Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sick sick sick!!!

What a good time to get sick huh!!!
Seldom down with fever usually...but why at this time?!!!!WTF!
Last night, was suppose to go out for yum cha with a friend...but out of sudden i had to cancel other words FFK, i just have to..coz i couldnt bare to leave my sis dealing with her chemistry miserably alone, coz she would have her chem paper tomorrow(today)...yea, i got my head cracked to teach her That was why i had to FFK..Yea, at the last minute...& then, i felt so so so sick out of gosh...till this at least feeling a lil better. but still feeling restless. sigh...& i have to get a lot much well in 5hours more before yum cha later with my "that friend"...babisai ar, for FFK-ing her last night, i have to treat her for dinner later...goin' citrus wor...& Citrus is just a lil cheaper than Indulgence only!!nevermind...who asked me to the end...WHY GET SICK AT THIS TIME!!!
I mean, tonight i have to go for the outing coz i cant afford to FFK again or else i'd be bankrupt!! Then this saturday, i have to be in penang to meet up with my coursemates & do something else (P&C)...sigh...wish me well, get well by tonight.. ^^


Willy's Diary said...

you are kidnapped by someone? or already fallen in love with penang? LOL

erictbk said...

yea...willy!!!help!!!i got kidnapped!!!
im always in love with penang.especially the food!!!