Sunday, June 8, 2008

My New Chapter

A new chapter of my life has just begun & it's been busy days lately dealing with University stuffs. Well, Uni-life has been so good so far in UTAR (University of Tunku Abdul Rahman) at Kampar Campus for those who has no idea about my whereabout. No doubt, the life there is a little dull, but good for me, less distractions = more focus in studies. Anyway, this campus is being said one of the best places to study in Malaysia. Now i know...Haha.

Staying at the little town means i'd be missing a lot of box office movies from now onwards..Sigh...but luckily it's just a 45 min drive from Ipoh. So, i'd most likely be catching a few flicks all cramped in a day, just like what i did the day watching What Happens In Las Vegas & The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian straight one after the other. Both are not bad though. The former was funny, i was laughing my ass off (Cameron Diaz's hot) while the latter was exciting with those fighting scenes but a little too long for me coz my ass was in pain for sitting too long. Lol

Well, back to Kampar, kinda fond of the laid back environment there (not to say about the entertainment wise), less cars = less car exhaust = fresher air =more greeneries. So there're a few pix i managed to captured when i was munching on my breakfast that day.
Views from my seat

& there goes the pathway to the library.....

Well, there'll be more updates & pictures on what my buddies & i generally do with the life there. I'll get more pictures from Kumara. He better not delete them yet!!

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