Sunday, January 18, 2009

Land of Beauty & Talent

Land where the beauties and talents are born - Ipoh. Nowhere else but Ipoh. This place is famous for its leng chais & leng luis besides its status as food haven. People have been saying that the reason behind this mystery (the cause of excessive production of lengchais & lengluis) is because of the water that Ipohites consumed is from the mountains (this city is surrounded by mountains) where it's claimed to be the cleanest and clearest. What a pride for Ipohites that actually many International stars and talents are born in this city of "lay-back". Yes, although this city is the third largest in Malaysia but it seems still to be one of the quietest city. If you are searching for a less hunstle & bustle yet conducive city to live in (most retirees would prefer) probably Ipoh can be added into your consideration. The pace of life is definitely slower compare to any other cities.

I actually stumbled upon to this fact that there are actually many famous & beautiful people to name from this part of the world.
The many few big names from this land are :

Michael Wong (Guang Liang), graduated from Sam Tet School, the popular chinese singer based in Taiwan who has his album Tong Hua sold for 1.5million in less than a month worlwide and become the first Malaysian to hold a sold-out solo concert in Hong Kong Coliseum. The concert tickets were snapped up in just 5days.So far he has garnered 44awards throughout his career.

Up next, Michelle Yeoh, i guess i need no any further introduction of this ex-Bond girl heh?Graduating from Main Convent School, she's one of the very few asians who managed to make a breakthrough in the Hollywood scene. This former beauty queen was once voted as 50 World Most Beautiful People & the sexiest Bond Girl. Excuse me, she's still kicking a** till today ok?! Still making waves in the big screen despite her long existence in the industry (normally one would just dissapear from the scene after a short moment of fame)

Next, it's the International model Amber Chia, whom gained international fame after winning the 2004 Guess Watches Timeless Beauty Contest, which was a global model search for Guess Watch's brand ambassador worldwide. The win also meant that Chia became the first Asian model ever to win a top global professional modelling contest. She was born in Ipoh but was raised in Tawau, well, it's still considered she did step onto the soil of this land of miracle ok...Lol

Angie Cheung Wai Yee, for those who has no clue of who she is, well, have you watched The Hong Kong TVB series Journey to the West? She was the one playing the role as the sexy Spidey demon in the series. Besides, of course this former beauty queen (yea, another one besides Yeoh) has done quite a number of films in Hong Kong. I just found out that her house in Ipoh is not far from mine. ^^

Another Hong Kong artiste, Chu Mimi. Erm, she has done just too many films/movies& series to mention. Well, what more to say for this one of the well-known veteran artist in Hong Kong. As i know, she was from Yuk Choy High School.

Besides those in the entertainment industry, there are also talents from the sports too. Koo Kien Kiet, from St Michael's Institution (mua alma mater), was world no1 badminton player in doubles (with his partner Tan Boon Heong). Or are they still clinching to the title eh?

Lee Wan Wah and Choong Tan Fook, also one of the world top players in badminton, both are Ipohites too.

Not to mention Ng Boon Bee, Tan Yee Kan & Cheah Soon Kit, are all from Ipoh whom had once brought pride & glory to the country by bringing home the Thomas Cup (equivalent to World Cup in football/soccer). Erm one or two of them are from mua school too, cant remember who is the one. Lol. Why are there so many Michaelians badminton players?

Enough of those international celebrities, just to name those popular local artistes like Amy Mastura (from Main Convent), Chan Kwok Fai (some famous chinese singer), Anabelle Kong(former beauty queen cum actress) etc etc.... the list will just go on & on...

Amy Mastura

Chan Kwok Fai

Sometimes i just wonder, is this a land of fortune or what... It seems like this city has been attracting movie directors to come over for movie shootings. & mind you, most of the films shot here had garnered multiple of international awards. To name a few like Goodbye Boys, Gubra, Anna & the King, Lust Caution, After Our Exile, Sepet, and the list goes on.....

Since im talking about leng chais & leng luis, might as well i give some credits to my dear friends who are also born in this blessed land? Hehe>>>

Leng Chais & Leng Luis of Ipoh (or born in Ipoh)

*ahem* perasan? Lol... i like la, this is mua blog...


Willy's Diary said...

please move the last photo LOL

but luckily sukebee's photo not there, otherwise i'd have press Alt+F4 ^_^

darenKeefer said...

YAY~~Im on the list~~
LOL~~I'm famous in malaysia too lar~~u should put me in below michelle yeoh~~Hahaaa

fuzpeiz said...

wats with tat last picture huh??

jackychan said...

damn perasan la you but i like it muahahaha!!!
and there are more u din list down la...a beauty queen dunno whats her name she came to sushi king when i was working part time there damn pretty...last time she studied in sunway LoL

Ad Infinitum said...

Michelle Yeoh is still very pretty. She is one of those elegant ladies that age gracefully! Go crouching tiger hidden dragon! She's the only 1 i recognised from you celebrity list :p

Kham said...

Willy keeps emphasizing Ipoh borns most leng chai leng lui in Malaysia. I got you now.

Michelle Yeoh, i'm her big fan.

Robb said...

but the sad fact is, all the lengzai and lenglui will not stay in ipoh once they reach legal age.

the only time worth visiting ipoh is CNY where all the hotties are back in town! Lol.

Else wise, you'll only see leftover bamboos which are not marketable anywhere else. Lol.

Or maybe underage cuties. hahaha

Zoey said...

Lol... nice entry

成亿 said...

damn perasan la u...muka awak setebal mana?

Ericsoft said... sailou ni...make joke ni haha..u also included leng chai clan meh??LOL sudahlah sailou...something we called fate...u r destined what u r....dun try erase the true

Shiuji said...

u donnOe Chiong Wai Yi live in our taman? lol

How come I didn't see Daren sifu's poster in Malaysia b4? tell me where got leh... I will go grap them all....put in my house, kiss him every night.. lol

And most important, WHY I M NOT IN THE LIST!!!

erictbk said...

Willy: Sei zhai, whats with the last photo?i thought u are supposed to be on my side?Haha, thought of sukebe while typing in this entry...

Daren: yea,you're in the come im not aware of your fame eh?Lol

Peiz: As i say, it's my blog, i like la...hahaha, sei poh

jackie: i've no idea who's that.solou..^^

Jon: She looks gorgeous in real person despite her age. I've bumped into her around the town.

Kham: yea, me too. She's the most humble person i've ever known before.

Robb: yea, you can say that again. Example, look at yourself. Lol.

Zoey: Thanks wor...^^

SengAik: i like lar!!im sure your face will get thicker than mine soon as i can see u are getting into vanity like me dy..muahahaha.

Dailou: wahhh, since when you start to tease me ar?!!Haha

Shiuji/Sukebe: I know, it's near our place here.Lol, you can go grab a pic from daren's profile and print it out like a poster for
Concerning the reason you're not in the list, erm, i guess u should ask willy and the rest...Lol.they should know better^^

Anonymous said...

waaa..i'm so proud dt i;m part of it..wakakaka..yeaa as pei2 sed..but wuts wrong wiv d lazpic??HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHA


OO said...

Yeah, to feel good, Ipoh can do no wrong. This is a land where everyone is addressed as "leng chai" or "leng lui". No expensive plastic surgery is needed. Dang, am I glad I live in Ipoh ...

erictbk said...

HC: Ish....diam la u...i unload ur pic frm here geh...

OO: yea, you should, have some sense of pride in yourself^^