Saturday, November 29, 2008


It has been boring lately since after the Penang trip... As now i hardly find anything to occupy my time & i have 2 months plus more to go before my next sem starts... Watching TVB soaps, english series, going online, playing computer games, PS2, playing piano, writing a lil' bit of songs, 'yum cha' with friends, sometimes goin out for movies, er... Oops, thats a lot.... XD Nah, maybe not so much of hardly occupying time, perhaps it's like having the same thing, online,watch telly,play,sleep, eat, online, watch telly, play, sleep, etc.....boring....
Wanna do something extraodinary, something extreme!!!
Well, see, my postings are all getting dull too....

Any idea anyone out there?give me a call if you want some outing. Im just too darn

Friday, November 28, 2008

No Online in Daytime!!

Damn it!!! I dont know what happen to my lappy that it can no longer go online with Wi-fi!!!
All this while i've been 'stealing' the wireless line from a nearby hotel at balcony but since yesterday there's something wrong with shows the line signal detected is stronger than before, at one time it shows it's getting 99% of the line which i doubt it because of the distance from my balcony to the just cant be...but i tried to connect to it, it keeps failing each time. Sometimes i could access to it but it says with limited access...but only after 10minutes im disconnected again!!! WTH!!

Oh boy, i tried centrillions of times reconnecting until at a point i felt like chucking off the laptop from the balcony!!! lol...poor my lappy, maybe it's not his fault perhaps...haha..
So im wondering if it's my lappy problem or the hotel did something to its line? it cant be them blocking me...there's no passwords required or whatsoever... i gotta try testing it at some other's pissing me off when i kept denied from going online...i just cant live without

So, i only able to go online at night when i got back to my other house...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


For those who do not have a clue what OIAM (One In A Million) is, it is one of Malaysia most succesful reality tv show running for its third season on 8tv. It is like any other talent-scout show, a singing competition searching for the next superstar nationwide. Besides the signing of a recording contract as the grand prize, 1million Ringgit cash is to be won as well.

Ok, so i thought of giving it a try since it's held on the same day at the same time im coming to Penang. Have always been fascinating about taking part in this kind of singing talent show but always it's either i was too busy or the time was not right. So this time thought of going it for fun though it's not the right time yet too considering that im still in the mid of doin' my degree!!!

So i got to the counter for registeration.......there weren't many people though actually. The registration was only open from 9am to 3pm. Only 160 registered up in total. I was the 99th one. (lucky number?)lolz.....

So i was made to wait at the hall with other contestants. I was so nervous that time geez, while waiting for my number to be called out.....

We were made to known that actually Paul Moss & Shafinaz couldnt make themselves present for this audition... therefore, they would be watching us (contestants) through webcam from KL...what the least it'd be better as there would be less tension as you're not singing face to face to the judges?but somehow, i guess our performance could be affected in a way, depends on how good the quality of the live video of us they are watching back in KL.

While waiting and waiting....sien..
Oh, it's the mirror effect that makes us look

"7091, 7093, 7095, 7097, 7099, please get ready".... my number was called.. shit...scared like shit..

There were 5 of us...i was the last one.. it's seems like we have to go in 5 by 5 together in the audition room and there were a guy and a lady as "judges" sitting at the table in the room, they were the ones who are communicating with Paul Moss and Shafinaz whom are watching us through webcam. So whatever that Paul or Shaf wanted to say, the 2 "judges" would pass the message to us...gosh, freaking nervous ok!! With the crews dealing with recording video and lightings surrounding you while you're singing. Well, the first guy belted out Faizal Tahir song 'Gemuruh'.. i was amazed by his voice power. Next up, another guy singing another malay song and another girl singing yet another malay song both with quite a well-controlled voice, but the songs they picked were quite boring though. Feeling belittled by their performance...then my turn, holy shit, "die die la, aiyo"...i did Waiting on The World to Change by John Mayer...

Oh boy, they stopped me in less than 30 seconds..i was like, my goodness, i sure cant get through lor. The 4 of them before me sang at least a minute or more but i only sang for less than 30seconds!!! What does this mean!!!

Sei lor...while waiting for feedback from Paul and Shaf whom are in KL...then suddenly a lady came to call out a few numbers... "Ok, those numbers i've called out, you may go back home, thanks for coming!!" .... wait a minute... i did not hear my number did i!!! Looking blur, I went up to her and asked, "Excuse me, did u call my number?7099?"

She was like "Nope, i did not, so that means you are through the next round. Congratulations!!"

I couldnt believe it at all... because those before me do really have nice voice wor especially the Faizal Tahir guy. Perhaps they are looking for originality, they dont want any clone of any artist perhaps?

I GOT THROUGH FIRST ROUND!! but i was told that those who got through the first round have to wait for yet another round of audition? What the hell?! Why is there 2nd round?

Ok, then i waited and waited till so long...boredom is just killing me ... I've almost spent half of the day for this thingy...

By 8pm, I was almost the last one for the 2nd round. But till that moment, there're only 5 who really got through (to KL for next preliminary elimination). What a small number, out of 160?

Then in 2nd round, i couldnt find myself comfortable, with the odd way of audition-ing us, and that i had not eaten anything since morning excpet for a piece of chicken for lunch until 8pm, i just fumbled & i didnt make it...

Haha, nevermind, it's worth the experience, to see how actually these reality shows are being made...actually, it wasnt that real after all you know, those recaps on tv,etc...hahaha, now i know..Now i know better how it is like to be on show & my mistakes,therefore should be able to get more well prepared next time (if only i wanna give it a next shot^^)

Thinking back, i think i shouldn't have sung the same song in the 2nd round lar. I thought it'd be safer with the first song since they let me passed through with it. But now i think they might thought i have no other song but Waiting On The World To Change again!!!!!

Day 3 - Penang

Well well, reaching the last day... sad to leave...miss my buddies so much..missing the food too...hehe

Lunch lor....Yalor, skipped breakfast again lor...woke up late ma

Island Glades laksa - good one!!finally!!!

Ma Chi (sticky flour covered with sesame seeds & peanuts)

Char Koay Teow (nicer than yesterday's)

After that...went 3G Cafe at e-Gate for a drink just right after our lunch...


Guess what

Their menu >>>>>>>>>>

Sorry for the blurry picture if cant be read what those words are..(taken with phone cam ma)

Let me restate them here, they are "Slippery Nipple, Sex in Bed, Orgasm Peak, Blowjob"....
lolz..though didnt try any of them...we just played poker cards before heading to Queensbay Mall again until 3.30pm, we then headed to bus terminal to catch our bus back home...

Really missing them for the first the fact that i actually hardly miss any of my friends except for some who are going out of the country....far far away... :(

Anyways, we're gonna meet again soon before next month in Kampar...^^

Thanks a lot for the tour Fion & Jeff!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 2 - Penang

On day 2, we were supposed to be packing back home in the evening, but due to much persuassion by both Jeffrey & Fiona and partly to blame on my audition that had caused us spending lesser fun time together the day before, we decided to extend one more day there!! ^^

& thanks a lot to Fiona's mom for our stay at the hotel coz she kindly paid for our extra day at the hotel though we kept refusing to accept the offer. Thank you so much Aunty!!! & thanks to Fiona's first-time-fierceful-stare at me when i tried to return the money!!!

"Please dont make me angry ar (staring at me like a murderer)!!!" hahaha.Was really taken aback by her 1-second-angry-face as i've not been afraid of her all this while eventhough she was angry...or maybe never really angry before lah excpet this time..haha

We went to Queensbay Mall for our lunch. Yea, we skipped our breakfast. Woke up late coz got into bed at 4am the night before after clubbing. We went to this toilet concept restaurant called T-bowl. Everything there is made to be like you're eating in a toilet. The seats, table (a piece of glass covering over basins), dishes (food in toilet-bowl-like bowls), shit-like sausages...

Let the pictures speak.................

our drinks (not that special of them though)

my Cheese Baked Chicken Chop Rice in a toilet bowl

The food are not bad though...but have to fork out a little more lor since it's a concept restaurant what...^^

Then while walking around the mall, something caught our eyes, it was this oldest Theatre-show in the world. It was believed to have been in China since 800 years ago during the Qing dynasty. & since after the Chinese government start banning foreign films into the country, this 8-century-old "theatre" was brought bact to popularity in the country. There will be a storyteller at the side of a big box singing and playing chinese percussions while a few audience would have sit at the side and look at the inside of the box through the holes at the box. There are pictures inside it and magnifying glasses to magnify the pictures. Well, it sounds a lil boring to me & i just dont see any fun at it. lol. Maybe i dont understand mandarin?? Rather watching movies in a comfy couch in an air-con room with snacks in hands with the best hi-fi surround

Next, Kek Lok Si Temple.....though i went a few times before

Later at night, dinner at a food court in Batu Feringghi....

Lime juice

Worse laksa in penang so far, a lot of fish bones!!!

Fried Oyster ^^ (nice)

Char Koay Teow (not bad)

Got back hotel quite early that night. Nothing to do....

Camwhor-ing lor...

Jeff & Fiona have gone home early too, they should join us.....

Day 1 - Penang

Day 1 in Penang was in a little of mess because Pei & I did not inform Jeffrey & Fiona (coursemates from Penang) that we would reach there earlier, instead we told them we would be reaching at 2pm. It was because i planned to stop by at the OIAM (One In a Million - a singing competition) audition since it was held in penang. I gave it a shot. *More about it in later a posting* ^^

During the audition, i've missed a lot of fun with them ( 3 of them, pei, jeff, fion) because i asked them need not to wait for me as the audition was taking me so long. Gosh, didnt think it could actually stretched till whole day long. Really really that long you know. Was almost bored to death.

So, this is the place where we (Pei & i) stayed.

Well, after the audtion was over, they came picked me up and we went to a restaurant. & we had these for dinner at 9.30pm >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The dim sum were just as side-dishes.

Then we went to MOIS for clubbing. Just got a lil' bad for a first timer ok!!! Now i know how it feels like when got drunk...hmm, hmm..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sick sick sick!!!

What a good time to get sick huh!!!
Seldom down with fever usually...but why at this time?!!!!WTF!
Last night, was suppose to go out for yum cha with a friend...but out of sudden i had to cancel other words FFK, i just have to..coz i couldnt bare to leave my sis dealing with her chemistry miserably alone, coz she would have her chem paper tomorrow(today)...yea, i got my head cracked to teach her That was why i had to FFK..Yea, at the last minute...& then, i felt so so so sick out of gosh...till this at least feeling a lil better. but still feeling restless. sigh...& i have to get a lot much well in 5hours more before yum cha later with my "that friend"...babisai ar, for FFK-ing her last night, i have to treat her for dinner later...goin' citrus wor...& Citrus is just a lil cheaper than Indulgence only!!nevermind...who asked me to the end...WHY GET SICK AT THIS TIME!!!
I mean, tonight i have to go for the outing coz i cant afford to FFK again or else i'd be bankrupt!! Then this saturday, i have to be in penang to meet up with my coursemates & do something else (P&C)...sigh...wish me well, get well by tonight.. ^^

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pai Seh

Geez...have you encountered a situation when you realised you have no enough cash to pay for your stuffs right at the face of the cashier? This just happened to me today...Oh boy, what an embarassment. I was at pdi browsing for clothes then i got my choices and headed to the counter to pay.
& then i was like "holy shit, i don't have enough money in my wallet. There was only 20bucks left!!Gee...Luckily i have my ATM card in my wallet...I was like "em, sorry, could you wait for me a second?" to the cashier. "I'll be back in 5". She(the cashier) was like "er, ok..." Quickly i ran to the nearby ATM machine and got my enough of cash and rushed back to the store. Noticed some of the staffs were looking at me like one kind. i care?!!(act tough, lolz) In the end, i got a pair of white shorts which i have been longing for. ^^

& that day itself, with my brother, i've catched.
Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa. It was one heck of a funny show. It's recommended to those who wish to have a good 89minutes of laughter throughout the show.

This scene goes something like this :
Kowalski: [the penguin on the microphone] This is your captain speaking. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we will be landing immediately. [everyone claps]
Kowalski: The bad news is we're crash landing. of the most memorable quotes from the show...