Friday, January 8, 2010

This country This country

It's getting crazier
getting shittier
really dramatic
out there
everything gets worsen
it seems

You would know if you follow with the updates of late.....

From the death of the Mongolian
the death of the opposition party politician

From switching BACKWARDS to teaching of science and maths in Malay language
raising the price of sugar (follow suit by many other prices automatically for sure, albeit our stagnant income salary)

From being the laughing stock to the world for canning a model caught drinking beer
the most hilarious incident ever happened to a country where its very own fighter jet engine (damn big ok, damn heavy ok) got stolen out of the country!!!

Can-do spirit ya?!
Ala~ Malaysia memang boleh lar!!
Smangat berkoba-koba tu
Korang ni memang tak paham paham

And now,
Over the Who-should-use-"Allah"-in-refering-to-their-God controversy
as if lar, not "dramatic" enough like that

Check them out....

*Not to forget the not-long-ago-cow head protest*

So WTF ok!!!
What kind of barbaric act is this?!!
Do they (the culprits) learn what their religion preach?!!
Im not a Christian though,
but i feel terrible with such despicable act to occur in this beloved land of mine...

Oopsie.. Did i say "mine"??...
I'm just
keturunan "pendatang" (decendant of "immigrants") only heh?!!
Almost forgotten.. =.="

Don't pakai cakap condemn condemn saja sana
(Don't just keep condemning the act
by speech!!)
Im just curious now
of what action would be taken
as much as how you want to condem the act.....


Tony Leong said...

get out from there. =D

-Kenson- said...

That's where we live... what to do? barbarians are at everywhere...

Anonymous said...

1 m'sia konon

Merv said...

yeah! malaysia boleh!

~eRiC~ said...

Tony: yea, i know you are out of here dy.. XD

Kenson: yea, this is where we call HOME

tiffany: yeala... kononnya, that's the meaning of it..??

Merv: yeah~

count a said...

in the news they say they MAY use isa to those people...actually they SHOULD use isa to those people...

well they use isa to people that threaten them they care about this country's condition...

oh yeah...i'm kaum pendatang like you also...hopefully i can go back to my ancsetors country...saudi:)

fufu said...

alamak... i hate these kind of stuff >< damn... give me your vote next time la... i will change the country i promise... hoohohohoho

Shiuji said...

feel shame...

Chris said...

aiya.. their people is like tat conservative..

Anonymous said...

as a mixed race malaysian who happens to be a muslim, I am truly ashamed of what my fellow muslim malaysians do when this 'Allah' thingy came out. i mean, WTF!! so what?? who cares if non-Muslims use 'Allah' for their God! I know I COULDN'T care less. but, sadly, most malaysian muslims are really MUNDUR and EMO...
I shame to be malaysian