Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bye bye Tanahair"ku"

Some 300,000 Malaysians left their country last year???!!

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 23 — Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah today criticised Malaysians who have emigrated, saying it was
“wrong” and insinuating that they were betraying the sacrifices of their forefathers.

Husni, who is second finance minister, explained that “our forefathers” settled here because they believed that their children would have a future in Malaysia.

“You and me, our children, we build our lives here and we have our homes here. This is our homeland. I get very sad when I hear we have people migrating to foreign shores. To me, this is wrong.

“Our forefathers have come here, many years ago, bearing much hardship and deprivation. Why did they endure this? Because they believed that their future generations will reap the fruits of having to live on this blessed land,” he said in his speech when launching the Annual Real Estate Agent Convention 2010 at PWTC here.

He then went on to dismiss public complaints as mere “discomfort”.

“There is much here to strive for, there are many reasons to stay. Our fathers have given up so much and they went through so much. Surely, our complaints are merely discomfort compared to their sacrifices.

“Let us build our future in this homeland of ours and work hard together to make things better,” he said.

Husni stressed that the government has always ensured that Malaysians are able to own their own homes.

“It has always been the government’s policy to ensure that every Malaysian is able to own his or her own home. Home-ownership is one of the most fundamental and basic tenets of a market economy.

“We do not want to see the establishment of a landlord class nor do we wish to see the prices of homes being out of reach for the average Malaysian.

“We do not want houses to be the subject of reckless speculation and the rise of an inflationary asset bubble. Every Malaysian must have every opportunity to own a home as a basis of his domestic comfort and financial security,” he said.

Husni pointed that government policies have made Malaysia into the country with the largest number of middle-class homeowners in the region.

“All these years, we have seen home-ownership grow tremendously amongst all races.

“Malaysia, in fact, has the largest number of middle-class homeowners in Southeast Asia. This, you will not get if you are a citizen of any other Asean country,” he said.

Husni also emphasised that he is confident the country will be able to reach the targeted five per cent economic growth for 2010.

He added that the Najib administration has always been a “listening government.”....................

Let me tell you what
This fella must be real Jurassic
Stop dragging our forefathers sacrifices into the scene
I supposed,
they are shaking their heads now
in their graves
looking at how the country is moving backwards towards
Mr Husni,
Look at what your kawan kawan sekalian have been doing for and in this country

Sad to say,
We were once perceived as one of the Asia little Tigers,
comparable to Singapore and Hong Kong
But now,
They are leaving us behind
Even we are now falling behind the second tiered Indonesia and Thailand

You did not even bother to ask why the
300, 000 odds Malaysians chose to dumped their
tanah air

So, STFU and
stop pointing finger
to those left as betrayers

Start evaluating yourself
together with your "kawan kawan sekalian"
who have been ruling this land for half a century
I'm sure you don't need us to say much right?!
for why the massive number of departures of Malaysians, especially the non-Bumis aka "pendatang".

Really sad to see tanahairku like that
Dah lah with those "world class drama" took place one by one


Zoey said...

Nice post. Makes me think too =)

kenwooi said...

malaysia ma.. always like that =P

成亿 said...

wow...i'm really out of touch with the national news...only 300k ppl emigrate ah???

really, what do they really expect wo???

Merv said...

agree! leave! leave! leave! that's what they want! especially for immigrants! Drama?

Chris said...

Govt must thinks what they do to the citizens 1st b4 blaming the malaysians all migrated...

~eRiC~ said...

Pui Yan: Hehe :)

Kenwooi: yealo... haihz...

Sengaik: you are always out of national news except showbiz news ge lar... XD

Merv: But for those no money leh~

Chris: Exactly... that is typical msian gov lar...

count a said...

lets migrate!

Mervin said...

hmm... money always the problem!
I wish i am rich too! xDDD

Anonymous said...

n nobody report the problem for those who leaving malaysia.. i beleive some of them will be back to our countary... what u get overthere... malaysia still the best after i visited, worked and stay in europe......
love malaysia

Anonymous said...

haha msia boleh..if i can migrate i wanna migrate 2..hahahaha


Amos said...

When something happened, finger pointing was all they did.

The absurd description for the 'emigrate' is unbelievable. Betrayal... they called.
Wow, they find no boundaries in using inappropriate words.
What have those emigrated people done? Stole national treasure, bombarded the twin tower, or mass murdered?

They need a massive mirror, to reflect themselves with their 'good deeds'.

nuff' said, Nice Blog!

~eRiC~ said...

Count a: no money ler~ XD

Mervin: eh, u are now studying abroad lor~

Love malaysia: Well, yea, im not really saying msia is not a good place to stay, in fact i would love to stay this land forever if not for the ugly politics scenes and stupid policies that break the people apart...

hc: hello, u are in the process dy i thought...

Amos: Thanks... just a piece of my thought.. ^^

fufu said...

sigh...what to do? but you guys gotta be there until i have become somebody ok?give me all the votes and i will rule the country well =p hohohoho

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