not for studies purposes, but for entertainment. Crap, im bad...
  • Guitar!Guitar!!Guitar!!! Im still not skillful yet with my guitar! I want to reach to the rockstar level!! Perhaps taking up drums heh?! Lol. *my potential tutor is goin' reading this*
  • Cleaning up my room back in hometown. It's been last tidied up eversince i left for campus for my first sem & till today while im having my 3 months break, i'm still yet to be working on it. Just yet. & i've got all the yelling and nagging from my mom. Gee.....Lol

That's all lar. Not too many, cant think of anymore, just focus in this few ones will do. Finger crossed.

They better not turn out as unachievable goals.

Let's open your arms big wide to welcome the year of 2009!!!!!

On the shooting set

Well, before i begin, let me intoduce one of Malaysia's most critically-acclaimed film director, Yasmin Ahmad who's famous for her past multi-award winning productions. She is also well known for her creative television commercials in the country such as her ads for Petronas, the national oil and gas company in conjunction with the National Day. To name a few of her highly-acclaimed movies to date are :

  • Rabun (My Falling Eyesight) 2003
  • Sepet (Chinese Eye) 2004
  • Gubra (Anxiety) 2006
  • Mukhsin 2007
  • Muallaf (The Convert) 2008
  • Tallentime (March/April 2009)

These are the films that have won multiple international awards and praises from local and international critics. Most of them have been screened at various international film festivals particularly in Berlin, San Francisco, Cannes & Singapore.

I paricularly love Sepet. Mind you, most of her films are all shot mostly in Ipoh!!! & St. Michael's is one of her shooting location for Sepet and....Gubra (i guess).

Sepet(2004)Gubra (2006)

Mukhsin (2007)

So this is one of the many locations, yet again in Ipoh; for her upcoming work.It's this year's another Petronas ad.
To be precise, the shooting takes place at the Old Town of Ipoh.

Sharifah Armani

The lay-deh behind all these marvelous works, Yasmin Ahmad

For more infos, log on to :

Haiipi Nu Yi!!!!!Welcome 2009!!