Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 1 - Penang

Day 1 in Penang was in a little of mess because Pei & I did not inform Jeffrey & Fiona (coursemates from Penang) that we would reach there earlier, instead we told them we would be reaching at 2pm. It was because i planned to stop by at the OIAM (One In a Million - a singing competition) audition since it was held in penang. I gave it a shot. *More about it in later a posting* ^^

During the audition, i've missed a lot of fun with them ( 3 of them, pei, jeff, fion) because i asked them need not to wait for me as the audition was taking me so long. Gosh, didnt think it could actually stretched till whole day long. Really really that long you know. Was almost bored to death.

So, this is the place where we (Pei & i) stayed.

Well, after the audtion was over, they came picked me up and we went to a restaurant. & we had these for dinner at 9.30pm >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The dim sum were just as side-dishes.

Then we went to MOIS for clubbing. Just got a lil' bad for a first timer ok!!! Now i know how it feels like when got drunk...hmm, hmm..


Willy's Diary said...

oh no khun eric... your skin ah.... better do more facial LOL

erictbk said...

did u just clicked on it and viewed it with a larger size?my god...ya, i should...maybe u should give me some of ur secret recipe for keeping urs