Thursday, January 1, 2009

On the shooting set

Well, before i begin, let me intoduce one of Malaysia's most critically-acclaimed film director, Yasmin Ahmad who's famous for her past multi-award winning productions. She is also well known for her creative television commercials in the country such as her ads for Petronas, the national oil and gas company in conjunction with the National Day. To name a few of her highly-acclaimed movies to date are :

  • Rabun (My Falling Eyesight) 2003
  • Sepet (Chinese Eye) 2004
  • Gubra (Anxiety) 2006
  • Mukhsin 2007
  • Muallaf (The Convert) 2008
  • Tallentime (March/April 2009)

These are the films that have won multiple international awards and praises from local and international critics. Most of them have been screened at various international film festivals particularly in Berlin, San Francisco, Cannes & Singapore.

I paricularly love Sepet. Mind you, most of her films are all shot mostly in Ipoh!!! & St. Michael's is one of her shooting location for Sepet and....Gubra (i guess).

Sepet(2004)Gubra (2006)

Mukhsin (2007)

So this is one of the many locations, yet again in Ipoh; for her upcoming work.It's this year's another Petronas ad.
To be precise, the shooting takes place at the Old Town of Ipoh.

Sharifah Armani

The lay-deh behind all these marvelous works, Yasmin Ahmad

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Haiipi Nu Yi!!!!!Welcome 2009!!


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erictbk said...

jon, lucky me!!^^

Sengaik,i shall kick the butt of the one holding the camera!!!

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erictbk said...

Haha, yea, yea wai teng, i was there..Lol