Friday, December 5, 2008


Almost lost 30bucks last night!! Ok, some may say 30 bucks only mah. But to me with 30 bucks i can do a lot of things ok!! With 30bucks i can go for 5movies witht the price of student or eating combo set of KFC, perhaps 2 sets of Value Meal of French Chicken at Burger King, etc.....

Wanna know how i almost lost that $30? Since my handphone ran out of credit last night, so i decided to reload it. So i got this reload card i've bought earlier, as you know, im as lazy as im used to be, instead of getting a coin or something i grab a USB which is obviously nearest to me & i scratched the part to reveal the number code using the edge of the USB. I guess i scratched it too hard. Holy shit!!! I've scratched a few of the numbers out of sight!! How am i gonna track back that a few numbers?!!! It's just the matter of a few numbers & i would lose my 30ucks just like that? Shit loh.

Aiya, my handphone cam ciplak la (2.0Megapix)..that's why you see the quality like this...

Then there comes my mathematics skills though im suck in it ever since i stepped into Form6, for some reason my maths skills plunged like nobody cares. Chapter6 : Probablity!!! Nah... of course i didnt do that. Crazy!!
Then i kept keying in one by one picking the possible numbers for the numbers out of sight that i've scratched out.

"Successful top up of RM30.00"
Hallelujah!!!Finally i got the correct one!!! I've saved my 30bucks. It'll be such a waste if it's gone just like that due to my stupidity & laziness...

Lesson of the day is to think before you act!!!Think twice!!

Bloody USB that has almost caused my $30 gone!!lol (nah, blame my lazy ass!!)

$30 to me is actually nothing. But i just dont feel good when it's gone jut like that. It's such a waste. I would have rather donated it to those less fortunate ones instead!!


zhengdhong said...

haha! im lazy too sumtimes but i'll be carefull wen i use other things other than coins cuz ive had frenz hu had the same prob as u.

erictbk said...

Lol...i didnt know. It was my first time using something besides a coin!! Thank god i got the right one & it didnt take me too long figuring it out...^^

Willy's Diary said...

hey babi, you can top up using your online banking lar... easy and convenient :P

RM30? i can only eat nasi bojari and cendol at Madam Kwan but i can't eat my favourite seafood pasta at DOME LOL

sell your virginity lor, can get more than 10 times i guess LOL

erictbk said...

Sei babi willy ar!!what?Do you think my virginity worth more than $300?No way!! Way more than that ok!!Hahaha

Oh, isit? online banking ar? I didnt know about it. Thanks for informing.. lol