Sunday, December 27, 2009

Klismas in Xin Jia Bo

Had a BBQ party at Costa Sand Resort on Christmas Eve.

Yeah~ the resort..
blame the ciplak cam i only had that time =.=

On Christmas Day,
dined at Saizeriya
at Clarke Quay

Fruit Salad

Spicy Drumlets

Seafood Chowder
In love with it~~

The ingridients in it were very generous

My main dish~
Japanese Roasted Pork
Dang~ Can't get enough of it!!!
Highly recommended!!

~B~'s main dish
Cheesy Chicken

My tummy is growling now~

Had a stroll down along Orchard Road
after dinner
Met up with Roy & Yanny
Had a very nice chat that night~

Yesterday, Boxing Day
caught Avatar at Marina Square
Didnt feel so much hype over it
as what many has said about the show
I would say
kudos to the visual effects!!
Very cool done~
4/5 rating *thumbs up* ^^

Stopped at Martini Bar
with Siew Yee aka luffing fish and Divya
before dropping by at a Turkish restaurant for dinner (Forgot da name)

Martini Bar at Hyatt Hotel

Finally, ended up at Siew Yee's house searching for funny videos on Youtube.
Believe me,
she got warned by her sister
for laughing being so loud at so late in the night... Mwahahahahahaha

And thanks to ~B~, Roy, Wendy and Colin for da Klismas pleasants~

Before that,
Thanks to my dearest Aunt Liz from New York
was really excited with the cookies she sent it over

They look too beautiful
to be taken a ride into my tum tum

You wouldn't want to eat them up
would ya~

Until now horh,
i satu pun belum makan lorhhh
mm seh dak sik lok tou lor.....

I miss carolling this year~

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Leaving For Singapore

It will about a week that i will be in Singapore.
Departing tomorrow!!
Christmas in Singapore!!!
Cant' wait to take a stroll along the Orchard Road~
So, i'll be back for more updates
when i'm back

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Most Watched Worldwide

Top 3 most viewed video on Youtube??

Let's start with 3rd placing lar.....

With 33 million views
Find it a little =.="

Well, don't bother...
Come come, watch this.....
This is so funny...
So cute~

It was about this boy, David who has just got his tooth removed and he was reacting to the medication effect.....hilariously.

The most watched video of the year...

Not surprised lor

It's none other than.....
Susan Boyle

Watched till sien dy.....

Her video has hit the record of 120 million views
more than the next three most watched videos combined.
I've watched it
zillions of times before
So, didnt bother to watch it again..

*scroll up and watch the 2nd placing one*
if you have not
*faster, go go go*

Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Day of Internship

Ended with a great night with my colleagues last night.
My last day at work for the attachment.
Now i miss them
A bunch of crazy and fun people they are.


Had dinner at TGI Fridays with them.
  • Jack Daniel's Grilled Chicken.
  • Three For All (Fried Mozarella + Loaded Potato Skins + Buffalo Wings)
  • Snickers Treat
  • Red wine + White wine

Snickers O Snickers, i can never let you go whenever i have the chance to taste you~

Went for 2nd round for drinks at Bangsar Shopping Mall.
This time at
WIP (Work In Progress), a tropical resort-like ambience kinda bar with some Mediterranean style.

The interior... i was at the outdoor...

Okay, it doesnt really look like what i described.
Blame the camera resolution... barrrffff

Well, honestly, i already had my cheekbones both in red after the red and white wine at TGI.
Kenny, ask Alice.
They said i was drunk =.=
Geezzz, no i wasn't lorrr.
Oh, by the way, the
bitch is working at TGI, so he was there with us...
not to serve us...
but gila with us...
Complain to the manager baru tau.. XD

Ok, come back to WIP, i had cocktail...
Something Mojito...

Er, Russian Mojito? ...

No, Classical Mojito...

No no, wait....

Shit... i can't even remember what i had...


And this time i swear i was starting to feel a little drunk...
I don't remember i am that bad a drinker.. Hmm~ no??... LOL

The whole night was spent
sipping cocktails,
chit chatting with the bunch of crazy people
while swinging and moving to Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas.

Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Good Night~


Was late back home..... sped like
Everyone was waiting for me back home...
Feel the guilt....
Didnt wish to come home late.. but... butt..... butt.... *fart*
I have a good explanation...

i don't feel like going back to Kampar~
How i wish to stay here for a little longer...
I miss Ipoh~

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Climb

.....There's always gonna be another mountain,
I'm always gonna want to make it move,
always gonna be an uphill battle,
Sometimes I'm goin to have to lose~.....

... It's a climb~

I've spotted him
to be one of the top 3 this year,
since right from the begining,
then changed my mind
he is going to be crowned
this year's winner of X Factor
Joe McElderry

Smuckkk that~
Had tingles all over me...
He's so good.
He deserves it. *applause*

Preference of his version over Olly

And Olly Murs's version

Now that,
It triggers my nerves
to join,

I wanna join~
trying no harm~
One In A Million (OIAM) for second time.. ??
This time must go beyond
beyond from where i ended last year in the competition.
Aim higher
this time,
spotted my mistakes.
gonna make it right.

..~So here I am still holding on

With every step you climb another mountain,
Every breath it's harder to believe,
You make it through the pain, weather the hurricanes,
To get to that one thing~...

*wakie wakie*
No... oh no...
going back to Kampar
start burying myself 6 feet under books
yeah, again..


Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Mood

Im so hooked into Susan's voice.

Sounds so pure... mind soothing... angelic...

Perfect for her "I dreamed a dream" ...
"Wild Horse" is the best!! (The song you're listening to now on my blog)

Cant stop listening to her album...

Do you remember her? Susan Boyle... who touched millions of hearts?? Who "gave" hopes to the millions? To tell everyone that "nothing is impossible"? Whose an eye opened to those cynics...

Cant believe her recent surprise makeover.....

Look, this was her when she first came to audition where most in the hall underestimated her before she opens her blurrdy dang mouth and sing...

And this is her recent makeover...

Awww... i swear i would say

"Marry me Susan Boyle!!!"

if i were at her age... LOL

Besides, im listening to David Archuleta's Christmas From The Heart too..

Yes, I'm in Christmas mood!!!

It's been since i was a kid, I just love to listen to Christmas melodies... Used to have a lot of Christmas cartoons during the whole month of December and i would 24/7 sticked to the idiot box watching them. Christmas decorations could be seen everywhere as well. They'd all just give me a real good feeling... Don't know how to describe..Although i don't celebrate Christmas with my family, but i remember i did receive X'mas gifts from parents and that was so long ago...

As i grow up, i got to celebrate with friends occasionally especially when my Christian friends held X'mas parties. We exchanged gifts, sipping wine, buffet dining, and singing carol is my favourite at all time!!!!! Used to join choir in church during X'mas just for fun... Love it so much....
Coz i just love to sing... ahha.. I dont care.. whatever things to do with singing, no doubt you would see me be part of it!!!

And one thing that i have always wanted to for Christmas is~.....

It always come to my mind whenever i see couples on TV spending their own sweet time during the Christmas Eve. Just both of them, hugging in front of the wood burning stove enjoying hot chocolate, while frosty snowing outside... How romantic it is, isnt it??

Ok, i know it wont be materialised that soon as I'm still in this scorching hot tropical country with the frequent weird weather nowadays... I dont need wood stove for warmth. It is warm enough... How I wish it snows here.. haha..

Just cant wait to be able to spend my Christmas with my special one this year... Finally...
Dining in a romantic environment with perfect Christmas settings would be awesome.. Yes, cant wait for it to come.. XD