Saturday, December 6, 2008

Free Movie Passes!!

Was in One Utama(1U) today, supposedly me & my friends are goin to catch a movie at GSC. But were confronted by a few of these people...

These people in black>>>> (definitely the rest in the pic are not me nor my fwenzz, we are way better looking)lol

So,they goes like "Hello, do you mind helping us for a moment? Could you do anything that we ask you to do? You will be given a free complimentary pass for any movies anywhere for free when you accomplished the tasks."

Out of curiousity, we were like "ok, em, (looking at each other for a second), what are the tasks first, hee". They had a list of the tasks but didnt allow us to see or choose... Haha, we still insisted to look at the list... Then Kah Kiat grabed the list from them..& we scanned one by one of in the list.

The list goes like this:
1) Scream out loud to the public "Yes, im a Yes Man!!" (siao)
2) Singing while pretending to play a guitar in front of pulic. (i would do it if without the guitar part ^^)
3) Pretend to open an umbrella (in the mall) run around and act like it's raining. (like someone coming out of assylum)

4) Go up to a stranger, shake their hands and say "Yes, im Jim Carey!! I'm a Yes Man!"( because they were promoting the upcoming show of Jim Carey's Yes Man)

5) Shout "I Love You!!" to your girlfriend/boyfriend. (easy, but since we dont have our ones with us there; so, out)

6) To convince the first person in the queue to let you buy your ticket first.(crazy, kena whacked then you know)
.......and etc till 20 of them.

As sporting as we are *ahem*.. Kah Kiat went to do the honour first. he picked the task where he has to go up to 5 strangers, shake their hands and say " Thank you for watching. Enjoy your show!". Geee....that was a piece of cake!!He got his pass...

Then Harvey's turn... He did the jumping around with a leg; ok, call it hopping, with his hands on his head. Em, i wouldn't pick this for sure. Embarassing for

I didnt think of taking up any of the tasks actually, but due to much persuassion & since i was the only left out...Gosh, i had to pick one instead. Mine is to ask a stranger to snap a funny pose picture of myself using my own cam hp. Haha, piece of cake!!! Thanks for pointing this for me coz i didnt see this task in the first place. Ok, done!! pass!!free pass!! Giv it to me!!Giv it to me!!!

Haha, my "funny" pose... not gonna show my FUGLY face here!! (yea, FUGLY....learnt the word from Harvey) FUGLY = Fucking Ugly
They did a record of all of them and will be posted on facebook called "Yes Man Hunt", er, if im not wrong. Man, malunya....please, no one sees that.....

This is it.....^^

Then....camwhore lor whole day as usual........nothing to do besides shopping, chit chatting & yum cha....
Er, who's at the back?LOL

Moving to my uncle's place tomorrow to seek more fun to come..........^^


zhengdhong said...

so cool that you all got to do all those stuff. i wanna be approached by these people too! ahha! free passes weii

erictbk said...

Haha...yea. Exactly.. It's actually fun!!! Worth the experience... Hahaha... ask me out for movies. i got a free pass..

Willy's Diary said...

you will see shoes flying around when those ppl approach me LOL it's really embarassing lor... salute to you lar eric :P

erictbk said...

Hahaha, i mahu muka ma..mai do lor..Lol.. since i've the guts to join One In A Million...