Friday, January 1, 2010

Bubye 2009!!! Hello to 2010!!!

Talking about New Year Resolution...
It won't be in my dictionary..

Looking back of my
last year made resolutions.
Let's not talk about it..
i would say i just got to achieve 10% of them?
Especially with the "tidying up of my room"

Yes, i did get it cleaned up in the end
But what i see now
my room,
just like some natural disaster aftermath!!
it's even worse!!!
Thanks to my bro
who got his comics and storybooks scattered around
Nah, there you go
pushing the blame here

Not going to make any new year resolution
Last year was my first and last trial of making one
A failure!


Well, just hope to be in good health and stay happy always
And of course to wish that people around me that i love
to be in good health and may joyous and happiness be with them
As that will always be what makes me happy!!

Was too tired and lazy to go out for the countdown last night
sorry for those i FFK
really tired ma~ ok
Was in shower when clock strucked 12!!
Sheesh, dang my hp time.. 5minutes slower!!
Rushed out with water still dripping all over
*Of course got cover cover lar ok~ XP*
To watch the live telecast fireworks on TV
Before running back to shower again.....

Sounds pathetic horh to some of you?
For me, it's just another day like the rest of the 364 days
Everyday can be a new year's day if you want to ^^

Dear friends bloggers, and my readers

Do you have any new year resolution this year?


[SK] said...

haha, i think i have the same problem like you.. i always keep REPEATING the SAME resolution every year, and yet still have not succeeded till now.. haiz!!! anyway, happy new year to you.. :)

Ericsoft said...

Super happy new year sai Lou!!!good luck alwiz ..this is the new starting point for u and no more bad luck onwards!!

Shiuji said...

eerr... ya.. post to my blog tmr... hehe...

成亿 said...

haha, nothing wrong being at home during new year...happy 2010 to you...

Merv said...

happy new year! Well, my last year resolution was a failure too.

eliza natsuko said...

talking about new year resolutions.. i didn't have any too. cuz well, i only 'hangat hangat tahi ayam'. lol! happy new year, eric!

count a said...

i don't have any resolution...

as for the room isn't it like magic??you clean it and all of a sudden the mess appeared from nowhere...

fuzpeiz said...

new year resolution : to make darling happy, to make eric

~eRiC~ said...

SK: haha... then rather dont make any then.. haha
Happy new year to u too

Dailou: yeah. same to u too..

Roy: Post to ur blog tmr?

Sengaik: yeah, it's been a norm for all these years. happy 2010 to u too

Merv: haa,let's not make any resolution then.. u too!

Eliza: happy new year to u too!! i pun hangat hangat taik ayam lor.. XD

countanone: come clean for me, i pay u..

Fupei: hate u lor...


happy new year to eric bak kut teh~

Anonymous said...

ynpd n ) zr 17