Thursday, October 9, 2008

Found a Job

Yea, it's an artist impression of the 1st 5-star luxury service suite in Ipoh. Yea, just took up a job as a sales executive for this Kinta Riverfront Project. so, started my first day today. Seems challenging coz it requires to convince the customers, have to entertain their questions. So far no crappy questions yet. Afraid of some whom just threw you some stupid questions and you were only know how to er,just giving u a hard time. There are many foreign customers as far as Singapore, China and Indonesia. So it's kinda challenging and tough one for me considering it's my first sales job.

Anyway, just cant wait for this whole thing to get completed by 2010 but as for now almost 30% are completed. It's a plan to revive the city of Ipoh. Besides the suite, there will be more than 300 retail shops and bazaars, over 50 cafes, restaurants, bistros, flea market, Memory Lane, an auditorium all stretching along the riverbank making it an icon of the city of Ipoh, a brand new tourist attraction.

& also there will be 6 famous mini bridges going to be built along the 3.2km river (length of the project covered). They are built based on the model bridges of the below pictures.

It's going to be a hotspot for tourists in future. Cant wait for it. to see how the river back then which stinks, and dirty (muddy) turning into a heaven for tourists soon.

The Suites are selling like hot cakes. It's now 60% sold out even before it's completion.

Our very own Ipoh-born Hollywood Bond girl Datuk Michelle Yeoh is coming to grace the opening ceremony of the Tin Galleria(part of the project) here which is going to be held on 26th Oct.

Cant wait to meet her... woot.............
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