Tuesday, November 25, 2008


For those who do not have a clue what OIAM (One In A Million) is, it is one of Malaysia most succesful reality tv show running for its third season on 8tv. It is like any other talent-scout show, a singing competition searching for the next superstar nationwide. Besides the signing of a recording contract as the grand prize, 1million Ringgit cash is to be won as well.

Ok, so i thought of giving it a try since it's held on the same day at the same time im coming to Penang. Have always been fascinating about taking part in this kind of singing talent show but always it's either i was too busy or the time was not right. So this time thought of going it for fun though it's not the right time yet too considering that im still in the mid of doin' my degree!!!

So i got to the counter for registeration.......there weren't many people though actually. The registration was only open from 9am to 3pm. Only 160 registered up in total. I was the 99th one. (lucky number?)lolz.....

So i was made to wait at the hall with other contestants. I was so nervous that time geez, while waiting for my number to be called out.....

We were made to known that actually Paul Moss & Shafinaz couldnt make themselves present for this audition... therefore, they would be watching us (contestants) through webcam from KL...what the hell...at least it'd be better as there would be less tension as you're not singing face to face to the judges?but somehow, i guess our performance could be affected in a way, depends on how good the quality of the live video of us they are watching back in KL.

While waiting and waiting....sien..
Oh, it's the mirror effect that makes us look bloated..lol

"7091, 7093, 7095, 7097, 7099, please get ready".... my number was called.. shit...scared like shit..

There were 5 of us...i was the last one.. it's seems like we have to go in 5 by 5 together in the audition room and there were a guy and a lady as "judges" sitting at the table in the room, they were the ones who are communicating with Paul Moss and Shafinaz whom are watching us through webcam. So whatever that Paul or Shaf wanted to say, the 2 "judges" would pass the message to us...gosh, freaking nervous ok!! With the crews dealing with recording video and lightings surrounding you while you're singing. Well, the first guy belted out Faizal Tahir song 'Gemuruh'.. i was amazed by his voice power. Next up, another guy singing another malay song and another girl singing yet another malay song both with quite a well-controlled voice, but the songs they picked were quite boring though. Feeling belittled by their performance...then my turn, holy shit, "die die la, aiyo"...i did Waiting on The World to Change by John Mayer...

Oh boy, they stopped me in less than 30 seconds..i was like, my goodness, i sure cant get through lor. The 4 of them before me sang at least a minute or more but i only sang for less than 30seconds!!! What does this mean!!!

Sei lor...while waiting for feedback from Paul and Shaf whom are in KL...then suddenly a lady came to call out a few numbers... "Ok, those numbers i've called out, you may go back home, thanks for coming!!" .... wait a minute... i did not hear my number did i!!! Looking blur, I went up to her and asked, "Excuse me, did u call my number?7099?"

She was like "Nope, i did not, so that means you are through the next round. Congratulations!!"

I couldnt believe it at all... because those before me do really have nice voice wor especially the Faizal Tahir guy. Perhaps they are looking for originality, they dont want any clone of any artist perhaps?

I GOT THROUGH FIRST ROUND!! but i was told that those who got through the first round have to wait for yet another round of audition? What the hell?! Why is there 2nd round?

Ok, then i waited and waited till so long...boredom is just killing me ... I've almost spent half of the day for this thingy...

By 8pm, I was almost the last one for the 2nd round. But till that moment, there're only 5 who really got through (to KL for next preliminary elimination). What a small number, out of 160?

Then in 2nd round, i couldnt find myself comfortable, with the odd way of audition-ing us, and that i had not eaten anything since morning excpet for a piece of chicken for lunch until 8pm, i just fumbled & i didnt make it...

Haha, nevermind, it's worth the experience, to see how actually these reality shows are being made...actually, it wasnt that real after all you know, those recaps on tv,etc...hahaha, now i know..Now i know better how it is like to be on show & my mistakes,therefore should be able to get more well prepared next time (if only i wanna give it a next shot^^)

Thinking back, i think i shouldn't have sung the same song in the 2nd round lar. I thought it'd be safer with the first song since they let me passed through with it. But now i think they might thought i have no other song but Waiting On The World To Change again!!!!!


x I u L i said...

wa..made it to the first round nt bad d wert

Zoey said...

whoa... geng wor!

erictbk said...

but not geng enough ler...lolz ^^

Eileen said...

hye love..
u did very well k..
be proud la..
no worries..
Practice more.. den who knows there's another chance some other time..
I'm ur best supporter remember??
I promised de ma..
Congrats ya!!
Dont be too humble..
U deserve it..

Willy's Diary said...

hahaha you are brave... i dared not to go for audition... my voice somehow hoarse... they will stopped me from singing after 10 seconds leh... hehehe

erictbk said...

oh dearie leen, yea, i might go try for serious in future..perhaps after grad?lol....
yea, i wont forget my 1st greatest supporter!!!lol

willy willy, may i listen to your singing voice?lol...

Willy's Diary said...

eric, i think most probably you are elimated due to your skin problem lar hahaha

wanna hear my voice? ok la, you come to taiwan lor... LOL