Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 3 - Penang

Well well, reaching the last day... sad to leave...miss my buddies so much..missing the food too...hehe

Lunch lor....Yalor, skipped breakfast again lor...woke up late ma

Island Glades laksa - good one!!finally!!!

Ma Chi (sticky flour covered with sesame seeds & peanuts)

Char Koay Teow (nicer than yesterday's)

After that...went 3G Cafe at e-Gate for a drink just right after our lunch...


Guess what

Their menu >>>>>>>>>>

Sorry for the blurry picture if cant be read what those words are..(taken with phone cam ma)

Let me restate them here, they are "Slippery Nipple, Sex in Bed, Orgasm Peak, Blowjob"....
lolz..though didnt try any of them...we just played poker cards before heading to Queensbay Mall again until 3.30pm, we then headed to bus terminal to catch our bus back home...

Really missing them for the first time....lol..considering the fact that i actually hardly miss any of my friends except for some who are going out of the country....far far away... :(

Anyways, we're gonna meet again soon before next month in Kampar...^^

Thanks a lot for the tour Fion & Jeff!!!


Willy's Diary said...

please ask our friend to courrier a bowl of laksa to my address in taiwan LOL

erictbk said...

hahaha...really ar?!!im serious ok?!
you're comin back ler next month...come back eat ler...since kham loves spicy food so much...but penang laksa not spicy ge hoh?lol