Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sick of Exams

Ok, for now since my brain cant be functioning well anymoe due to my sleepiness has start to bug me from studying, i shall blog something here....

Just a warning here, below are just some craps, my whinings and etc
You may ignore this and leave this page immediately
Stop scrolling down...
might bore you and don't you come blame me
Ok, as u wish
i cant wait for 6th of May!!!which is the day i'll be sitting for my last paper...gee...man...this is killing me....It's really been so busy and hectic this semester, i dont know why the fuck hell, with never ending workloads marathon like assignments, tests, quizzes, lab reports. This has been going on for like.... let me think... eversince we resume from the CNY break...yea, since 2 months ago till today!!!....Darn it... Im going half nuts!!!
Finally the final papers are on this saturday already..... and im mugging like shit like crazy now.
Luckily im back in Ipoh, at least.... i got all things served here, like food, car, everything... Oh i need a car perhaps to get something if i need it... In Kampar i wont have one... kinda inconvinient. Nothing much for me to eat too. Here in Ipoh my home sweet home, i can eat whatever i want... just ransack the fridge whenever i feel hungry... I can munch non stop ^^

Oh yeah, and i can study in my conducive room with aircon. So cooling..LOL...Shut Up YOU Green lovers/Earth lovers/whatsoever. Sleeping in an aircon room... ~Ahhhhh~.... Ok, it's making me even sleepier now...

Well, enough, some people might thought i sound like a dai siu yeh here... Actually im not lorr...im just crapping a lot here to kill my brain cells.

Camwhored this morning while studying half way in my room, i felt bored... bored.... boredddd..... yet tension....There i released my tension.............................. Lol

Cap satu mata

~Peace~ (Gosh,cant believe i did this. Was out of my mind)


P/S: Told ya.... Asked you to leave but dont want to.... Now regret leh?? XD


Kenji said...

Hahahaha someone has too much time geeez! But yes, good luckw ith exam, we all go through this, and hope you don't overwork yourself!! Take care for now! xD

成亿 said...

haha...u ma nice lo...study in air-con room...

me? i've been burning whatever oil i had these last few days...eye bags so bloody heavy d...that's d consequences for not studyin at all during the sem...

argh!!!!!less than 5 hours till my exam and i haven finis yet ah...

eliza natsuko said...

*nods through out the whole time reading*
i couldn't agree more. this sem really sux big time. the only break we have is now during our study break and well, at least u're studying.. i guess u alr know how the rest of us is spending our study week. lol.

and yeah, i took hell a lot of ss pics too XD

and omg! was that beckham's poster i see on ur wall? D:

fuzpeiz said...

wth r u doin there hah?
camwhore ar???
ntg better than me lar..
omg...v r a bunch of sick ppl.
hee heeeeeee
i havent start studying oso..
wth wth wth wth wtg

ichimaru akira said...

EXAMS,the bane of students. How I wish that they change the system!

ging3rcola said...

Eat la eat la
fei sei ur face XD
i tot u wish 15th of may oli? lolx

Willy's Diary said...

study hard lar babi... wish you good luck ^_^

now pannai already hor... use your hair to cover your wrinkles LOL

CH said...

keep on fighting....Im heading to Malacca this Saturday....haha

Shiuji said...

No regret... hehe...

if I can go back to Ipoh, study in my lovely room with aircorn... I will fall asleep lo... LOL...

For me, better choose a normal place...

aza aza Eric zai.. bakkuteh...

darenKeefer said...

Bak Kut Teh~~~
study hard and goodluck yaa~~
ngor cha ngor cha, eric~~(aza aza fighting)

erictbk said...

Kenji: haha,i even got the time o reply here..^^ thanks neway...XO

Sengaik: ceh, you these last few days jek, i've been thrown into your situation for so many times consistently throughout this sem ok...ask my coursemate, ahh, eliza, she'd agree with me..

Eliza: tell sengaik, how fortunate he is to have suffered mildly just for a few days while we did for months...hey, upload ur ss pics lar...ahah, share share lar..yes, it's beckham, that's an old poster..lol

fupei: you dont talk poo poo here ok, havent started studying wor..

ichimaru: haha, world without exams are would be a better place to live in...XD

Diditoh: haha, same goes to you, dont talk so much..haha, same la both oso..XD

Willy: thanks..^^ What hide hide!!i didnt do it purposely lorr..haha. i straightened my fringe mer...

CH: wahhh, go malacca for what?u've done with your finals dy?

Shiuji: ahha, good, dont regret, of coz lar u will fall asleep...sleep like a pig..haha
actually i dozed off many times halfway studying..Lol

Daren: thanks daren. oh yealor, i wana ask dy, what's that "ngo char ngo char" thingy? char gugu?char boh?hurh?Lol... and that "aza aza fighting"..

Nicholas Rashidee said...

wah~ ganbatte! good luck!

jackychan said...

i feel funny lo when i saw peipei n you...
both sama sama GILA XD

fuzpeiz said...

excuseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeee??????
since when i am gila??
eric is the oni abnormal gila guy here..tsk tsk tsk...
i see him funny la..this is wat i call...siao kia!!

David the Эџбθ†ђĭҝд said...

Speechless of everything... Eric is too self-obsessed I suppose... xD

ROFL on above Peiz and Eric comments... Never mind, both also siao... siao kia and siao po... Very ngam couple xD

pei sin said...

wow...hometown...I want go back too...>.<...ishh...

成亿 said...

who ask u go utar n not public uni? wakaka...

Eileen said...

hey boy.. good luck in finals!! =P

erictbk said...

Nicholas: Thanks^^

Jacky: i think you and pei2 funnier when both of you kept throwing craps on each other for a good one hour that day...

Fupei: Pls, who were the one sang fanshu that night.. talk so much craps both of you. non stop.. siu sei ngo..

David: what self obssession do i have?? and what?!! Couple??!!

PeiSin: Haha... XP

Sengaik: Duwan, here is so much better.. hah

EiLeen: Thank you sweetie... XD

David the Эџбθ†ђĭҝд said...

nah, I just waiting for both od you two (Eric vs Peiz) to reconcile... if keep on fighting, I'm afraid the hatred will transform to love... wakaka... just kidding... xD

ging3rcola said...

what u mean by same goes to me XD
i don hav 15th loh.. lolx
u wan noe wat me n eliza ter all did durin study week? damn fun wei XD

erictbk said...

David: nvm, this is just the way we are...

Waikeat: wht did u all do?u told me before ma, mcD ma.or mamak?forgot jor..LOL

kenwooi.com said...

duh..everyone is sick of it..haha.. XD

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