Sunday, December 27, 2009

Klismas in Xin Jia Bo

Had a BBQ party at Costa Sand Resort on Christmas Eve.

Yeah~ the resort..
blame the ciplak cam i only had that time =.=

On Christmas Day,
dined at Saizeriya
at Clarke Quay

Fruit Salad

Spicy Drumlets

Seafood Chowder
In love with it~~

The ingridients in it were very generous

My main dish~
Japanese Roasted Pork
Dang~ Can't get enough of it!!!
Highly recommended!!

~B~'s main dish
Cheesy Chicken

My tummy is growling now~

Had a stroll down along Orchard Road
after dinner
Met up with Roy & Yanny
Had a very nice chat that night~

Yesterday, Boxing Day
caught Avatar at Marina Square
Didnt feel so much hype over it
as what many has said about the show
I would say
kudos to the visual effects!!
Very cool done~
4/5 rating *thumbs up* ^^

Stopped at Martini Bar
with Siew Yee aka luffing fish and Divya
before dropping by at a Turkish restaurant for dinner (Forgot da name)

Martini Bar at Hyatt Hotel

Finally, ended up at Siew Yee's house searching for funny videos on Youtube.
Believe me,
she got warned by her sister
for laughing being so loud at so late in the night... Mwahahahahahaha

And thanks to ~B~, Roy, Wendy and Colin for da Klismas pleasants~

Before that,
Thanks to my dearest Aunt Liz from New York
was really excited with the cookies she sent it over

They look too beautiful
to be taken a ride into my tum tum

You wouldn't want to eat them up
would ya~

Until now horh,
i satu pun belum makan lorhhh
mm seh dak sik lok tou lor.....

I miss carolling this year~


成亿 said...

oi, share some of d cookie here la...u make me hungry d la...

Ericsoft said...
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Shiuji said...

so fantastic men... so many event ya...

Ericsoft said...

Drooling(O_O)sai lou can ta pau for me plz...i love the pork wat wat and cheezy chicken aaaargh~!


i will help u to eat them :P

Anonymous said...

haha hyatt in spore looks nice..


count anone said...

pwetty kookies!i can haz a kookies??

[SK] said...

wow, you had a nice and wonderful xmas holidays huh.. and that japanese grilled pork is so yummy yummy yummy!! :)

fuzpeiz said...

where da hell is my pressie

~eRiC~ said...

Sengaik: okok... wait u come back first lar harh...

Roy: yeah!!

Dai lou: haha.. havend you gotten enough with your ipoh food fair that day??

Leu: lai lar!! XD

Hc: yea lor.. very classy.. it's Martini Bar

SK: yea, wish you had one too!! ^^

Fupei: no present for you.. you have been norti!!