Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tale of a Fool!!!

Well oh well, it was started with a Fool rushing his chemisstry reports till the wee of hours. Everybody seemed to have completed theirs a little earlier than this fool but poor lazy Fool was still doing it even at 3am in the morning. Worse still this poor Fool is going to have his Ancillary Statistics lecture at 8am, which was barely 5more hours to go!!! & yet he was still slacking around browsing for youtube videos, MSN-ing, Skype-ing, kepoh-ing reading blogs. yada yada...Geez!!! In the end the Fool went to bed at 4am.

*alarm ringssssssss*

*Snoozed for 9minutes*

*alarm rings again*

*snoozed again*

This went on till someone made a call to this poor lil Fool.

Fiona : Hello

Lil Fool : Yea??? *still in dreamland*

Fiona : The bus is like coming in 5minutes more. Where are you?

Lil Fool : Oh, what time is it now? *sounds blurry*

Fiona : It's 9.25am already. The bus is coming. Are you coming?!!!

Lil Fool : *Darn* Nah, dont want to go already lar. Please sign for my attendance lar. Thank you.

Fiona : Ok bye...

This lazy bump Fool resume his adventure in dreamland again.. I never knew there's such lazy being on this Earth seriously...

At 12 noon
Poor fool was awake and taken his cereal with milk as breakfast. Ok, brrrunch...

*hp text came in*
"We are coming to fetch u out 4 lunch now."

*text was replied with*
"I've eaten dy"

*text came in again*
"So u wan to come with us or not? Coz u jz got a warning"

*text replied*
"Nope.Huh?Wht warning??!!!"

*text came*
"K, nvm then, tell u later"

With full of anxiety he called the number wondering what warning was that for it could be warning from the lecturer for his absence in class.

Fiona : Yes?

Poor Fool : What warning?! What warning?!

Fiona : Er, from the lecturer. He said if you are going to miss a class once more, you will be
barred from taking examinations.

Poor Fool : WTH!!! Really??!!!OMG...Means nobody sign for me just now?!How ar?! How?!

Fiona : Yes, we couldn't sign for you because he checked on the attendance today. but you
were not the only one lar. There were a few more besides you.

Poor Fool : Arrggghh!!!OMG, OMG. It means i have no attendance signed for both lecture and tutorial today lor??? It means i'm considered absent for two classes today? Shoot!! How ar how ar?!! Should i go buy get an MC(Medical leave) from (medical)clinic like Jeffrey did the other day? *Panicky* *Panicky*

*heard Li Na voice giggling behind the call*

Poor Fool : Is that Li Na? I can hear her giggling there.

Fiona : Yea, she's with us.

*giggles & chuckles again*

Fiona : So do you want to come with us or not? To get the MC?? We are on the way now. Shall turn to your place if you want to come.

Poor Fool : Errrr, ok ok, im coming with you guys now but give me a minute, im in a mess now. *cursing himself for always sleeping like a pig*

Fiona : Alright, see ya...

Car arrived.... Illias came up knocking on the door...

"Quick Quick"

"OK coming!!"

Poor little Fool boy rushed into the car.

Immediately the Poor Lil Fool Boy was feeling like %$#&*(%#$&*^?#&!!!!!


He was trapped in the car and had to be driven off by them for lunch though he didnt want to eat. Just watch them eating lor...

There you are... The Tale of such a FOOL!!!

It's not even an April Fools' Day yet...you guys just watch out...The Fool shall take his revenge when the chance arrives. *Evil Grin* XD


成亿 said...


cant bliv im readin dis funny story.....

always stay til so late la...serve u rite...


fuzpeiz said...


Kenji said...

Hahaha! Was that you who got trick there eric!? Geez!! :P

Anonymous said...

Cant blif u got trick by me this time..wahahahaha (evil laughter)
remember the day u trick me after maths exam...!!!

erictbk said...

Sengaik : Ish...
Fupei : Ish!!
Kenji : What do you think??XD
Fiona aka anonymous : I promise you'll have your day...Just wait...^^

Anonymous said...

lol what laa..
i skip classes too, it's so normal.. lol =P

liTtlE WorDs said...

haha...your friends are so smart.
by the way, u should take it as a punishment for skipping class and let me wait so long that night.... haha...

Shiuji said...

0.0 so fast?

ging3rcola said...

Sei chun. If ur really being barred, what can I say is.. DEI! XD

erictbk said...

Kenwooi : it's not about skipping class ler.. =.=

david : why are you saying the same thing too.. as my punishment wor... :(

Shiuji : apa so fast?

WaiKeat : you too...wait lar you!!


hahahaha..that fool is the one only fool ERIC TIEW...wakakakakaka

eliza natsuko said...


I'm usually the one pranking others so.. ROFL!!! XD

erictbk said...

Umaindren : Pardon me??!!!

Eliza : You better not prank me!!!

erictbk said...

Umaindren : Pardon me??!!!

Eliza : You better not prank me!!!

Willy's Diary said...

poor guy, kena fooled LOL

hugs hugs ^_^

David Ng said...

OMG, Eric, I'm afraid you are scary to your close friends around in April's Fool. xD

pei sin said...

shall be calling you fool instead of Eric next time...lol...

ging3rcola said...

wth la.. im really being barred nw

erictbk said...

Willy : yalo, kena bully..>XD

David: I managed to fool some on tht day and i got fooled again by someone again.but jz for a second or two before i realised it was april fool lar...LOL

Pei Sin: Call lor, i mmg a fool dy..^^

WaiKeat: ahaha, skip class sumore lar...