Sunday, November 1, 2009

Random post.....~again~

It's only over the weekend i got to spend time catching up with my friends, or else i would be working during the weekdays.. Sienz~

Had an outing with
Kenny last saturday... fetched him from his aunt's place back to his for a quick change before heading to MidValley for DOUBLE LUNCH (Spagetthi Farm & Tepanyaki) then lastly OUG for Secret Recipe. Wanted to have Mango Lolo there but he didnt know it's no longer there anymore.. :(
What else? Gossip-ed saja lar the whole day... XD

Da Biatch~XD

The following day, Sunday, had lunch with my cousins, Amy, one of my closest cousin; at Sungei Wang. After that, we headed to Times Square where i bought my MP4 earphone...
It's been long since our last outing together.

Cousin of mine for 21years

Lunch at Madam Wong

Yesterday was with
Daren the vainpot foxy. Had lunch and tea/dinner at MidValley and The Gardens. As usual, what else, chit chat through the whole day, non stop cakap caka(talking) while eating, walking, while waiting turn to use cubicle in toilet, and in the queue buying something. Tarak henti XD

Our lunch at Shirling (Taiwanese Cuisine)

Then we went for
Jennifer's Body as well before chiaoz. I would give the flick merely 4 stars due to the fact that Megan Fox was in it. She's really smokin' hot weiii. Ok ok lar that show, there was something very funny about Daren while watching the show. Not gonna say it here, or else i would be slaughtered by him like how Jennifer ripped her victims.


Megan Fox is actually his sister, that's why he's called as Daren Foxy Keefer.. (as self-claimed by himself).
And i found this>>>>

Bro-sis look alike LOL

We were so clicked because he said
Capricon (him) and Taurus (me) are of very good relationship. We even wear the same perfume. XD
Then i was wondering, how come i can get clicked with my other close friends heh?

The ultimate ji jah poh FooPeipei (Vagina Virgo)

Sengaik (Aries)

And a few more of them.....
They are of different zodiac
wor, still we can get clicked so well. Are all Taurus really that friendly? Or Eric Tiew just being really that easy-to-click with? XD Hmm~

Okay, so for the rest of the weeks to come, i gotta meet up with many more of
mua buddies.

One of my best buddies since high school, CheeLupp

Kumara, my macha (Look at the black statue... look at kumara... look back to the statue...) Wakakaka... =X

Kee Cheong, Chee Hoe, Liyi (but dont know how to meet her up yet since i dont know the way to PJ) and the list goes on............

Twilight New Moon, the next movie im waiting for...
Twilight New Cast, Erique Cullen, the son of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan

Mwahahhahahaha, ok, im such a failure for the casting....


成亿 said...

nice meh, Jennifer's Body? very stupid la the's really more like Megan's Body...and screw Twilight, go for The Vampire Diaries! Haha...i screw test to watch that series...XD

Anonymous said...

eric camwhoring wiv d same old angle again..*yawnnn*


fuzpeiz said...

wow!! since when i become a vagina virgo??
muahahaaha..tats funny!!
eh eh eh...jenn body nice mer??
now all ppl rated it vv low wor..
the movie rating damn char..and they said it was more like a porn movie...
nice ar???
nice i wana wana watch!!hahahahahaha...
u meet so many ppl there..hus meeting me?? alone??


i totally have to agree on your last sentence in this post :P

count anone said...

you remind me about my best friend...we talk non-stop also..

Renesmee is a girl,not a

Shiuji said...

wa... can drink in KL ard wor.. so pannai...

btw, i also Capricorn leh... but i m not tat fren with u... haiz... sad...

yannshadow said...

nice outing

jackychan said...

nx time u mz aso ji ja with me lo...
i can be more ji ja than ham sup peipei xD lalalala

erictbk said...

Sengaik: i didnt say it was nice. it was okok i said...

HC: u jgn membabi ar i tell u... XD

Fuzpeiz: Haha, yea, sorta porn show also... I think pure porn ngam u more.. XD

Leu: Urrrggghhhh~ Rofl~

Countanone: ahha, u knw wht, shhh.....

Shiuji: u mean can "Drive" isit?LOL
Ok ma, we got topics to chat also ma sometimes...

Yanny: yea :) yours will come.. XD

Jacky: you can be way beyond than that lar~

Kenji said...

Don't believe in horoscope! Hahahaha! But i'm aries, personally haha! And ehh... WTH! What Erique Cullen!? Bella's child is a girl! LIAR! xP

Just B3cks said...

Eeh.. ur latest pics can put in cover page of 'twilight, the fox's hunter'/ Hehe

erictbk said...

Kenji: haha, i know. they're creating a new character just to fill me in... XD ok, nonsense

JustBeck: Oh, isit a compliment? are u trying to be sarcastic? haha
Ok, i'll take it as a compliment XD

类私理 Lesly said...

Wow~! You really ate a lot man!!!
All that photos makes me sooooo hungry!!!

Kenny Japheth S.C. said...

oi!!!!! suka hati take my pic and then tagged as your blog eh?!! nonsensical la you

erictbk said...

Lesly: at first i thought u were trying to say i looked fat in the pic.. ahha, well, i can eat more than u can ever imagine

kenny: ahhaha, first pic somemore.... ahha

Auds said...

first Eric Dill and now EriQUE CULLEN???

HA HA HA....

siewwei said...

wei pleasa la erique cullen...swt!!!!hahahha

fufu said...

oh...i miss my old buddies... ><

erictbk said...

Aud: ahaha.. eric dill does not count!!! haha, that was a cheek-a-boo for you...

siewwei: call me erique cullen~

Fufu: of course ler~ you're flying here and there... so nice~

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