Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Wanna be a model?

I would say no... for me
It's not my thing
Singing 200% yes, but not modeling lar
Not so much of my thing

Body: Urrgh, i don't have it, i need it badly
Height: I don't think i'm tall wor (only 174-176cm)
Look: Tarak lorrr

Ok, maybe it more applies to runway model larrrr...

coz runway models required the 3 factors mentioned above

For magazines ads models, still can larrr....
But runway models....Hmmm~

Of late, I feel I'm like a dwarf
standing alongside with the other model
Ok lar, there was a guy who's about my height...
but still.....

I feel short weiiiii!!!!! =.=

They are all 180cm and above,
and i am like

Forgot dy larr
I remember the last time I measured 4 years ago was
about 173cm or 174cm??

Nevermind nevermind,
As long as confidence kicks in
Even a crow can standout among the swans.. XD

One must have:

1) The look,
Photogenic of course

(like this Biatch buddy/sidekick of mine,
in the cover mag for this Feb XD)

Musculine looking


Boyish looking


Not Cinapek looking

2) Not necessarily pretty faces,
but UNIQUE faces
is what in today's market

See the girl behind??

Well, I don't think Amber Chia is typically beautiful
as in pageant-like face
but the confidence, the aura and uniqueness in her
that make her looks gorgeous

3) The height,
tall enough
to walk down the runway
Range: 5'10 very athletic to 6'2 fashion

(Eh, not everyone can do a perfect catwalk you know,
Definitely i need to practise more in this point,
Yeah~ Jacky too.. XD )

I've always thought it was easy,
as seen from Janice Dickinson and ANTM

Lisa, Daniel Wu's gal, is as tall as Daniel or even taller
She's hawt by the way... :P

4) The body
It also depends
in which type of modeling you are in
whether runway modeling or print ads modeling etc


defnitiely not like this

Make sure keep this
wrapped under many many layers of clothes


always stay in top physical condition,
good skin and hands,
yadda yadda

Anyway, nice experience and something new to me
The catwalk training and grooming session were fun~


fufu said...

i wanna be model!!! i have quite a number of what you have mentioned here... hohohoho but still i dont have the chance!!!! what a waste huuh... >< but well of course i know there's ton of better people than me... but at least once... just wanna try to be the cover boy or what....


i have that experience too when i was studying in uni...when i m still slim~ hahaha....

modeling is really a hard job with low pay~ :P

Kelvin said...

lol, i am not even 170, i am a midget~

Anonymous said...

be confident.. dude... do u still remember u owe me 100 bucks? ha ha

~eRiC~ said...

Fufu: haha... why not... go try ur luck if got chance.. hah... bet you have all the criteria right..

Leu: haha.. for freelance can lar... make some pocket money ma...

Kelvin: as long as not less than 160 can dy lar.. hah

Kenson: i am always "confident" of myself wht.. ahha.. wht? wht 100 bucks? where got.. dont have lor

count a said...

i only 172...and the only thing i have now is just the skin:-/

still got a long way to go..haiz...

fufu said...

hohoho... okok next time gotta tell me those lobang ok?? i wanna earn some pocket money =p

jackychan said...

haihzzz we both KO d haihzzz!!!
really not fair de lo...
me n you should masuk de ma right right xD

~eRiC~ said...

count anone: nvm nvm... still not too short...

Fufu: tell you those lobang? huh? Huh????? isit malay or what?

jacky: We will prove them right... mwahahha...

Anonymous said...

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Pacifier said...

fuyoo...wanna be model.....gambatei...body can work out...ur height ok la.....look --> photogenic and can pose to give the photo the feel enough d la.....lol

~eRiC~ said...

Scott: Not i wanted to be larrrr
i was forced to join ok!!

Anonymous said...

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