Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good boy image gone....

Since many have asked how am i looking with my recent dyed hair, so here i am to dedicate an entry to mua new hair here.Lol

Erm, this colour isnt the one i've wanted it to be. I thought it would be a little darker. But it turned out reddish-brown/rusty brown. Ahhh, at first i couldnt accept the fact that im doin' this coz i've always been telling everyone black is hot, black is always hot, especially you're an asian. Lol, but now, my action is contracdictory to my stance. Some say i look like a "lala zhai" (punk culture in msian cantonese), some say "ah beng"(huh?),some say "japanese boy", some say yadda yadda yadda....Haha, whatever, as long as im living my life to the fullest, that's my life!!!

So there it is, not the best shot though...

So , Seng Aik, have you decided which colour u want for yours?Lol

Em, not so much of what happen during the day. Just a little bored at times, but thanks to my hairdresser for being so nice that he kept talking to me. He knows it'd take a long time, so he kept chatting and chatting with me.

Oh ya, at one point he gave me a shock. He was talking to me about a japanese show,though i seldom watch japanese show,but i just join in the fun chatting since he's taking the initiative to keep me from boredom, he asked if i were into japanese girls with school uniform? i just smiled and before i could answer him, he asked or if i prefer japanese boys in uniform? *jaws dropped*

Two things were in my mind at that moment :
  1. Is he gay?
  2. Do i look gay to him?

*ahem*, if i were drinking i would have choked myself.Lol

Dedications to be made:
Happy belated birthday to my macha Kumara(again)!!!(will post an entry on Kum's b'day bash held yesterday)

& Happy Birthday to Daren & Willy!!!


Ekkonen said...

hey eric, its so nice when hairdressers like to chat. which reminds me that i should get my hair cut soon! growing too long ><

i guess the hairdresser had a hunch that u are gay...

vernz_08 said...

eric gay!!!!!

draGOnIC88 said...

haha..sure maybe u look gay for him or the colour u ask is totally gayish..hehehe

jackychan said...

eric,y blodie ger ur pic!??
i tot u said reddish brown!??
but it looks like dark blonde...
eric becomes LaLa Zhai...

Shiuji said...

Funny... Where you cut your hair? I go find that hairdresser... haha...

Willy's Diary said...

i would answer "if you like japanese boy with uniform, i will wear one for you" ROFL ^_^

but your new hairstyle is nice, but too gayish. i can see the tag on your forehead



erictbk said...

Kev: your hair is not that long yet looking at your recent pics, since it's snowing in Vancouver, just keep it for long enough until springtime dont ya..^^

Vern : go away lar you!!

Samuel :thanks for your first comment here.but *grin*

Jacky : you better watch out ur blog!!!

Shiuji : haha, it's a salon near my place.he's been managing my hair for years.Lol

Willy : can you see what's on my forehead now?
"sei ler lei"

ericsoft said... OMG..haha tak apa..I got some feel of 'Godfather' from this Eric new look lol