Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 2 - Penang

On day 2, we were supposed to be packing back home in the evening, but due to much persuassion by both Jeffrey & Fiona and partly to blame on my audition that had caused us spending lesser fun time together the day before, we decided to extend one more day there!! ^^

& thanks a lot to Fiona's mom for our stay at the hotel coz she kindly paid for our extra day at the hotel though we kept refusing to accept the offer. Thank you so much Aunty!!! & thanks to Fiona's first-time-fierceful-stare at me when i tried to return the money!!!

"Please dont make me angry ar (staring at me like a murderer)!!!" hahaha.Was really taken aback by her 1-second-angry-face as i've not been afraid of her all this while eventhough she was angry...or maybe never really angry before lah excpet this time..haha

We went to Queensbay Mall for our lunch. Yea, we skipped our breakfast. Woke up late coz got into bed at 4am the night before after clubbing. We went to this toilet concept restaurant called T-bowl. Everything there is made to be like you're eating in a toilet. The seats, table (a piece of glass covering over basins), dishes (food in toilet-bowl-like bowls), shit-like sausages...

Let the pictures speak.................

our drinks (not that special of them though)

my Cheese Baked Chicken Chop Rice in a toilet bowl

The food are not bad though...but have to fork out a little more lor since it's a concept restaurant what...^^

Then while walking around the mall, something caught our eyes, it was this oldest Theatre-show in the world. It was believed to have been in China since 800 years ago during the Qing dynasty. & since after the Chinese government start banning foreign films into the country, this 8-century-old "theatre" was brought bact to popularity in the country. There will be a storyteller at the side of a big box singing and playing chinese percussions while a few audience would have sit at the side and look at the inside of the box through the holes at the box. There are pictures inside it and magnifying glasses to magnify the pictures. Well, it sounds a lil boring to me & i just dont see any fun at it. lol. Maybe i dont understand mandarin?? Rather watching movies in a comfy couch in an air-con room with snacks in hands with the best hi-fi surround

Next, Kek Lok Si Temple.....though i went a few times before

Later at night, dinner at a food court in Batu Feringghi....

Lime juice

Worse laksa in penang so far, a lot of fish bones!!!

Fried Oyster ^^ (nice)

Char Koay Teow (not bad)

Got back hotel quite early that night. Nothing to do....

Camwhor-ing lor...

Jeff & Fiona have gone home early too, they should join us.....


Willy's Diary said...

hey, 800 years ago was Yuan Dynasty lar, china was conquered by Mongolians that time... you didn't like history meh? LOL

and the restaurant really sucks! i lost my appetite after seeing those photos. you to be blam eric!!! haha

erictbk said...

lol...exactly..i never like history...but i just followed what the displayed infos says 800 years ago, &something about Qing dynasty.maybe i din read properly

but the food not bad wht..hahaha