Friday, January 23, 2009

Drunk Entry

Lol, this it my first time blogging an entry while drunk..Lol...Just feeling a little bit of dizzy though...Just got a bottle of Heinekken & a bottle of Guiness Stout & I'm already like this? My goodness, i must learn to drink, otherwise i think i would have easily got raped when I'm in this condition right now (maybe i would rape someone, mwahahaha) but of course in the end drinking still is not so much of my thing.

Somebody said I'm scary when im drunk (nah, just a little drunk only) hahaha, some said funny, and someone just told me i look horny? Horny?!! Lol... Haha. My cheek bone area up till my forehead was reddish just now, but honestly i am 70% concious ok, just felt a little giddy. Well, if not, i wouldn't be blogging right now huh..Lol

Thankfully i am the drunkest one amongst the group..Lol, a friend of mine, Illias, whose face turned so red and yet he claimed he's not drunk yet. He did funny silly stuffs like yelling at people who're playing basketball "Basketball gay!!", whistled at girls whom walked pass, simply honk at people while in the car (he wasnt the driver anyway, no worry), & there was once he asked for direction back home and i purposely pointed at the wrong direction, he really went to that side..Lol, wonder if he was acting or really that drunk, man...It was so hillarious to see it.

Now i know why people tend to go for a drink while feeling down, you can have the feeling of euphoria really... but still, drinking is still not my thing... Don't talk about smoking, i hate it the most...Drinking is still ok for me coz for socialising purposes..

Tata...chiaoz, class at 8am tomorrow, sleep now....


jackychan said...

=.=" naughty la you...
i wonder how ilias looked like...
his face is so dark when turning to red =S
ermm...i cant imagine LoL XD
sorry ilias =P

Shiuji said...

haha.. Then i will brink u go drink when i go back during CNY... Then I will rape you... haha14

Ad Infinitum said...

the closest i ever came to being drunk was 2 years ago. I was fully red, slightly tipsy, giggling to myself, and strangling/hugging the guy next to me and I was somewhat flirting with the waitress, I think it was more of me putting them on the spot for serving our order so slow. =)

fuzpeiz said...

wahahaha. you are so leng chai wei...

Willy's Diary said...

are you sure you are drunk? or trying to "seduce" anyone with the reason "i'm drunk" LOL

成亿 said...

imagine if u had one more...then you might wake up in the wrong bed...hehe

Anonymous said...

u guys went drinking..
n hey..
new stuff bout me..
i start drinking de..
remember the times at lakeside where u guys drank shandy n i drank RIBENA..!!???
i'm no longer that..
i start to learn to drink..

Nicholas Rashidee said...

well, as long as u dont blog when u get hangovers LOL.. btw, would really love to visit ipoh someday~ ^^

Ekkonen said...

haha, pretty good blog for a drunkard! haha happy lunar new year eric!!!

erictbk said...

Jackie: U were saying until as if you know Illias so well.Lol

Shiuji: uh-oh sukebe.....sei lor, after reading this it reminds me to think twice going out with you dy...Lol

Jon: Lol, jon, you must be very funny that time...I cant even help seeing my frined drunk that time.Doin silly stuffs..So would you.

Pei2: Thanks wei Pei!!!Lol

Willy: Did i say seduce?Lol...

Seng Aik: If that person is hot i wouldnt mind!Lol

EiLeen: yea my gf..we, good for more Ribena gal!!!a big leap for you...from RIbena straight to alcohol.Lol

Nick: Come lar..if you like lay-back life, Ipoh will not dissapoint you...^^

Kev: Happy New Year Kev!!^^

eliza natsuko said...

LOL! I saw you drunk! XD

erictbk said... heh?!!Lol

Anonymous said...

huh. thanks for thread!