Friday, October 23, 2009

Internship So Far 2

Wanted to update this when i was back in Singapore. Anyways, since my blog statistic is dropping for this past few days. Was too busy to update.....

Though this is already one week past, but just a brief recall of the times had on the island.


Finally i got to go to that place. That place was awesome. No wonder the Singaporeans are proud of this place. All types of people of different races are in there and they all have one common thing, they are all researchers and scientists. That's what Dr Bui told us, Dr Bui is our boss aka scientist himself, a very nice, patient and down-to-earth yet successful man. Very lucky to have met him.

Their plugs are really cool!!! Just plug anywhere along the grey thingy and twist, there the current runs. (maybe i 38 lar ^^)

Alice, my intern mate. We were in NUS animal facility (DONT COMPARE THEIRS WITH MALAYSIANS PLEASE'!!!! OURS STINKS WORSE THAN SHIT!!! Especially UiTM and UPM but they are said to be the cleanest around. I wonder how worse the others can be. Heard that UM's not any better as well!!!!! Gracious Lord!!!Seriously will stinks till your nose bleed.. LOL)

Well, i still miss everything there ler~
Had all these with ~B~........

~Mine~ (err.....forgot the name of the place dy


~Mine~ at New York New York

~B~'s at New York New York (big portion yet cheap!!)

Collyer Quay (converted to a Chinese retaurant, a very unique one, many different types of seats)

Merlion Park

View from ~B~'s apartment. The LRT station i always took every morning to my work place....~Rindunya~ (~So missing it~)

Cant wait for X'mas to go there again... hehe

Well, now i've done my first week training in KL. There are many things different from Singapore by miles!!!!!

Glad to have made a few more new friends here too. My new colleagues, they are all very nice. Especially Jenn, very bubbly, superb nice and extremely friendly. She has been bringing us all around KL for famous food!!!!!!!!!!!! She is even more than willing to give us a hand in direction to a place we want to go since we are not familiar with the roads in KL. There was once she drove me all the way to the place just to show me how to get to that place. I swear, she is one of the nicest people i have ever met!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe she's rich, but then she has never reveal that side of her and being very humble to us...
And to my surprise, she is actually my senior!!! She was graduated last year October from Biotechnology in the same University as mine!!!

One of the Curry Mee famous in KL at Fatty Mok, South Salak
Nightz~ Gotta meet up with some friends tomorrow~ Hopefully won't get lost again!!

P/S: Got lost twice this week while driving in KL. Once got lost for 2 hours!!! Imagine that... i know... im dumbo.... but i think the road signs are the cause of it, how misleading!!! Didnt know Malaysians' roads system is such a mess!!! Agree??? Ok lar, im dumbo lorrrrr then am i not??~
But still i don't think i am wor...It's the road signs to be blamed!! haha


成亿 said...

haha, it's been a known fact that KL's road signs are the messiest of the messiest...if you're not KL-ian, for sure get lost one...

hmm, if i go KL i find you la since you got car, can be driver...XD

count anone said...

malaysia dont have those kinds of plugs...still backward...still backward...sigh..:(

Anonymous said...

ahahaha u driving in kl?hard 2 belif..rilly doubt bt it..u un wut i meant rite?gahahahha!last blog u said u loved msia but tis one u seem lik insulting msia..


erictbk said...

Aikz: Dont be too sure dude.. haha, im still learning to drive around

Count Anone: exactly... tsk tsk

HC: hahaha.. what wor. im just saying whatever i feel merr... i love my country that's why i bother to voice out.. LOL

Anonymous said...

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