Thursday, April 30, 2009

After my worst subject paper, Ancillary Statistic.....

The next paper was like 2days away and yet i went all the way to Ipoh yesterday with my friends to catch this

X-men Origins: Wolverine

C’mon, we’ve just gone through with the worst nightmare yesterday, the Ancillary Statistic paper ok, shouldn’t we deserve to take a break???

Man, for X-men fans out there, it is a must watch movie. I loved it so much that now I’m waiting for its DVD release. I thought it is better than the first X-men movie, could possibly be better than the second one too. The fighting scenes are all so cool wei. But the graphic when deadpool Vs Wolverine and Sabertooth was a little flawed? I don't know. Judge it yourself. It is worth your every penny. It's adrenaline rush from the first minute till the last. A lot of actions that would make you go woah...

The snitbits of picture scenes from the movie:

Kayla Silverfox & young Cyclops (my fav)

Gambit (Check out the explosive card decks)

Deadpool (perfect sword skill)

Sabertooth (not so much of his fan)

Agent Zero

Wolverine Vs Gambit

Wolverine Vs Sabertooth
Never a Wolverine fan though, but Cyclops . Haha. Like the character since small. Probably because Cyclops looks cool & “yao-ying”/bergaya. XD His optic beam is disastrous but fantastic. However in this third installation of X-men, Cyclops appeared to be amateur because he is still young. I’m sure many out there watched X-men before during their childhood. I recalled following the cartoon on RTM back in the old days. ^^ & reading their comics.

Oh yeah, I’m a marvel & DC superheroes fan. I’ve tonnes of their comics at home back in Ipoh.

Later on we headed to McD for our “early dinner” before going back to Kampar ^^Cant help it coz there’s no McD in Kampar and we were craving for it... Slurrpp...^^

Later at night i was thrown with an early birthday surprise by my beloved friends. Er, i was already kinda expect it to happen in within these few days before the real birthday of mine coz we’d be having exams on my birthday!!! Nah, it’s always exam on my birthday since i started schooling. Used to it already. But still i was surprised by the surprise coz i was sleeping like a pig that they had to knocked on my door so loud and for so long only then i was awaken. & at that moment, the just-woke-up-blurness was clouding my mind to even think of this possibility. So, surprised indeed. Then there comes the must-have birthday game. Snow spray or cream war. Again, i expected it. So in the end i was all covered with snow spray and cream all over my leng chai face. Sheesh..... But i managed to take revenge by getting each of everyone there having the same fate as i. So it ended up with everyone, everywhere was so in mess. Cream on wall, floor, everywhere, like the house just turned upside down. XD

Well, that’s the fun we had before resume working for our last two more papers. sob sob
P/S: will post up some pictures of it once i've got them from Li Yi

Mucho gracias to :
Samuel, Pei Pei, Kenny, Li Yi, Jeffrey,Fiona, Illias, Wendy, Kumara, Esther, Janice, Ze Lene, Alice, Li Na for the day. & to Venodh, Teik Tzuan for their early wishing, & also to those wishing me on Friendster & Facebook though i don’t know some of them, so, it’s just nice of you people. ^^ Thank you guys.

OK study PM now... till then bye

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sick of Exams

Ok, for now since my brain cant be functioning well anymoe due to my sleepiness has start to bug me from studying, i shall blog something here....

Just a warning here, below are just some craps, my whinings and etc
You may ignore this and leave this page immediately
Stop scrolling down...
might bore you and don't you come blame me
Ok, as u wish
i cant wait for 6th of May!!!which is the day i'll be sitting for my last is killing me....It's really been so busy and hectic this semester, i dont know why the fuck hell, with never ending workloads marathon like assignments, tests, quizzes, lab reports. This has been going on for like.... let me think... eversince we resume from the CNY break...yea, since 2 months ago till today!!!....Darn it... Im going half nuts!!!
Finally the final papers are on this saturday already..... and im mugging like shit like crazy now.
Luckily im back in Ipoh, at least.... i got all things served here, like food, car, everything... Oh i need a car perhaps to get something if i need it... In Kampar i wont have one... kinda inconvinient. Nothing much for me to eat too. Here in Ipoh my home sweet home, i can eat whatever i want... just ransack the fridge whenever i feel hungry... I can munch non stop ^^

Oh yeah, and i can study in my conducive room with aircon. So cooling..LOL...Shut Up YOU Green lovers/Earth lovers/whatsoever. Sleeping in an aircon room... ~Ahhhhh~.... Ok, it's making me even sleepier now...

Well, enough, some people might thought i sound like a dai siu yeh here... Actually im not just crapping a lot here to kill my brain cells.

Camwhored this morning while studying half way in my room, i felt bored... bored.... boredddd..... yet tension....There i released my tension.............................. Lol

Cap satu mata

~Peace~ (Gosh,cant believe i did this. Was out of my mind)


P/S: Told ya.... Asked you to leave but dont want to.... Now regret leh?? XD

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Omg Must Watch!!

Seriously you guys must watch this...It is so touching..Or magical? I was almost in tears watching it... No, i did not cry

At first i thought i was wondering why is there a big comotion over this lady Susan Boyle who just went for an audition for the latest season of Britain Got Talent that it even appeared on the headline news. It has been watched by 5millions viewers so far and it's still counting.

So watch it yourself... was amazed by it...

Magical moment of Susan Boyle

If this doesnt load, visit :

After watching it, you will realise that we human are very cynical... It's very true that we are always critical to each other, many dont aware that some of our actions are putting people down, we laughed at people's mistakes, we take people's weakness as a laughing stock, we criticise people's flaws but we never know that these people actually had some 'jewel' hidden in them or i would put it this way; they are actually unpolished diamonds that we have not seen or even be bothered. They have been pulled down by this bunch of cynical people once and once again that they are blinded by the fact that they are actualy gifts from the God. In fact each of us are born to be special in our own way, we have our own uniqueness, it is just that we need to search for it in ourselves. Perhaps it is human nature that we tend to discriminate others, and that is why there are discriminations against women, agianst the poor ones, gays and lesbians and so forth since the early years of humankind till today, yes sad to say. Not everyone is as fortunate as Susan Boyle. Everyone laughed at her when she says she wants to become a professional singer, im sure everyone thought she would just be another going-to-be-rejected contestant, so did i, i admit. She is the most genuine person i've ever seen, she thought she wouldnt make it, she just walked away after her shot, very humble and innocent of her.

This inspirational video has made me realise that we must always believe in oursleves, do whatever you think you think you can and right and dont be bothered so much by the cynics out there.. Be opstimistic. Believe in yourself and go for your dream... Never allow others to put you down. Just be yourself. Be proud of what you are.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Guess What??

Guess what???

Take a closer look at it......
Got a clue????

Ok...Some say lobsters, some say dog bone, but isnt it obviously a male genital/ggj/penis/cock/dick???

My dear cute and innocent friend, Ze Lene says it's a nose without any second thought when asked what it is..........

LiYi being the poser aka model for the pic....
This aint Ze Lene... XD
Thanks for the laughter u gave us again...XD XD

*she's standing next to me and staring at me now*
I'm so dead now...Chiaoz...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Of Random Updates

Sorry people, I heard you guys when you asked why im leaving my blog not updated for so long already. Have been busy lately with my Uni assignments, tests, quizzes & lab reportss. So hectic that I need some air to breathe in. Gasp...

Well, I'm skipping my chemistry organic lesson while blogging here. XD I've skipped this class for the whole 2 weeks already. Omg, i think should my mom be reading this i'd be so so dead...LOL. But I guess it's alright because most of the thing taught I've already learnt so thoroughly during my Form 6 (tougher than A Levels) that we were forced to make our own notes in our personal palm cards. Thanks to Mrs Yee, great respect for her unorthodox way of teaching and great determination that you seldom see in a teacher nowadays as i've heard and seen some of the teachers are just one bunch of lazy Bitches!! Some dont even know how to construct a proper simple sentence in english and they are so called to be teaching their students the subjects in english. How funny the students were the ones who corrected the teacher's mistakes. Where in the world would you find such teachers? (teachers heh?think again). I've nothing more to say about the Education system in this country. It's sad to see this happening in the country. Nonetheless, we the students, are a lot much better than the teachers (i mean those who do not have good grasp in english), seriously, because we as students could even identify their mistakes, might not as well go to school coz the teachers are learning from the students. The way Malaysian government doing tihngs are mostly like in a situation where you see a piece of shit on the road, you cover it up with a cloth or whatsoever instead of getting rid of it so that there's no shit on road. Like some MPs who suggested to "legalise" Mat Rempit(illegal motorbike racers). Oh, you cant solve the problem, so just 'legalise' them so there wont be illiegal racing on roads lor horh?? Just like in this case, the teachers cant have a good grasp in the language and some students from the venacular schools and schools in the outskirt cant cope with is, so the best way is to change it back to the previous medium?? C'mon, of course this needs time to see the real results!!! So STOP THINKING OF SWITCHING maths & science subjects BACK TO MALAY JUST BECAUSE YOURRR TEACHERS DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

I don't know why the sudden i would talk about the topic above. I'm not feeling well actually. Thanks to the sleepless nights i had. Talking about my bio quiz yesterday, i would say i was lucky. Very lucky instead. I've only managed to read 8 pages out of 25 pages. Ok, why 8 pages, let me tell you why, i studied since the night before till the next morning. I would doze off for an hour before waking up to read again for less than 5 minutes and dozed off again for another hour continuously till i had to go to campus for the quiz. I thought i would be so so dead this time. Of 25 pages, i only read 8 which is only 3 quarter of a chapter & i had not even touched the 2nd chapter at all. Who in their right mind would think he is gonna passed this test. BUT HEY!!! I got a piece of cake paper!!! I was laughing to myself when i read the questions. They were all from the 3 quarter of the chapter i've read!!! except for a few questions on the other last quarter of the chap which i missed it. There was no question at all on the "virgin" chapter (the 2nd chapter). Out of 10 questions, i could answer 6 correctly. Isn't it good enough already for someone who only completed 32% of reading and got 60% coorect in the test?? Perhaps thanks to the SMS luck wishing by Bee before the test...^^

Alright, shall get back to my assignments and reports, you see...i can never end with this marathon, i've just done with my maths and bio papers and now i've to deal with my assignments and reports, after that, 2 lab exams are next.

Tell me how i'm supposed to breathe with no air?No air...No air.....

Cant wait for the end of this semester...

I'm Already There - Westlife Live at Croke Park 2008

When You're Looking Like That - Wesstlife Live at Croke Park 2008

This is what i had been watching on youtube when i supposed to have the papers the following day. LOL

&.....I want the DVD!!!!!I want it!!